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Discover our flagship extension: the PDF Generator. Designed to be compatible with Joomla! and Flexicontent (with even more compatibilities to come), this tool goes beyond mere page rendering. It offers a complete layout system, enabling the creation of specific presentations for printed PDFs. Utilize our user-friendly page builder with drag-and-drop functionality to effortlessly craft personalized displays using Joomla!, custom fields, and Flexicontent fields.

The first PDF generator with a page builder


Create your PDF templates with a drag and drop interface. No more code needed to get a great layout for your PDFs.

Custom fields

Create dynamic content by adding your custom Joomla! or Flexicontent Fields to your PDFs. (Support for other components might be added on demand)


Create multiple templates for the same content.

Download button

Create download buttons on your website wherever you want, using our dedicated modules. They seamlessly integrate with ACL rules for flexible management.

Catalogs / Books

Create catalogs / books containing your pdf files. Manage their order with our drag and drop interface.

Custom fonts

Add your own fonts inside your templates.

No coding required

You don’t need to write a single line of code or have any technical expertise


All our plugins are available in French and in English


Our support will assist you in both French and English

Admin Dashboard by Com3elles

Admin Dashboard by Com3elles

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Admin Navigation
Module Dashboard admin module is a lighter and flexible module admin for Joomla!. No need component or big framwork. All is in module, with font-icon. You can display it in cpanel position for icon and custom list of article OR AND icon position for a vertical list of action link. With Joomla! admin module you can easly do a powerfull admin for your user. Joomla module admin for cpanel position....


By micker by com3elles
Extensions Quick Icons
# Admin module for FLEXIcontent 4.X FLEXIcontent module admin for cpanel position. Compatibilty : joomla 3 and isis template With FLEXIcontent admin module you can easly create an dashboard admin for your flexicontent site New version V5 !! Becaurfull you will lost all buttons because we offer new unlimited systeme of content Dashboard you can use 2 templates tu publish your module in sidebar o...
Add to Calendar for Flexicontent
Paid download

Add to Calendar for Flexicontent

By micker by com3elles
Flexicontent extensions
The 'Add to Calendar' button is a Flexicontent field plugin, enabling your visitors to add events directly to their calendars, such as Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook, iCal format for Apple, and more. Flexicontent integration 'Link' other Flexicontent fields to this field, sparing authors/editors from entering the same data twice. Recurring and multi-date mode Create recurring and mul...
3D viewer for Flexicontent
Paid download

3D viewer for Flexicontent

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Flexicontent extensions
The '3D Viewer' is a Flexicontent Field plugin that enables visitors to interactively view 3D models directly within a web page. From the back-end, you have the capability to manage the displayed model, adjusting lighting, selecting your desired environment, creating hotspots, and more. Display your model in 3D Display a reel 3D model in the view port with user interaction. Compatible with all r...

PDF generator

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Last updated:
Jan 25 2024
5 months ago
Date added:
Jan 18 2024
GPLv2 or later
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J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System