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AMPZ Social Share Buttons will Increase your Sales and drive More Traffic to your Joomla website, in style! 100% rated and used by more than 2000 websites. What about yours?

AMPZ | Social Sharing Like a BOSS - Best reviewed Responsive Multi-position Extremely Fast Social Sharing Extension in the JED!

AMPZ can display Social Sharing buttons anywhere on your website (!) as well as multiple static positions (Sidebar, Inline and Fly In) for the popular social networks including WhatsApp and Telegram. Responsive, fast and compatible with all Joomla components! It includes a Social Sharing statistics dashboard!

Why should you buy AMPZ?

✔ Privacy: AMPZ cares about your website visitor's privacy (GDPR compliant) and does not share any information without their own consent (actively sharing your content)!
✔ Sharing Statistics: Get insights on the social networks people share your content on, as well as the positions they use the most
✔ Shortcodes: Place the buttons ANYWHERE you like on your website by using simple, intuitive tags
✔ Responsive: The social buttons look great on ALL devices using a special Mobile Mode
✔ Attention when needed: the buttons will draw your attention when using multiple positions at the right moment
✔ Compatible with All Joomla components, just specify where to display
✔ Sidebar & Inline (above, below or both) the same time!
✔ Follow buttons in the Fly In position for extra followers
✔ Minimal external requests, using smart caching feature. Optimized for Speed
✔ Multiple (retina ready) button designs to fit your website, customizable
✔ Specify when to display total number of shares to prevent negative social proof
Multilingual button labels
✔ Export / Import AMPZ Configuration between websites


Positioning is King
AMPZ buttons can be displayed in anywhere you want!
Sidebar left / right, horizontal inline above and/or below content, a fly in panel and the mobile positioning are the default options. Easily defined shortcodes can be used to place the buttons on any other position.

Sharing Statistics
The main aim of a social sharing extension is to get more exposure for your website and, by doing so, attract more visitors. If you also know what networks are used to share your content and what positions are most popular that would enrich your own insights to further tune your website. AMPZ includes a fancy animated statistics dashboard which includes information based on the actual clicks using the social sharing buttons.

Your website is responsive? So is your social sharing plugin!
By using the special "Mobile Mode" the social buttons are displayed in the bottom of the mobile screen. You can control how many buttons are visible, if share counts need to be displayed and when Mobile Mode needs to be activated.

Amazingly Intuitive to set up
Special attention was given to the backend of AMPZ. Whereas most Joomla! extensions use built in backend interfaces, AMPZ is created from the perspective of being intuitive and easy to use. A clean interface, combined with logical menu items, drag & drop sort functionality and display of relevant fields only makes configuring AMPZ a breeze.

Highly Customizable
Customization is key. AMPZ has included 5 custom retina-ready designs for the social buttons to fit the look and feel of your website (hint: or not, so they stand out even more). You control things like whether or not to show counts, labels or total shares. Also button size or border radius can be adjusted. If that still is not enough, you can always modify the design yourself since they are made of 100% pure CSS.

Rocket Fast
External url requests (as requesting the number of shares on a social network are) cause relatively huge delays while loading a page. Smart caching functionality in AMPZ minimizes these external requests while maintaining sharing functionality. If the number of shares is requested from external sites, AMPZ will do it asynchronously so the effect for your visitors in minimal. And again: You can control the level of caching.

Placement & Trigger
Since AMPZ can be displayed in multiple positions (fixed sidebar, horizontal inline above / below content and a fly in panel) at the same time, the social buttons are always visible for your visitors, which makes it psychologically hard NOT to use them. The fly in panel attracts even more attention, providing a crucial trigger to share...exactly what your visitors need to let them share your content.

Compatible with ALL Components
Most social sharing plugins are compatible with Joomla! native content (articles) component. If you are lucky a few more third-party components like K2 or Virtuemart are supported. This makes AMPZ different from its competition: ALL components are supported! Whether you want to display the buttons in K2, Virtuemart, Hikashop, EasyBlog, RSForm, JEvents, Breezing Forms, AllVideos, Ohanah, Ignite Gallery, FLEXIcontent, ZOO, J2Store or any other component: AMPZ is compatible! And naturally, you control which components display the buttons.

Social Networks
The most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Mix, Flattr, Xing, Email, Reddit, VK (VKontakte), GMail, Facebook Messenger, (odnoklassniki), Pocket, Buffer, Flipboard, Line, Houzz, Mix, Yummly, Blogger, Livejournal, Microsoft Teams, Youtube (follow only), Spotify (follow only), SoundCloud (follow only), Instagram (follow only) & Print) are built-in already, including WhatsApp, Viber & Telegram for mobile devices. If you want another button just let me know via the support pages. Also direct chat using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is possible in the Fly In or Sidebar position.

Right-to-left support
AMPZ supports RTL based websites.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you are not 100% satisfied with AMPZ I will refund your purchase without any hassle. If you are having configuration issues please use the support first.

Good !

