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Ultimate Google Plus Badges is an exceptional Joomla-compatible, Google Plus extension that supports both Joomla 3.0 and Joomla 2.5. This Google Plus extension can be downloaded for free and installed on your website in order to enhance your website’s social media presence and search engine rankings.

Use Ultimate Google Plus Badges to display your Google Plus Page Badges, Google Plus Profile Badges, and Google Plus Community Badges on your website today. Expand your website’s social media presence beyond Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and Instagram, by downloading Ultimate Google Plus Badges today.

Choose From Our Many Google Plus Badges Options

The great thing about the Ultimate Google Plus Badge extension is that it allows your website visitors to easily add you to their Google Plus circles, without ever having to leave your website. All you have to do is install Ultimate Google Plus Badges, and connect your Google Plus account with the extension.
Ultimate Google Plus Badge allows you to display and provide access to your various Google Plus Badges. Some of the different types of Google Plus Badges that you can display on your website if you download and install Ultimate Google Plus Badge for free include:**

  • Google Plus Profile Badges: This type of Google Plus badge can be added to your website in order to make your Google Plus Profile more searchable and visible. Use Ultimate Google Plus Badge to add a Google Plus Profile Badge to your site in order to enhance your overall web presence.
  • Google Plus Page Badges: Merge all of your Google connections into one easily viewable list that is accessible from your website. This way you can easily organize and contact any Google Plus connections you have.
  • Google Plus Community Badges: Mass social media networking is made simple with Google Plus Community Badges. Use this feature to allow users to locate online communities that match shared common interests. This way all of your share-worthy content can be easily accessible across the Google Plus community.

Ultimate Google Plus Badges Product Specifications

Ultimate Google Plus Badges is a great addition to any website. The benefits of choosing the Ultimate Google Plus Badges include:
- Free download and installation;
- Customizable heights and widths;
- Ability to Display Google Plus Profile, Google Plus Pages and Google Plus Community Badges directly onto your site;
- Customizable themes and designs;
- Customizable badge parameters;
- Creation of streamlined Google Plus Connections list;
- Allows you and website visitors to remotely utilize Google Plus Direct Connect directly from your website;
- Ability to make direct Google Plus posts that are searchable via Google and other search engines;
- Expand your social media presence by attracting website visitors to your Google Plus Profiles, Pages or Communities; AND
- Send posts directly to all members of your Google Plus Communities.

Functionality is awesome. It's working as my expect and my site looking awesome..
Ease of use
Any Joomla user can maintenance and use easily.
I had a problem with this extension then I contacted the support team they response quickly and give solution quickly.
It's very simple to use, so I never need documentation.
I used this to: I use this my Joomla site to display Google Plus and I fully satisfied. Thanks to the developer.
Muy útil y sofisticado.
Ease of use
Intuitivo y fácil de usar, setear unos parámetros y listo.
I really like it. Simple and nice Google+ badge that I was looking for a while.

God job!
Ultimate Google Profile Card

Ultimate Google Profile Card

By Bill Bachez
Social Display
Gone are the days of using paper business cards to expand your business network. Nowadays businesses and companies have an assortment of online tools that can be used to bolster their public popularity and exposure. Choose Ultimate Google Profile Card in order to display your professional information for the entire world to see. By downloading the Ultimate Google Profile Card extension, you can p...

Ultimate Google Plus Badges

Bill Bachez
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Apr 15 2018
6 years ago
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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