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Taxi Booking is suitable for - Metered taxi services, Limo and Private hire pre-booked fixed fares, Hourly car hire, Shuttle and Bus ticket sales.
Taxi Booking is fully responsive bot at the front end and back end as well.

There are many configuration areas of Taxi Booking: Settings, Payment methods, POI Categories, Points of Interest, Cars, Tariffs, Special routes, Shuttle routes, Private tours, Custom fields, Coupons, Orders, DriveNot network, URL building tool and Live Update.

Click on the Documentation button to get more detailed information.

Taxi Booking is suitable for Taxi/Minicab/Private hire companies, Hourly rentals, Limousine/Fixed price journeys, Shuttles, Buses, Tours, Transfers, Delivery, Removals/Moving companies and other transportation businesses.

Taxi Bookings uses Google Maps API to calculate distance and prices. In some cases, Google Maps can be disabled to run Boat, Ferry, Aeroplane business as some of our current clients do.

Many years of support and enhancement made Taxi Booking not only the best but also the only transportation business tool for Joomla websites.

very satisfied
Ease of use
easy to setup
Best support, fast and reliable
Good documentation
Value for money
this product is worth every penny
They follow a modern time and they always surprise us, with their Improvements.
Ease of use
With a little effort you can convert Taxi Booking in a powerfull selling component.
Exelent support. Is not only about amazing support, I think what make taxi booking so good, is their constant development.
Value for money
You can't get wrong, if you choose this application for your booking website
I used this to: We are professional international taxi booking website. Our agency use Taxi Booking From March 2013.
In all these years of our using component, they are olways manage to update Taxi Booking in time to work smooth with Joomla updates. We never had problem and this is important.

Best Support Ever

Posted on 15 March 2015
Taxi booking really is amazing. It works perfectly and with a lot of options.
Ease of use
Very easy to install and configure.
The support is 100%. Very fast response time and structured help.
The documentation is great. Very easy to follow and work out what needs to be completed.
Value for money
I needed this extension for a client and I have to say that I am very happy to have paid for it. The extension has lots of versitile options
I used this to: I use this to run a local taxi booking site. It is very fast to set up and get running. The client finds it easy to manage, which was one of my biggest concerns.
Taxi booking is amazing. Packed full of easy to use functions it is far more than adequate for any taxi / car hire business. AMAZING WORK
Ease of use
Easy to install, configure and customise to your website's taste. within five minutes i had it running and ready to customise.
Best support i have ever received from any paid for add on. I had an issue which really wasn't there fault but hey! They sorted it asap
Plenty of documentation to walk you through some of the functions that users may or may not need but Fantastic all the same.
Value for money
Well.... I took advantage of the half price until the end of march. I honestly feel like i have robbed them for such an intricate app.
I used this to: I am using this for client that i am designing a website for. As i do try not to spend too much time on Developing / coding and instead work on delivering a well designed and structured website. Taxi booking has answered all my prayers in one go. Thank you guys.


Posted on 05 October 2014
I am using this application and is excellent. At first I had a problem with the API key from google maps, but the support has been phenomenal, and helped me to the final solution. For a website taxi booking, I totally recommend it.

I purchased this extensión for a shuttle company website. It works perfectly and with a lot of options. When I had a little problem with the compatibility between my template and the extension, support service fixed ir very quickly. I reccomend this extensión 100%.
- extension

If you run a chauffeur prive company or a car rental company, the taxi booking extension is a really good choice and to be honest only choice for joomla(I also studied other booking extensions). After I go through most of the functions, I have a feeling that the developper   use to be a manageer at the chauffeur company and knows exactly what a car rental company will needs. The extions really have lots of features that Uber does not have and give you freedom to build you car booking form. (We are Uber partner). Also they are building Android and iOS App. That is another exciting news to me.

- Service

I have bought a number of extensions from different developpers. I can give some of them  4.3-4.5 and a few others 4.7. Yet for taxi booking Marina,who has been giving me support, I really like to give her service full mark. Surpisingly quick feedback with detailed steps. Her service make me feel very confident to finish my project. When I have problem with my PayPal account, she helping twice and helping find out what is wrong with my PayPal,though it is not too much to do with taxi booing extension and it is my own setting result in such problem.

She is more than willing to help.

- Price

It is also an important factor. I get more than what I expect in extension and service.

It is one of the most pleasant purchase experience for their outstanding extension and amazing service.

You are the best!!!

I will surely to purchase their App.
I have looked for a component that would do everything I wanted it to and Taxi Booking fitted the bill perfectly. I had a small issue which was solved within an hour or so and on a Sunday (Take a day off Marian!) :)

Whether you have 1 or 100 vehicles on your fleet, this component can adapt and work for you, as you need it to with simple ease!

The component is being developed constantly with new features and I look forward to using it for many years to come.

Well done to the developers great work!

Fantastic Component

Posted on 19 February 2014
I love this component works really well, Did have a slight problem on install but a quick email to support and they sorted it out within a couple of hours.. Fantastic!
I looked over this extension to help with setting up a courier company. I installed it and have been using it ever since. The component works,is easy to tailor once you know how and does what it says on the tin. The level of support for this product is unprecedented. These people stand by what they build. You get answers when you need them either by chat or by email I have no hesitation whatever in recommending this or other Kanev products to anyone considering them.
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Share Cost

New Price - 50% less at the moment. From the creators of Taxi Booking for Joomla here is Share Cost - crowdfunding for Joomla. Ideal for software developers, artistic types, local improvement projects, charities. Note: This is not an extension that will help you running a crowd funding portal. It is for single organization use to get their Seed funding and crowd source some opinions on new idea... payment for Taxi Booking
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This is a payment plugin to accept Credit Cards through This payment plugin is for Taxi Booking extension for Joomla and will not work on it's own or for any other extension....
Lead Magnet
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Lead Magnet

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Taxi Booking Light
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Taxi Booking Light

Booking & Reservations
Taxi Booking Light is a lightweight version of the famous Taxi Booking for Joomla extension. With Taxi Booking Light you can start selling your transportation services on your website in minutes. Taxi Booking Light has the same front end booking form as Taxi Booking for Joomla, as well as a back-end management panel for Cars, Settings and Orders. Taxi Booking Light can be extended with online paym...

Taxi Booking

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