Posted on 19 November 2020
Everything that's necessary ! Tout ce que j'attendais d'une telle application...
Ease of use
Easy ! Vraiment Top pas de souci.... Easy ! Vraiment Top pas de souci.... Easy ! Vraiment Top pas de souci....
Very very attentive ! Vraiment Yes ! Il manque juste le Français pour moi mais cela va... ;)
Top, VRAIMENT TOP ! Pas besoin de plus... Précis et détaillé. Il manque juste le Français pour moi mais cela va... ;)
Value for money
Right price, Le juste prix en comparaison des autres. Et surtout un support pour le prix excellent...
I used this to: For my site "Tourisme", c'est un site pro ! Cela apporte un vrai plus !
Multiple choices of how you wish to display share buttons on your site. All work perfectly.
Ease of use
Pretty simple to setup. Lots of options all fairly self explanatory.
First class support. I suggested a new social network be added on the forum and Roy emailed me a few days later with a test version to try.
Great documentation with all the necessary information available to setup the component.
Value for money
Considering there are many free services for this, the extension feels expensive, however there is no tracking or cookies added. Good value!
I used this to: Sharing buttons on my website for social media without users being tracked.
Does exactly as advertised, it's easy to configure I ended up using more of the features than I planned!
Ease of use
Simple to setup and easy to change things when you need to. Instructions are intuitive and well written.
Roy is amazing ... I had a total numpty moment when trying to do something and Roy gave instant help (and didn't laugh at my stupidity)
I found the documentation clear and concise and all the instructions logical and informative.
Value for money
I bought the bundle with Tagz so I could use the two together to get some awesome pretty Facebook and Twitter shares. Not disappointed!
I used this to: My photography website. I'm attempting to create a socially active audience, and Ampz has helped me enormously!
Covers all the bases. Includes every major social platform. Simple to set up and to publish.
Ease of use
No coding knowledge required. It is however an advanced app and you will benefit from prior experience with Joomla extensions.
Very, very prompt. Developer Roy stands behind his products, all in.
Really quite good; experienced site builders will not need to lean heavily on it. Config options are highly intuitive.
Value for money
Very high.Considering how well it has been thought out and executed.
I used this to: Socializing crowd sourcing websites; and any content which can benefit from viral sourcing.


Posted on 08 March 2020
Works great even on our site with over 800,000 articles (JReviews).
Ease of use
Everything is very intuitive and well thought outj. Definitely easy to use.
Excellent. I had an issue due to the huge number of our articles (800,000+) which was updated for us.
I didn't need any documentation so I didn't even check it. Everything is straight forward to setup.
Value for money
Excellent. What else can I say? I haven't seen anything else that comes close.
I used this to: Used to add social icons fixed to the bottom of our mobile pages + showing them on all desktop pages, etc.


Posted on 01 March 2020
The component is running with out any problems or bugs and it is lightweight !
Ease of use
It was very easy to install it and configure it out. When i need support Roy helped me !
I asked support a question about Facebook token. I took the answer the same day. Roy from support was kind and willing to help.
You can find all informations you need at documentation. But is very easy to use even if it didn't exist. But it is exist ! (y)
Value for money
Value for money , It makes your job easier and it is easy to use with beautiful sharing buttons.
I used this to: I use it for my website intownpost for sharing my articles at social networks.
Great to have it available on any website. It allows visitors to interact and share your contents.
Ease of use
Easy to use in all ways. Mobile version is clearly identified, as well as the desktop version.
Support services are provided by Roy its developer. He offers superior assistance when needed, in a very fast time frame. Thank you Roy
Excellent documentation. Instructions are clear and easily identified by topics.
Value for money
We look at it like a marketing tool, which means we multiply its cost every time shares it with somebody else.
I used this to: Our tours website, where our clients land to search for the diversity of excursions that we have available.

The BEST!!!

Posted on 29 October 2019
Functions better than I expected! Has all the features I was looking for!
Ease of use
Very simple to use and very flexible! I had no issues configuring this extension to work on my site!
Support was incredible. Had a slight issue and was resolved immediately with a new update version! Nice job Crew!
Value for money
Worth the $$$ Better than my last extension I was using. I really don't what else to say, so this will be a filler sentence.
I used this to: The only reason why I use this, for website visitors to share the site if they're satisfied with our services
Highly customizable extension with many functionalities for the share buttons.
Ease of use
Very easy to use and intuitive surface, even for beginners and non-programmers.
Great after-sales support helping your to implement the extension correctly.
Value for money
Great value for money, best extension in this category out there!
I used this to: For social sharing my subpages on the website, creating backlinks and generating traffic from social sites
Great. I read a few reviews and took the gamble. Totally worth it.
Ease of use
The user interface is simple and straightforward. You wont be disappointed
The developer responded to emails quickly, and fixed some simple dumb stuff that I did on the site because I was not paying attention
Value for money
price is ok. its worth it considering the developer's willingness to respond so quickly.
I used this to: art gallery site, needs lotsa social media support. this will work fine
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AMPZ Social Sharing

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