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D-Mack Visitor Info is a native module for Joomla! 4.x that displays a bunch of information about the site visitor. It obtains the information through various Javascript and PHP functions. The module is very easy to use and is extremely configuarable. And the module is XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid!


  • ALL options, including the text titles, can be set to display - or not!

  • All Titles can be changed to your own description and/or language

  • HTML code can be used for ALL the text fields so formatting can perfectly match your site design!

  • There is a 'Free Form' field included that you can add your own 'static' information into. You can include HTML code into the field and, if you want, you could disable all other options and just display that info!

  • There is now complete integration with the great 'ip2nation' script. This will 'resolve' the site visitor's full Country Name and display their Country Flag based on their IP Address!


Be sure to visit our download page to read more details and view extra screenshots of the module!

There are MANY configuration options you can define in the Joomla! Admin area


IP address - Country Flag and Name - browser type and version - Number of pages visited in session - Operating system and version - CPU version

Plugins Status including:
Flash and version - Windows Media Player - RealPlayer - Quicktime Player - Acrobat Reader - SVG Viewer

Misc Settings including:
Screen resolution - Languages installed - Javascript - Java base version - Java engine - Cookies - CSS stylesheets - Smooth fonts - Show images

User Time - User Date

Static Info with HTML capabilities

Be sure to also visit the Download page to read more details and view more Screenshots!

This is very simple module to use. And full of options that allows you to setup, with a single click of the mouse. Want to show a guest or member on your site their IP Address or their browser version you can do it with a single click.

But the best part of this module is the HTML Option at the bottom of the module settings. It allow you to put whatever you want in it and I use it to showcase ads!

And no matter where a consumer is coming from the date and time is always set to their time zone. There are so many little things that I am able to set that lets my users know what is happening on their own computer that I find myself responding to emails asking me how to turn on and off certain features that this module shows them.

So if you are looking for a User Info Module you will love this module. And when it comes to support do what I did when my hard drive crashed and I needed to reinstall everything I sent the developer a email. In less to 5 minutes he sent me a copy of all the products I brought without mentioning the word subscription or asking me to pay a fee of any type.

This is where my 5 stars come from, quality products and excellent support!
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D-Mack Visitor Info

Last updated:
May 31 2023
1 year ago
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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