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This plugin disables the access to specified parts of the Joomla installation, if a configured security key is not provided. Just append the security key as parameter to the URL (e. g. https://myjoomla.tld/?thisIsMySpecialSecurityKey or https://myjoomla.tld/?key1=value1&key2=value2&thisIsMySpecialSecurityKey) to be able to enter the secured website part.

When the configured website part (possible: site, administrator, both) is requested and no security key is provided, the user gets redirected to a configured address (internal or external).

The key must be provided once per session, so if the users closes the browser window or he logs out or the server (e. g. Joomla software) terminates the session, you must re-provide the key once.

Dieses Plugin verhindert den Zugriff auf konfigurierte Teile der Joomla-Installation, wenn ein festgelegter Sicherheitsschlüssel beim Aufruf nicht mit übergeben wird. Hierzu muss lediglich der Sicherheitsschlüssel an die URL angehängt werden(z. B. https://meinjoomla.tld/?dasIstMeinSpeziellerSicherheitsschluessel or https://meinjoomla.tld/?option1=wert1&option2=wert2&dasIstMeinSpeziellerSicherheitsschluessel), um die Website aufrufen zu können.

Wenn der Benutzer den konfigurierten Website-Teil (Frontend, Backend, beides) aufruft ohne den korrekten Sicherheitsschlüssel zu übergeben, wird er an eine konfigurierte Adresse (intern oder extern) weitergeleitet oder erhält eine konfiguierbare Fehlermeldung.

Der Schlüssel muss einmal pro Session angegeben werden, das heißt bis zum Abmelden oder bis zum Schließen des Browserfensters oder bis die Session serverseitig (bspw. durch Joomla) beendet wird.

Deze plugin blokeert de toegang tot specifieke onderdelen van een joomla gebaseerde website, indien de geconfigureerde geheime sleutel niet is opgegeven. Voeg eenvoudig de geheime sleutel toe aan de url (bijv https://myjoomla.tld/?thisIsMySpecialSecurityKey of https://myjoomla.tld/?key1=value1&key2=value2&thisIsMySpecialSecurityKey) om toegang te krijgen tot het afgeschermde gedeelde van de website.

Perfect plugin that does excactly what you want: block the access to backend (or frontend if you want) with an extra layer.
Ease of use
Extra layer of safety for the backend. Very easy to use. Perfect!
I used this to: Extra layer of safety for the backend. Very easy to use. Perfect!
easy to use plugin to protect your frontend / backend or both with a secret key.
Ease of use
install, setup security key, define for frontend, backend or both.. and define result if security key is incorrect or not present
quick response and adjust plugin to optimize use. quickly added a feature on request.
everything you need to know is well documented. easy to follow and easy to use
I used this to: not needed. works like you should expact it. easy way to protect your backend and/or frontend from access
secure with a secret key
System - Disable Login

System - Disable Login

By alve89
Access & Security
This plugin prevents users to login in the frontend. It blocks access to direct system addresses like ?option=com_users and /component/users. It's good practice to use this in combination with disabling all login forms and modules, because with this plugin they are functionless anyway. You can login with these system addresses by providing a secret key in the URL. See documentation for more inform...
Slideshow for Banners

Slideshow for Banners

By alve89
Banner Management
Module to show Joomlas banners (com_banners) as carousel slideshow...

System - Block Access

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Nov 22 2021
1 year ago
Date added:
Nov 08 2021
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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