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JSW CRM 3 series Files, location & Contact Management System
Manage your files, Relations and contacts with JSW CRM.
Show selections of files, contacts or relations in a Google Map via the module.
Available Languages: 16.
Each user can manage his or her own Relations and contact(s) information from the Frontend.
Assign relations and contacts to a user.
Extended user rights system and view creation possibilities.

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Makes use of the latest Joomlatools Framework, so it can be installed together with Docman 3*, Textman & Logman 3*(plugin vailable).

Version 3

New features:

  • Powerfull tool for viewing/storing (almost) everything on your Joomla website

  • Contact information like address, links website & social media, but also video's (with embedded player), audio, documents & images

  • Upload audio & video files directly to your server & stream them directly. Make your own audio or video channel..

  • Connect the information to a Google map with a user friendly interface

  • Make views in all sorts of layouts 7 selections, including tags

  • Make google maps based on the locations or a selection of them

  • Let users manage their own data from the frontend with a full-responsive interface

  • Send a message to the webmaster or others if data has been added or edited

  • Use it on a intranet evironment for managing contacts, documents, video's

  • Make your own video, locations or information channel

  • Let registrered users  manage thier own data & information (from the frontend)

  • View the data in a table, a gallery, a list, a flatlist or in a tree   

JSW Cars
Paid download

JSW Cars

By JS Webdesign
JSW Cars is build to manage the administration and the sale of occasions of a small car company. - Manage the cars of your clients and your occasions. Relationmanagement - Manage your relations and contact (or members) Lots of informationfields to store (almost) all your contact and relation info. - Manage the contact information and invoice address of your clients - creating invoices and print th...


JS Webdesign
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Jul 27 2019
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System