Free Votes is an extension that will allow you to create massive surveys.
A regular survey allows you to create a question with several answers so that users can select just one of these.
With Free Votes you can create several questions combinable with various answers where users can give a rating to each answer!
If for example you want to know about a certain topic, from one to ten, what users think about the various suggested answers, then Free Votes is what you are looking for!

  • Favourite
  • Report

But when user cannot find the answer that he would give among those proposed?
At the bottom there is a special field where he can add a new answer, and then vote on it (Pro version).
When a new answer is added by users, admin will be notified by mail by Free Votes.

In the backend you can choose among different options, for example the possibility for a user to vote again answers that were already voted.

If we decide that the user can vote later on the same answers again, no new answer will be added but the previously entered ones will be overwritten!
All parts of the module can be changed with CSS to customize them how you prefer most!
Moreover, each part of the extension can be modified with CSS to customize it how you prefer!
In addition, each part of the extension has been achieved without using Flash, but only with html5, css3 and JavaScript!
So it is also usable on mobile devices with a faster running time and lighter weight!

Functionaly is great. Just what i was looking for.
However i cannot use this extension. I want all users to vote not only the registered.
Ease of use
Takes some time to figure it out in Joomla 3.0 but when you see the video in the documentation it takes only a few minutes.
Owner's reply: hello! now Added the option you are looking for! Also unregistered users now can vote :)
Really Good Extension.Very simple to set-up and good graphic. Frequently udateted works fine.

The best of free polls extension!!!

Good extention

Posted on 03 March 2014
Easy to install but difficult to configure. Spent hours and still can't have the results showing in the same module as the poll


Posted on 01 December 2013
Not very user friendly. Couldn't make it work at all.

Works for me

Posted on 29 April 2013
I can manage with the modules to make them what I need. I can make multiple questions to put in the respective module. The graph looks good, it's interactive and it gives me results.
Downloaded and installed it. But there are no instructions on how do make it work.
Good idea, but the backend UI needs some addition, like:

Why must I memorize the ID of my question to enter it in the module after having entered data in the component? Why not a dropdown window?

Why does the pic in the homepage look like it's halfway to alpha test, when the pic in JED leads us to believe that it will look pretty nifty? The description says you "can" change the CSS, but it rather looks like you "have" to do it.

Voting did't work either. The list I wrote is visible, but there is no explanation on how to vote in frontend, and klicking the numbers will get you nothing.

If you need something quick, pass this one up, if you're not a CSS wizard probably.
Owner's reply: thanks for the alert, I will try as soon as possible to accommodate your requests.
if you want we can talk in more detail in the contact section of my website.
I am very helpful, as you can see in the comments of my extension "notice board" so in the future, before giving a vote that penalizes contact me and I will solve all the problems of the extension ... also because to me the extension of course work, the breast would not have published, but just that there are modules on your site that are conflicting or different configurations of the server ... so I need your help to switch from a beta version to a stable.
let me know and solve everything :)
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Iacopo Guarneri
Last updated:
Dec 17 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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