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Promote your Joomla! or K2 articles via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+!
Use Web3Box Social Media Promoter to manage your Social Media Marketing efforts. With only a few clicks you can post your articles on the top 4 social platforms. Choose the date & time you want your articles to be published automatically and get reports regarding previous posts using different filters for a better overview. Social marketing has never been easier for Joomla! users. There is also an editor plugin included for easy set when you write your articles.

Here's how the extension works:
1. You create your own applications on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ by following our tutorials.
2. You connect your social media accounts to the newly created apps.
3. You select which article(s) you want to publish, choose an image in the article or upload a new one, write a title for your post and submit you content to the top 3 social media networks in the world.

4. You can also schedule your posts to automatically publish.

If you have any sort of trouble or even just suggestions don't hesitate to write on our support forum and we will point our attention towards your request ASAP.

I've bought this extension without having any chance of knowing more about it as I was not able to find any reviews for it (by the way this is a bad mark for the developer ... as they should really find a way to actually let people know what they sell). Anyway, as I desperately needed a way to manage my website's social presence without having to copy paste each article link I ever wrote (and I write a lot).

The support these guys offer inside the component to actually teach you how to connect the website to the social platform is well written, although I did have to jump a few hurdles before I actually managed to connect to LinkedIn.

Other than that, the component does what it says with no bugs so I am happy I chose to buy it.

Social Media Promoter

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Oct 18 2016
7 years ago
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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