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Quick Joomla Website Accessibility Remediation with All in One Accessibility!

The All in One Accessibility extension was developed to improve the accessibility and usability of any size of Joomla website. It also supports 36 languages.

All in One Accessibility extension enables people with disabilities to use your Joomla website efficiently and effectively. Remediate your website according to following standards - WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0, ADA, Section 508, Australian DDA, European EAA EN 301 549, UK Equality Act (EA), Israeli Standard 5568, and California Unruh standards. It improves your website’s accessibility to people with hearing or vision impairments, motor impaired, color blind, dyslexia, cognitive & learning impairments, seizure and epileptic, and ADHD problems.

Following are the USP of All in One Accessibility extension:
- Screen Reader
- Supports multi language (40 languages).
- This extension is based on assistive technology.
- 2 Minutes installation.
- Reduces the risk of time-consuming accessibility lawsuits.
- SEO friendly and enhances security due to its lightweight.

Joomla All In One Accessibility Free Version

Skip Links
- Skip to Menu
- Skip to Footer
- Skip to Navigation
- Open Accessibility Toolbar

Content Adjustments
- Content Scaling
- Readable Fonts
- Highlight Title
- Highlight Links
- Text Magnifier
- Adjust Font Sizing
- Adjust Line Height
- Adjust Letter Spacing
- Align Center
- Align Left
- Align Right

Color and Contrast Adjustments
- High Contrast

Orientation Adjustments
- Hide Images (Text Only)

- Accessibility Statement
- Dynamic Application Color
- Choose Application Trigger Button Position
- Choose Application Position
- Multi Language

Supports 40 languages
- English
- Spanish
- German
- Arabic
- Slovak
- Portuguese
- French
- Italian
- Polish
- Turkish
- Japanese
- Finnish
- Russian
- Hungarian
- Latin
- Greek
- Hebrew
- Bulgarian
- Catalan
- Chinese
- Czech
- Danish
- Dutch
- Hindi
- Indonesian
- Korean
- Lithuanian
- Malay
- Norwegian
- Romanian
- Slovenian
- Swedish
- Thai
- Ukrainian
- Vietnamese
- Bengali
- Sinhala
- Amharic
- Hmong
- Myanmar (Burmese)

Supporting organizations:

Skynet Technologies USA LLC

I thought I would need several plugins to meet my clients specifications, but this plug-in met all requirements.
Ease of use
Extremely easy to use and install with all the basic features that are needed for basic website accessibility improvements.
Excellent support, quick response time and prompt solution. Developer always responds in less than 24 hours.
They have a range of Q&As on relevant topics, these have proved to be very useful.
I used this to: Glad to find! I use the great screen reader extension on my website.
Excellent functionality. The extension has been my favourite among several accessibility extension I've tried.
Ease of use
All in One Accessibility won't take more than 2 minutes time to enable ADA features on your website.
I used this to: On my client's website! I used this for my international client's website. I had a pleasant experience with this extension.
This extension saved lots of time. It's functionality is incredible robust.
Ease of use
This extension is intuitive and packed full of features. Thanks to get online documentation.
I used this to: I have used it on all managed Joomla sites (own and customer sites) (version 3&4).
In a minute, i have setup for All-in-one Accessibility extension.
Ease of use
You can use a lot of utilities, and it is extremely easy to use.
World class support for this extension (All-in-One Accessibility) and related issues! Highly responsive, exceptional customer support!
I used this to: This plugin works well for my multi-langugage websites. I am using for my personal website too.
This plug-in has many functionality that it can be used for any size and type of joomla websites.
Ease of use
An extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface. Easy to install and set. Thank you!
It's a pleasure to have fast, friendly, and professional support.
Everything is very well documented. All common issues are extensively addressed.
I used this to: As a result of using the All-in -One Accessibility plug-in, a website could be made accessible to people with disabilities.
All-in-One Accessibility is very versatile and well functioning. I was amazed that most of the accessibility features are available.
Ease of use
The extension is super easy to handle and set up. In just a few clicks you get everything you need.
Top service, the extension works amazing. The support team helped me really good.
I used this to: I used this plugin for my websites and for my clients websites. This is the best accessibility extension I have found.
Great extension with lots of features, invert colors, dark contrast, adjust font size, adjust text colours, and more.
Ease of use
I managed to enable accessibility in my website without any complaints within a few minutes.
Very good. it's a pleasure to have fast, friendly, and professional support.
The installation guide is available with this extension! Everything is very well documented.
I used this to: In order to make my website accessible to people with disabilities, I used this extension.

What a great extension!!!

Posted on 03 December 2022
In my opinion, this plugin delivers exactly what it promises. It does what it is built for.
Ease of use
It works very well, the support is excellent, and it allows your site to be more interactive. You can get it now!
Amazing support for all my questions and provide quick response with detailed information. Well done, thank you.
I used this to: To design the school's website in a way that offers children with disabilities (and everyone else) a chance to understand and interact.
All In One Accessibility is easy to use; and it is providing more than I need. Paid version has great additional features.
Ease of use
Very easy to install and test. After installing, click on the extension's icon and begin analyzing the output.
I used this to: With ground-breaking accessibility features, it is easily streamlining the site flow.
Very useful extension and it helps me a lot. I also got a different extension, but this one helps me a lot more.
Ease of use
It took only a few minutes for installation and was very straightforward! It contains all the basic accessibility functionalities.
I used this to: For my company's website, and my personal website for making it accessible to people with disabilities!
All in One Accessibility Pro
Paid download

All in One Accessibility Pro

By Skynet Technologies USA LLC.
Quick Joomla Website Accessibility Remediation with All in One Accessibility Pro extension! The All in One Accessibility Pro extension was developed to improve the accessibility and usability of any size of Joomla website. It also supports 36 languages. It uses the accessibility interface which handles UI (User Interface) and design related adjustments. All in One Accessibility extension enables...

All in One Accessibility

Skynet Technologies USA LLC.
Last updated:
May 31 2023
1 week ago
Date added:
Sep 06 2022
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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