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This plugin closes the external links in the Site content.
Latest version see on

Realtime support:

- add rel="nofollow";
- add noindex tag;
- add title;
- convert to absolute URL

GitLab repository for updates
Quick install latest version from URL:

Плагин закрывает все внешние ссылки на сайте! (исключением могут являться ссылки, которые добавлены с помощью JS) в таком случае они менее опасны с точки зрения поисковиков.
Автоматически добавляется атрибут rel="nofollow" а для Яндекс ссылка заключается в тег NOINDEX
Как опция сделана возможность автоматом добавлять title, чтобы было еще меньше вопросов к ссылкам у сеошников и поисковиков =)

The plugin solved the problem of closing links in noindex. There are no analogues. I recommend installing.
Ease of use

All plugin settings are clear. It is convenient to use them even without programming knowledge.
I used this to: City portal site, to which users leave many links that need to be closed in noindex
#NoExternalLinks Отлично себя показал за долгие годы работы. Возможно сделать ссылками всё что нужно!
Ease of use
Прост в использовании, благодаря разработчику! Интуитивно понятен!
Служба поддержки онлайн мгновенная! Попросил обновления плагина под php7.3-7.4 на следующий день всё было готово. Отлично!
Документация в картинках имеется на сайте разработчика в картинках(saity74).
I used this to: ? ??????????? ?????? ??? ??????? ?????????? ??????? ??????. ??????? ??????? ? ??? ???????? ????.
I used this to: To add rel="nofollow" to external links

Perfect for a newbie!

Posted on 09 November 2016
It was amazing to see that it did what it promised to hundreds of articles in a flash. No errors, no warnings
Ease of use
Simplicity itself. Choose your settings and you are off
I used this to: putting no index, no follow, open in blank page - on over 2000 external links in my articles. It did them all in a flash. Thank you very much for making and sharing this great utility. Should be a core Joomla plugin
Even works with links in K2, based on ExtraFields...! Much better than having to hack the code i K2, to achieve a simple rel="nofollow".
Ease of use
Just install and activate! You have the option to exclude specific domains or menuitems if desired - but else it's just plug and play!
I used this to: Using this to get rel="nofollow" on links in ExtraFields in K2 (ver. 2.7.1).

Works well

Posted on 06 December 2015
Works for what is needed for
Ease of use
Intuitive features for what it is intended
Помимо забугорного rel="nofollow" добавляет для Яндекса . Также может вешать titile и target="_blank". Супер!
Ease of use
Все настройки в админке. Позволяет задать список исключений по домену, пунктам меню, материалам и категориям,где плагин не будет срабатывать
Не требуется - все интуйтивно
Не требуется - все интуйтивно
I used this to: ???????? ?? ?????????? ??????? ?????? ??? ???? ???????????.

Just what I was looking for.

Posted on 20 October 2014
This is great, wish it was core functionality.

I'd give it excellent, but had some CSS issue in the menu where it didn't take on the CSS properties like the other menu items. Other than that it's perfect, it really covers all the external links, saves a lot of PR bleeding.
The default settings are such that the plugin works well as soon as it's enabled. However, the lack of english documentation limits the usefulness of the additional features. I didn't find that the tooltips gave enough information.
I inadvertently got caught in the Google vs. MyBlogGuest dispute and was being penalized by Google. Needed something very quick to fix the thousands (and that's no exaggeration) of pages that were effected. Thank you so much for making such a quick effective fix!


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GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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