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** TitleLink 3.8.0 is compatible with Joomla 3, 4, and 5 **
TitleLink is a must have to link between Joomla! articles without using cryptic hyperlinks. TitleLink also minimizes the risk of breaking article links when changes are made to the target article. In contrast to other extensions TitleLink doesn't need the article ids to find your article - so you always get exactly the right links. It always dynamically finds the right hyperlink to your articles! To learn more about this great plugin have a look at the always current documentation: .

** 2023-10-29: as of version 3.8.1 of the plugin, updates will be visible in Joomla!'s update system. **

** 2023-08-01: a new release is available for Joomla 3.10 users **

** 2013-11-18: a new release is available for Joomla 3.2 users **

** 2012-04-12: TitleLink has moved from the old Joomlacode repository to GitHub. Tracker items will be copied to the according issues page at GitHub, too. **

Currently supported components are:
- comalberghi ( )
- com
artforms ( )
- comcontent ( Joomla! )
- com
docman ( )
- commenu ( Joomla! )
- com
peoplebook ( does anyone know the homepage? See for a Joomla 1.5 version )
- comremository ( )
- com
shortlink ( )
- comvirtuemart ( )
- com
jmovies ( )

The changelog can be found at

Please support further development and feel free to donate at . Thank you!

If you encounter any problems please note me through the plugin site (issue tracker:!

Thank you for this excellent Title plugin - I don't know how other webmasters can run their site without this. It should be in the core!
I wish I had learned about this earlier in my Joomla existence. It's SO easy to make links to other articles in 2.5 with this plug-in. Thanks for working hard to make it easy for the end user.
Thank you very much for this plug-in. On my site, the original Joomla 2.5.3 "insert article link" button doesn't work properly (it makes bad links to article ID). For entire day I was testing many plug-ins... Neither didn't work at all!!!... And suddenly I found your TitleLink! The only one plug-in which works perfectly! - As described.... I am very thankful. Best Regards

How to use Title Link

Posted on 24 November 2011
I know it is Good plugin. I am new to to this plugin, how to use it? please help me.

Great tool!

Posted on 06 October 2010
Today I tried the v3.2.0 of Titlelink plugin, it works fine.

This is a great idea to create internal links. However, I am thinking of another better usage: I can use it to turn the article system into a Wiki.

Two things need to be improved:

1. If I enabled "auto create link", then, on the "submit article" form, the "title" should be automatically filled (or just hidden to prevent manual input), because the Article Title HAD been specified in the syntax code.

2. If I disable "auto create link" feature, the text is showing up as Bold style. However, I think they should be just plain text.

Hyperlinking to pages should be so simple ... but it isn't! This simple bit of kit is THE business. Simple, quick and it works!

Support is quick and excellent too, realized I was typing 'in' (for insert) instead of 'ln'(for line) once I got that sorted it couldn't have been easier.

Well done Tobias and I agree this should be standard in Joomla.

I like it

Posted on 15 August 2009
This is A very good plug-in, Just I like it.
Well. I was struggling for a couple of days to get a proper internal linking structure. I never wanted to created a menu link, but I just needed to publish a page and then link it internally, I had tremendous internal links and the tinymce or JCE is useless. JCE is worthwhile but if you want SEF url's then it will drain the juice. This title link plugin was just a fly, It did miracle, I was able to link to the content item in seconds by just a single command of {ln:} I was further surprised to see that my SEF url was seen when i put a mouse over the link !!! That was the best !!! It should be the core !! I will be the first person to vote for the core for this plugin !!

Enjoy Team !! Excellent Excellent work !! If I had more words to appreciate it I would have given it !! Keep it up and Up and UUP @ :)

Great Plugin!

Posted on 01 March 2009
I was upgrading a clients site from 1.0 to 1.5 and found this plugin was used on the 1.0 site with several hundred links.

Thank goodness there was a 1.5 compatible version.

I simply uploaded and activated it, and all the links started working perfectly again.

So I discovered this plugin by chance.

Very nice indeed !

Geat !!

Posted on 08 January 2009
Thanks Tobias for this great Plug-in. Easy to Install and Easy to Understand, working perfect in Joomla 1.5.7 (legacy mode)

Now my clients have not panic when crates internal and external Links.

I recomend this for all User.

This is what a support should be like


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