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(1.5) (1.6, 1.7, 2.5) (3)

This Module shows you the visitors of your site. It can be also used as a better 'Who-Is-Online', an IP to Country Viewer and a lot more.

!!!!! Joomla (1.5) AND (1.6, 1.7, 2.5) Users !!!!!
Please download the Version from the Project-Homepage !!
!!!!! This Download is the Joomla 3 Version !!!!!

View - Design:

 * Configure Link on Views
 * 8 cool digital counter Styles included 
 * currently 17 cool digital counter Styles to download 
 * Show Today - Yesterday - Week - Month - All statistics      
 * Show From - To Date per Periode 
 * Show Detailed or Simple Statistic Image       
 * Display or Hide what you want in any order 
 * Insert a Spacer beetween View Elements where you want     
 * Custom Pre-text and Post-text
 [ Create your own Design ]
  * Full customizable per CSS 
  * Switch between external CSS File or CSS in Template     
  * Expressions for Pre- and Post Textfield so you free to design your Counter Style. 
 [ IP to Country ]
  * Show Guest's Info: IP Address, Country, Flag...   
 [ Better 'Who-Is-Online' Module ]              
  * Show logged in Users ( Count , Name, Account, ... ) 
  * Show Guests ( Count )
  * Show Registered Users ( Count )
  * Show Visitors ( guests+loggedIn Count )
  * Show Registered Users Today ( Count , Name, Account, ... )
  * Show Maximum Users
  * Language Support: Browser,Joomla, Manual


 * store ip as raw and/or unrecognizable
 * write your own PHP Script an let it fire by a Trigger ( Example on Homepage )
 * Initialvalue  
 * Configure when a User is count as new ( Daily or Time expired )
 * Different ways to identify a user ( IP and/or Cookie )
 * can use IpAdress from FORWARDER Property ( if behind a proxy )     
 * Automatic delele old records by: Number of Records and,or Number of
   Days in Database     
 * Can Save UserAgents
 * each Counter can have its own Datatable so you can create many Counters           
 * Individual Beginning of the Week ( Monday, Saturday, Sonday )             
 * Counter can be in Readonly Mode - so you can create one  
   Write-Counter an any View-Counters.
 [ Filtering ]         
  * Auto Block Bots / Robots
  * Create own Blocking List by IP-Adress or UserAgent 
   ( Textfield and/or File )
  * Filter by Membertype ( Users or Guests )
 [ Better 'Who-Is-Online' Module ]
  * can set a Link on a User to forward to a Userprofile
  * can set User / Guest Inactive Time to Filter inaktive Users 
   from Online List    
 [ Events ] 
  * Send Mail to User by a Count-Trigger 

Optional Component Available (J1.5).

Rich features

Posted on 23 November 2013
Rich features for this visitor counter that works properly. Thanks !
I'm using other module for joomla 1.5, but when i tested this module for count user in website Joomla 2.5, i found that is very good ! because we can configure all information to show, without displaying for example the URL of the company that developed !

Thank you

How Refreshing

Posted on 18 May 2013
This module not only did what i asked it to do, it did MORE, AND, without nagging at me telling me to change this or do that. It just plain and simply works. Very well done indeed.


Posted on 06 February 2013
This module looked like what I exactly needed for my site. after a very easy installation I discovered that I missed something. after contacting Micha in the support forum he was extremely helpful to make some modifications so it will meed my needs.

In short great module and ever greater support!!

Works perfectly

Posted on 20 August 2012
Thank you for such good and free module, and no annoying watermark. It works and looks good.
After asking for a long time for CB to modify their 'whos logged in' module, so it shows names instead of accountnames, I stumbled upone this very neat module, and it takes less tan 5 mins to set up the basics for it. Excellent, and easily integrates to be able to show CB profiles, great work!

Great information.

Posted on 27 November 2011
Great information. I got lucky and found your site from a random Google search. Fortunately for me this topic just happens to be something that I've been trying to find more info on for research purpose. Keep us the great and thanks a lot. law personal statement

Good extension

Posted on 13 October 2011
I am only using the counter part but i find it very easy to install and setup.

Working well with J1.7

Nice and easy to install, and I like the way the counter is displayed on the front end. However, I have no option for the features that I am reading on the reviews. After I installed the extension, the module doesn't have any Parameters to be configured. I'm using Joomla 1.6 and let me know if there is anything I need to do. I know something is not right coz there is no parater showing for this module.

Owner's reply: Hi jexplorer, thanks for your Review.

First i must (jed rules) say: please use the Support Forum for Questions or Problems.

Short Answer is: the direct download from this site is only for Joomla 1.5. Please download the Joomla 1.6 File ( ) from the Project Website/Docu-Page.
In JED i can public only one File, but the Versions J1.5 and J1.6 are different.

Then, when you see all Parameters you can re-check your Review ;)

Greetings, Michael

Very good tool

Posted on 08 July 2010

a very good tool with many features. Easy to install and easy to adjust for the individual needs. Thanks for doing this great job.


Rudolf Aigner

Visitors Counter

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