MEPRO Human Resource MEPRO Human Resource
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MEPRO Human Resource

By MePro
Jobs & Recruitment
mePRO Human Resource is a Joomla package (a component and a plugin) for Human Resource Management. It is your professional, value for money solution for managing your employees schedules (roster), attendances, absences, entitlements and balances. mePRO Human Resource Modules Company Hierarchy Structure Work Positions User Management (Joomlas' Core) Employee Titles Management Absence Mana...
Admin Branding by JK Admin Branding by JK
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Admin Branding by JK

By JoomlaKave
Admin Styling
Replace Default Joomla Icons/Logos with Your Own Brand in Seconds. No Tweaking of Template / Code Is Required. Supports latest Joomla version. A pioneer and very popular system plugin to replace all Joomla default icons both on front-end and back-end (admin area). Easy to use and highly customizable. Works with default Joomla Admin Template and need no knowledge of coding. ✪ CORE FEATURES:...
Rapi Admin UI Rapi Admin UI
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Rapi Admin UI

By RapiCode
Admin Styling
Rapi Admin UI is a powerful plugin to change the appearance of your Joomla Admin - 12 different fonts to change the default admin font - Change the background color of the login page - Add a background image to login page - Add 2 different effects to login background (Ripples, Particle Ground) - Change the login form opacity - Change the background color of the login form - Change the button color...
RSFinder! RSFinder!


By RSJoomla!
Admin Performance
RSFinder! really makes your life easier when managing your Joomla! Website by providing easy access to your resources. As an administrator, you often spend a lot of precious time browsing through the Joomla! menu in search of your articles, your menu items and so on. With RSFinder! you can quickly access anything from articles, to menu items, modules or even components by using your keyboard. Just...
Content Statistics Extended - Activity logs Content Statistics Extended - Activity logs
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Content Statistics Extended - Activity logs

By JoomlaThat!
Admin Reports
Complete activity logs for admins - Make reports on ANY Joomla extension: you can see WHO did WHAT and WHEN. See the activity stream for your users, articles, K2 articles, VirtueMart items, Zoo items, SobiPro listings, Mosets Tree, Kunena... it works with every extension! You can also keep track of what your admins are doing on your administrator area: extension installation, article edits and pu...
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By Tamlyn Software
SEO & Metadata
There is no single SEO trick that is going to make your site rank well on Google, good SEO is a combination of lots of little bits and pieces that go together to make your site appeal to both search engines and your potential customers. This is why we have created BF SEO, a tool that will help you with getting all the basics right on your Joomla website. The built in SEO capabilities of Joomla 3...
Asikart QuickIcons Pro Asikart QuickIcons Pro

Asikart QuickIcons Pro

By Asika
Admin Navigation
Asikart Quickicons is an easy use extension to customize your Joomla! cpanel quickicons. You just need to upload images and setting icons in Asikart Quickicons component, then add new akquickicons module in admin module manager. CHANGE LOG: v2.0.2 Fix font-awesome icon bug resize module icons Fix trash bug Fix edit page script bug Fix publish_up bug Update Windwalker to 2.0.8 v2.0.0 Use F...
JEmail Config Verifier JEmail Config Verifier

JEmail Config Verifier

By Ready Bytes
Admin Reports
“Joomla Email Configuration Verifier” or shortly called JCV is a free tool which is a Joomla based Open Source utility plugin. What is it ? JCV is a free to use tool. Used specifically to verify your email configuration settings (at backend) easily. Use it easily. After installing this plugin, just enter your site’s email configuration values (in the backend) and click on Test Email butt...
db8 404 Errors db8 404 Errors

db8 404 Errors

By Peter Martin
Admin Reports
This Administrator Module displays a list of 404 Errors in the back-end Control Panel, so the errors are clearly visible for Webmasters right after login. The Module retrieves the lists of 404 Errors from the Redirect Manager. With the Module webmasters become better aware about incoming traffic to non-existing pages so that they can redirect those to working pages. The Module has a couple of c...
EV Front-end Admin navigation EV Front-end Admin navigation

EV Front-end Admin navigation

Admin Navigation
Get quick and easy access to your Joomla website back-end! EV Front-end Admin navigation is a Joomla plugin that brings your administration back-end in an easy to use overlay in front-end. If you are logged-in to front-end of your Joomla! website as an administrator, you do not need to login again in back-end. Joomla Admin from Front-end plugin brings your website back-end in an easy to use ove...


By KickTemp
User Management
Cookie hint plugin based on Cookie Consent for Joomla! CMS. Integrates Google Analytics the easy way. - Opt-In und Opt-Out - Facebook-Pixel - Custom Code - Create own style - Custom CSS - Multi Language...
Admin Menu K2 Admin Menu K2

Admin Menu K2

By Dario Pintaric
Extensions Quick Icons
Blazing K2 Admin menu, formerly K2 Admin menu let's you have K2 Content links in Joomla! menu with an option to enable/disable default Joomla" Content menu link.... Completely rewritten module for for J2.5 and 3.x. It no longer uses menu override, but a new module. Joomla! 1.5 admin menu module with K2 content This is the Joomla backend admin menu module with support for K2 Content/Articles Do...
Easy QuickIcons Easy QuickIcons

Easy QuickIcons

By AwyneSoft
Admin Navigation
Easy Quickicons is a Joomla! extension that lets you add and customize your Joomla! quickicons in your Joomla! control panel. Quickicons can be group by categories and arrange by group the way you want. It has an easy installer that incorporates both a component and a module. The Easy QuickIcons backend manager component will help you organize your quickicons shortcuts. The extension is also integ...
Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool
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Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool

By JoomAPP Joomla Extensions
User Management
Probably the best user administrator tool for Joomla This components imports users from a .csv file or mass generate users based on email or dynamical values. A re-import of the same .csv file creating only the new records is possible. The component offers multiple import methods. We save you hours managing you website! Department style Grant website access to your employees/ students/ classes w...
La Carte La Carte
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La Carte

Food & Beverage
Ideal for restaurants, easily manage your menus ! - Create multiple menus and edit them easily - User-friendly interface and customizable categories - PDF version, with customizable options (introduction page, closing page, header, footer, icon, color, background, ...) (New) - Lite edit mode frontend (New) - Flexible integration - Several display options (menu/allergens/homemade/PDF) - 5 predefine...
JUser BestBefore JUser BestBefore

JUser BestBefore

By Innato BV
User Management
A plug-in that automatically disables or removes front-end user accounts that have been registered for longer than the configured period. For example: With a configured period of 1 year, all front-end user accounts older than 1 year will be disabled or removed from the Joomla! database, irrespective of whether these users have been active or not. Whether accounts will be disabled or removed is con...
Quick Publish Quick Publish

Quick Publish

By Codeboxr
Admin Navigation
Joomla Quick Publish Admin Module is a admin side module for joomla developed for j3.1+. The best use of this module is to publish in cpanel position in admin template. It will help to publish article quickly from the joomla admin panel home. BTW, we must mention that we are inspired by the quick edit widget of wordpress. Now, you can publish article from joomla admin panel home quickly. Current...
Admin Help Pages Admin Help Pages

Admin Help Pages

By Carsten Engel
Create administrator help pages Create help buttons in any toolbar to link to help pages Hide help buttons on specific toolbars Create custom user manuals for your administrators, also per usergroup Link to help pages via the 'Help' button in the Joomla admin menu and hide the 'Help' submenu in the Joomla admin menu Link to help pages via the 'Joomla! Help' button in the Joomla admin menu Create...