A radically updated version of the famous Alpha User Points. Now compatible with Joomla 3.10.x and Joomla 4.x and Joomla 5.x.

Provides a highly extensible platform that allows you to organize an internal points system for registered users. Points are calculated according to different types of user actions, thus stimulating greater activity on the site in a given key. The system of medals and titles, satisfying the need of visitors in the recognition and competition, increases the number of regular users and encourages engagement with your site.

Points can be charged for facilities on your web site, so that users have to take desired actions in order to obtain useful services. UserPoints includes a facility to sell points for cash - implemented in conjunction with the excellent and free Payage component.

A number of "rules" are build in to the system and can be adapated for many different situations. Integrations with other software are growing steadily.

Many old bugs have been removed, as well as upgrading to current Joomla releases, and work is continuing to radically improve the code and its maintainability. While this level of activity continues, there is some risk of new bugs, but responsive support normally deals with issues quickly. During this continuing development process, UserPoints is available for a nominal charge of $5 for a year of downloads and support. The price is likely to increase later.

Its operation is correct and I have not seen any cases, of course, the number and speed of updates made me feel at ease about possible cases
Ease of use
If you have ever used similar examples, you will notice that they are very similar in how they are configured. So it is simple and smooth
They are persistent in the tickets, in general I had a good feeling about the response.
The general document is suitable, and of course there was a part of the document for developers, but I am not a developer!
Value for money
At this time, it has a reasonable price, which is as simple as one donate, and it is not noticeable at all to develop and have new updates!
I used this to: To create gamification among the users of my site so that I can keep the users active and present on the site. My field of activity is social media marketing and advertising and I need to have two-way interaction with users.
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UserPoints Incentives

Martin Brampton
Last updated:
Mar 14 2024
1 month ago
Date added:
Mar 02 2024
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
c m p
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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