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The Simple Custom Router is a Joomla! extension to associate paths with internal Joomla! queries.

For example, you can associate the path "hello-world" with the query "option=comcontent&view=article&id=42", so when a user types the URL "http://yourServer/BaseJoomlaUrl/hello-world" the article with id 42 is loaded, and when the internal Joomla! URL "index.php?option=comcontent&view=article&id=42" is translated to a humanly readable URL, "http://yourServer/BaseJoomlaUrl/hello-world" will be generated.

-Paths and internal Joomla! queries can be parametrized using the PHP regular expressions syntax.
-Optional cache for the generated paths and queries.
-Manager interface to add, edit and remove the routes in the Joomla! backend.

-Joomla! 1.7.x/2.5.x: Simple Custom Router 0.1
-Joomla! 3.x: Simple Custom Router 0.2.0

Great Extention

Posted on 22 November 2016
there is a bug when not using sef_rewrite, read the solution below. other than that it works great!
Ease of use
It took me a little time to figure it out but eventually i did.
I used this to: Beatufying Jomsocial routes in a project of mine.

Fix to use this without sef_rewrite (instead of adding "index.php/" to all your custom paths):
if(JFactory::getConfig()->get('sef_rewrite') == 0){$path = 'index.php/'.$path;}
at line 225 of the plugin php file.

New release

Posted on 08 March 2016
Ease of use
I used this to: Hi, great plugin!
Previously you mentionned: I will check if it is feasible to somewhat cache the database query too so only one query is needed for each page and, if it is possible, I will try to add that feature in a future release.
Can we expect a release soon? Can I help yo
Owner's reply: I have been working on it, so hopefully I will be able to release a new version this weekend with that improvement (but please do not take this as a promise, as in fact I was planning to release it last weekend, but I could not due to other commitments). Thanks for your patience :)

Bad perf

Posted on 09 February 2015
Nice extention ! But it generate a lot of duplicate DB request.
Ease of use
very easy to use
I used this to: I use it just for 1 route (sitemap-xml), and when I look at the profile (debug mode) I have 349 DB requests, 90 when cache available (versus 24 without this plugin). 320 are duplicated (SELECT * FROM #__simplecustomrouter), (versus 4). Page load in 2-2.5s (versus <0.7s without).
Owner's reply: Sorry for the delayed response. I missed the "new comment" notification mail.

The duplicated queries come from the fact that a new database query is made to build each route in the page (except when the cache is enabled, in which case the database queries are made only for those routes not previously cached). Therefore, if there are a lot of links in a page there are a lot of routes to be built, which cause the high number of duplicated queries.

I will check if it is feasible to somewhat cache the database query too so only one query is needed for each page and, if it is possible, I will try to add that feature in a future release.

Simple, easy but powerful

Posted on 17 October 2014
I have a 3rd party component that generates ugly urls through its built-in router, but I can easily fixed that with Simple Custom Router.

What a great extension! Thanks
Is simple if you need to fix some simple ugly urls and can be used as a more advanced solution if you know know how ! or take the time / understand the documentation.

Very helpful developer as well :)

Only for joomla articles

Posted on 20 August 2014
Great component but works only with joomla articles... I need create an alias url with External URL from search results.
Owner's reply: Please note that Joomla! articles are used in the examples of the documentation because they are the most common target for this extension. However, that does not mean that Simple Custom Router works only with Joomla! articles; it can be used with other Joomla! extensions too (although it does not work with every single Joomla! extension).


Posted on 15 May 2014
I want to give the developer cudos for his work! Not only is the Simple Custom Router filling an important need, but David's support is outstanding. He quickly upgraded the component in my response and was fast in answering my question.

Keep up the terrific work David!
This extension is very useful for turning ugly urls to sef urls. However, I wasn't able to get it working. I followed all the instructions of the author, even the query in "test routes" works well, but I don't see any effect on the website...
Owner's reply: Please ensure that you have explicitly enabled the plugin (components in Joomla! are enabled by default after the installation, but plugins are not).

If the plugin is enabled, take into account that the "Test routes" only shows the path or query that would be generated for the given query or path, but it can't check whether the generated query is handled by any component or not. Therefore, you may have a typo in your query (for example, in the name of the component), or you may have another extension installed that overrides Simple Custom Router.

Still, if you can't get it working, please contact me by e-mail.
Daniel did an excellent job with this custom router. It really is simple. After installation, I went to plugin manager and made sure it was "Enabled". Then in Site/Global Configuration/SEO Settings I clicked on "Yes" for Use URL rewriting (I had to change the htaccess.txt file name to .htaccess for this to work). After that, it was a simple matter of checking the query string in the menu and created a new name path and voila! shorter URLs. Thank you Daniel!

Cool stuff!

Posted on 05 July 2013
Cool stuff!

Install, configure, works!

As easy as written. Perfect!

Simple Custom Router

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