Accessibility, Site Navigation

Add accessible keyboard navigation to a page, easily. Entirely configurable.
Additionally emphasizes the keys, and builds a legend / list.

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The emphasised letters are hotkeys for quick accessible keyboard navigation.
The free version shows a copyright notice in the popup, see screenshot. If you don't use the legend feature, then no notice is shown.

Aggiungi la navigazione accessibile tramite tastiera alle tue pagine, con facilità.
Completamente configurabile. Evidenzia le lettere attivate e costruisce una legenda.

Le lettere evidenziate sono le AccessKey per ottenere la navigazione accessibile secondo le direttive europee.
La finestra di legenda contiene un copyright con il link al nostro sito. Questo non è presente nella versione commerciale.

Little Helper Little Helper

Little Helper

By Riccardo Zorn
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Stripe Payment for Common Payment API Stripe Payment for Common Payment API
Paid download

Stripe Payment for Common Payment API

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Too Many Files

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Content - Email2Contact Content - Email2Contact

Content - Email2Contact

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Faster Translate Faster Translate

Faster Translate

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Faster Content with Spritz

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Easy Https Easy Https
Paid download

Easy Https

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Solve the "mixed content" errors on ssl (https) sites, automatically rename all http:// links to https:// Just install and follow the steps below to activate it and ensure your site has only secure links SSL / https connections. open the plugin configuration enable the plugin, and save ensure Joomla configuration is correct et voilà. All your http:// links are changed into https:// The plug...

Simple AccessKeys

Riccardo Zorn
Last updated:
Sep 03 2018
Date added:
Jan 09 2018
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System