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This is an Amazing Joomla Extension that searches Joomla Content/Articles with your voice command. The extension package includes a Plugin and a Module. Once you install the package, both extensions will be installed. At first, enable the plugin and then publish the module anywhere you want. The Plugin has options to select which component it will search. The module has style options and Search Types. It has text ajax search option as well besides the voice search, You have to choose it in module options The search result shows in two layouts - On the Fly and General. You can choose any of one in the module backend. (Make sure your device has an Internet connection and your domain has https://).

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Search Joomla Content with your Voice Command

Supported Components: Joomla Artcles, Virtumart, K2, Zoo, EasyBlog

J3x & 4 Aplha Supported


####✔ Support Joomla Native Articles

It can search for Joomla Native Articles

####✔ Support Joomla K2 & Zoo Items

It can search for Joomla K2 Items & Zoo Items

####✔ Support Virtumart Component

It can search for Joomla Virtuemart Products

####✔ Voice Search & Text Search

You can search with your voice command as well as writing text.

####✔ Customizable Styles

You can customize the search results layout.

####✔ Light Weight

The extension is very lightweight and used clean coding by a skilled developer

Change log

Version Date    Change
1.0 23/06/2019  * Initial release

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✪ 30-Days Money back guarantee

Good enough functions. It supports several Joomla components. I used for my Virtue mart site
Ease of use
Very simple. No extra hassle. It works with a plugin and a module. I think It would be better if it used just a module. But still good
I did not need support, had a quick query. got immediate response
Good enough documentation. The configurations state are described step by step with installation process as well.
Value for money
I think, it is all right. But If the cost were less a few amount it might be great
I used this to: My Joomla e-commerce site used Joomla Virtuemart. I used it for my Virtuemart product search
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Ajax Voice Search

Last updated:
Jul 31 2019
Date added:
Jun 24 2019
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
m p

Uses Joomla! Update System


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