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Timetable Responsive Schedule For Joomla is a powerful and easy-to-use schedule plugin for Joomla. It will help you to create a timetable view of your events in minutes. It is perfect for gym classes, school or kindergarten classes, medical departments, nightclubs, lesson plans, meal plans etc. It comes with Events Manager, Event Occurrences Shortcode, Timetable Shortcode Generator and Upcoming Events Module.

Full List Of Features

  • Build a Timetable In Minutes!
  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Compatible
  • Unlimited Timetables, Events And Occurrences Of Events
  • Grouping Of Events That Occur In The Same Time Intervals
  • Event Tooltips
  • Event Filtering
  • Weekdays Menu Allows To Translate Weekday Names To Your Language


  • Events With Ability To Define Title, Subtitle And Description Content
  • Ability To Define Custom Event Colors Including Hovers
  • Ability To Define Custom URL For An Event
  • Ability To Disable Event URL (Create Unclickable Events)
  • Unlimited Number Of Event Occurrences (Event Hours)
  • Ability To Define Weekday, Start / End Hour For Each Event Occurrence (Event Hours)
  • Two Additional Description Fields For Each Event Occurrence (Event Hours) With HTML Support
  • Optional Tooltip Description Field For Each Event Occurrence (Event Hours) With HTML Support
  • Optional Category Field For Each Event Occurrence (Event Hours)
  • Ability To Edit / Delete Event Occurrences With Ease

Timetable Shortcode Generator

  • Ability To Choose The Events That Are To Be Displayed In Timetable
  • Ability To Choose Hour Categories That Are To Be Displayed In Timetable (e.g. Only Morning Or Night Events)
  • Ability To Choose Weekdays That Are To Be Displayed In Timetable
  • Choose Between Dropdown Menu and Tabs For Event Filtering Menu
  • Define Custom Text Label For All Events
  • Custom Time Formats To Choose From Including 12/24 Hour Formatting
  • Ability To Hide Column With Hours
  • Ability To Show Only Start Hour Or Both Start And End Hour In Timetable
  • 3 Different Layouts For Event Displaying
  • Ability To Hide Rows Without Events In Timetable
  • Ability To Disable Event URL In Timetable (Nonclickable Events)
  • Custom Text Align For Event Displaying
  • Unlimited Timetables On A Single Page Via Id's
  • Customizable Row Height In Pixels
  • Responsive Mode On / Off Setting
  • Live Shortcode Generator - Just Copy Generated Shortcode And Paste It To Your Post
  • Ability To Edit Existing Shortcode Snippets - Just Copy Shortcode From Your Post And Paste It To Shortcode Generator Under Settings / Timetable

Upcoming Events Module

  • Display Today Upcoming Events Or All Upcoming In A Form Of Scrollable List
  • Ability To Define Number Of Events To Display
  • Ability To Define Custom Time Format
  • Server Time Or Database Time Based
  • Support For Timezone
  • Auto Scroll Feature
  • Build-In Color Picker

Build-In Color Picker

  • Ability To Choose A Color For Event Background
  • Ability To Choose A Color For Event Description Text And Hours
  • Ability To Choose A Color For Background And Text Hovers
  • Ability To Choose A Color For Timetable Odd / Even Rows
  • Ability To Choose A Color For Filterable Menu

Font Configurator

  • Ability To Enter a Custom Font Name
  • Ability To Choose From a Google Font Library With Hundreds Of Fonts To Choose From
  • Font Size Configurator

  • Valid HTML5 Code

  • Crossbrowser Compatible
  • Documentation Included
Allows you to create a good looking timetable... but there's not ACL and no front-end editing, you need to super users right to use it.
Ease of use
Not the easiest from the calendar components I've tried, but that pretty easy still
Appart from saying "it will be there in the next version" (with no timeline), it's not very useful from what I can see from the forum
Poor to none...
Value for money
Well, as it's useless for me, I should write 0/100...
I used this to: Nothing as it's only useful for people who use the website for their own (not for a client for example, or a community) and can access the backend with super users right.
That's too bad, because appart from this, it creates nice looking timetable.

Timetable Responsive Schedule For Joomla

Last updated:
Mar 19 2024
4 months ago
Date added:
Dec 16 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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