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Improve your website's performance and SEO with our powerful page optimization engine. Boost your PageSpeed Insights score and Core Web Vitals metrics (FCP, LCP, SI, CLS, TBT) by optimizing your site with minified CSS and JavaScript, reducing server response time, eliminating render-blocking resources, and more!

Page Speed Optimizer: Boost your website's performance and SEO

Unlock the full potential of your Joomla website with the Page Speed Optimizer extension. Designed to enhance your site's performance and increase your PageSpeed score, this powerful tool ensures that your site meets the latest Web Vitals metrics, providing an optimal user experience and improving your SEO rankings.

Key Features:

  1. Robust Page Optimization Engine: Page Speed Optimizer uses an advanced page optimization engine that improves various aspects of your website. It compresses images, minifies CSS and JavaScript, and optimizes above-the-fold CSS. This proactive approach reduces page size and ultimately improves load times, increasing your PageSpeed Insights score.

  2. Image, Scripts, and Styles Optimization: Page Speed Optimizer intelligently optimizes images, minifies CSS stylesheets, and JavaScripts on your site. It also supports automatical conversion and serving images in next-gen formats WebP and AVIF.

  3. Critical CSS Generation: Page Speed Optimizer expertly generates optimized above-the-fold CSS for your website's homepage. It extracts the critical CSS needed to render the visible part of the page.

  4. Prefetch Optimization: Page Speed Optimizer uses advanced prefetching techniques that preload needed resources in advance. This improves the overall user experience.

  5. Fast Page Cache: Page Speed Optimizer has a high-performance page caching mechanism. It intelligently stores dynamically generated pages as static HTML, reducing processing time for subsequent page requests and delivering faster response times.

  6. Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources: Page Speed Optimizer identifies and eliminates render-blocking resources, ensuring that your pages load faster and more efficiently.

  7. Defer Offscreen Images: Page Speed Optimizer defers loading offscreen images until they are needed.

Why Choose Page Speed Optimizer?

  • Boost Your SEO: Faster websites rank higher in search engines. By improving your PageSpeed score and meeting Web Vitals metrics, you improve your site's SEO performance.
  • Improve User Experience: Faster load times lead to better user satisfaction, lower bounce rates, and increased engagement.
  • Comprehensive Metrics Coverage: Page Speed Optimizer addresses all critical performance metrics, including First Contentful Paint (FCP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Speed Index (SI), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), Total Blocking Time (TBT).
  • Easy to Use: With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Page Speed Optimizer makes it easy to improve the performance of your website without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Take Your Joomla Website to New Heights

Don't let slow pages thwart the success of your website. Download Page Speed Optimizer now and transform your Joomla site into a high-performance, SEO-friendly powerhouse. Experience the benefits of faster load times, improved user satisfaction, and better search engine rankings.

Download Now and Optimize Your Joomla Website with Page Speed Optimizer!

Easy to use

Posted on 20 July 2023
This extension has a great feature. It really helps in page speed improvement.
Ease of use
It was very easy to use. The installation was also very easy. The configuration was also easy.
I have not needed support yet. It was very easy to use. They do mention that they provide the support.
Documentation is good. You don't need any documentation though. Its pretty straight forward.
I used this to: I used this to improve the speed of my web pages. I hope this will help in google page ranking.
Расширение предлагает широкий набор функций для оптимизации сайта на Joomla! оптимизирует как веб-версию, так и мобильную. Гибкие настройки.
Ease of use
Установил в два клика. Настройка интуитивно понятна и не требует лишних движений. Все, что надо настраивается удобно и быстро.
Хочу отметить быстрый ответ от разработчика. Несмотря на то, что был поздний час, я получил ответ на свой вопрос. А это говорит о многом
Очень приятно, что к расширению идет документация. В ней я без труда нашел ответ на волнующие вопросы. Информация изложена доступным языком.
I used this to: ? ????????? ????????? ?????? 15 ???, ? ??? ????? ???? ???? ????????? ??????. ??? ?????, ????? ??? ???? ? ????? ?????????? ???????? ?????? ? ??????????? ?? ????????? ?????????. ??? ?????????? ??????? ??? ?????????????? ??????? ? ???????? ?? ?????? ?????????? ??????????? PageSpeed


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Page Speed Optimizer PRO
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Page Speed Optimizer PRO

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Page Speed Optimizer

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Jun 12 2024
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Jul 04 2023
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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