Virtuemart Products Display, SEO & Metadata

This plugin lets you improve SEO for VirtueMart product pages in one minute! It never had that easy before.
So you should just enable this plugin and customize template as you wish. You can use two variables: product name (%t) and product price (%p). Also you can remove category name from title or make title capitalized.

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Page title before "Tools: BIG SHOVEL"
Page title after "Buy shovel in New York for 10$" (Template: Buy %t in New York for %p)

Also you can add different templates for different categories.

Extended filter by tags

Extended filter by tags

Paid download | Search & Indexing | Kirill
9 reviews
We want to introduce our module for filtering by Joomla native tags. It can filter articles according to selected tags and show results in category view or tag's elements view. You can select several modes: regular, with depending drop-down lists and mixed. Only for Joomla 3 Key features Depending drop-down lists with several levels No need to install additional extensions Without page reload Features Work with jquery Search mode "Or" Easy settings and customize Supports up to 5 fields Update 1.2. - Checkboxes! - Now it works without page reload! (ajax) - Tags in page title on result page - Unlimited number of tags (fields) Update 1.1. - New feature - select search modes "And"/"Or" - New feature - now you can choose from what categories filter will show articles - No need to check button "Parent" - Support infinity levels in tags tree - Reset buton added Module settings 1. Install module 2. Create tags. If you want to use depending drop-down lists, you should create tags tree with several levels. If you want to use regular mode - no need to create levels. You can mix both modes. 3. In module settings select your tags for each field. Write Text by default. 4. Create new menu item Artcicle > Tagged. In settings you can select mode "OR" or "AND" and choose from which categories articles should be filtered. Save and enjoy. Price is 15$ Lisence is for two sites. Updates for one yaer. You can pay with Credit card or PayPal or WebMoney R232814480503 Please note your e-mail and domain name in payment notes! Tags Filter by tags, search by tags, filter articles by tags, depending drop down-list, filter with depending drop-down lists
Similar Links for Mosets Tree

Similar Links for Mosets Tree

Paid download | Mosets Tree Extensions | Kirill
1 review
Obviously the best module for Mosets Tree, which can rise views, improve linking and usability. This module works only on listing details page and displays simialar listings from the same and others categories. Features: - works only listing details page; - you can select native template for listings or custom template (to reduce site loading time); - random or static similar listings; - search by titles or custom fields; - restricted words; - restricted custom fields; - restricted categories; - hide restricted types description; - minimum of matches to show similar listing; - number of similar listings. Tested with 3.5.8, 3.7.1 Mosets Tree.

SEO Titles for Virtuemart

Last updated:
Nov 07 2017
Date added:
Oct 17 2017
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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