SEF Wizard for Joomla SEF Wizard for Joomla
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SEF Wizard for Joomla

By Philip Sorokin
SEF Wizard is an extension intended to improve native Joomla! SEF. It has simple logic and high performance. The package contains a system plugin – “Engine”, and a backend component – “Controls”. SEF Wizard allows you to remove IDs from the URL of standard Joomla! components. Also, with this extension, you can remove page duplicates by redirecting a user to canonical pages or by disabl...
Full Auto-Checkin Full Auto-Checkin
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Full Auto-Checkin

By SUDesign
Admin Performance
A plugin that will save your time! With Joomla! everyone has experienced at least once .. The famous "lock", loved by some, hated by others .. and yes, it's over! With this plugin, ends padlocks, not just those articles, but also modules, plugins, categories, user ratings, banners .. ect! All joomla's padlocks! How it works ? It's simple, as soon as an article / Module / plugin / ... is edited...
HitZero HitZero


The HitZero Plugin can reset the hit counter for single or multiple Joomla! articles. When creating a new article for your site and you want to be sure it looks good so - if you are like us - you test it as an online user. Sometimes this needs to be done multiple times before releasing it for public users. The downside is that your article hit counter isn't set to zero anymore but you are the onl...
Mail Catcher Mail Catcher
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Mail Catcher

By Solidres Team
Mail Catcher is an utility component for Joomla! for catching, logging and monitoring emails sending in your Joomla site. It is very useful for developers and administrators to monitor and keep track of ALL emails sent from Joomla site for debugging and administration purposes. The dashboard display reports and statistics information so that developers and administrators can stay on top of ALL e...
www Redirect www Redirect

www Redirect

By Web357
URL Redirection
With this tiny Joomla! System Plugin you can redirect all of the requests from non-www to www, or from www to non-www. (Example: from to, or from to USEFUL PARAMETERS Fixing non-www Redirection in Joomla!: (non-www → www, or www → non-www). Force site access with or without HTTPS. (HTTP → HTTP[s], or HTTP[s] → HTTP)....
No Boss Crons No Boss Crons
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No Boss Crons

By No Boss Technology
Hosting & Servers
Configure automatic executions of scripts in an easy and complete way without being dependent of your site or system host. Report as many scripts as you want, set schedules, define priorities and follow executions' status in realtime through the administrator interface or notifications to your email. Get the solution in Joomla extension format or as a separate installed system. Synchronous or asy...
OSMeta OSMeta


By Joomlashack
SEO & Metadata
OSMeta is the easiest way to manage metadata for your Joomla site. With OSMeta you will be able to easily control page titles, keywords and URLs for all your articles via a single screen, which makes editing fast. There's also a character counter to make it easy to see when your metadata is just right or too long. Editing Joomla metadata made easy OSMeta gives you a single screen where you can...
Switch User Switch User

Switch User

By Felix Griewald
Site Access
Have you ever needed to log in as another joomla! user on your web site? Are you as a shop owner sometimes need to modify a customer's order or change a event registration for a participant? Now you can! With Joomla! and this tiny and useful free plugin. By simply clicking a button, an administrator can switch to a different Joomla! user without logging in and check their permissions or troubles...
Central Administrator Central Administrator
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Central Administrator

By Impression eStudio
Central Administrator provides an easy and fast way to monitor from one place the status of Joomla websites in order to keep them working perfectly. The monitored websites can be scanned on demand by the admin in order to get the latest information about them. Depending on this information, the admin can select direct actions for these websites in order to keep them working in shape, updated and s...
Joooid Joooid


By Weracle
Mobile Production
Joooid is both a powerful blogging app and a complete mobile administration tool for you Joomla! website. Joooid let's you manage your contents in few touches, create and edit Articles, Categories, Tags, upload and download Media, manage the frontpage. Joooid is integrated with all major social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Photos and more to come. You can embe...
jUpgradePRO jUpgradePRO
Paid download


By Matias Aguirre
Joomla Migration
jUpgradePro is an extension of Joomla! that allows you to migrate the information you have stored easily between two different installations of Joomla! You will be able to migrate data from older versions of Joomla! to the latest versions in minutes! Also you can move data from differents Joomla! sites using the same version! Also allow us to move our site to another Joomla! installation using P...
DataSafe PRO DataSafe PRO

DataSafe PRO

By Barnaby Dixon
Site Security
DataSafe Pro is professional database backup. It generates a snapshot of your full Joomla database, which allows you to quickly revert your content, whenever you want. It's ideal for creating a quick backup before you start any changes to your website. And to restore your Joomla database from a backup it's easy. Either select a DataSafe backup stored online, or upload a backup stored on your lo...
Menu Manager CK Menu Manager CK
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Menu Manager CK

Admin Navigation
Menu Manager CK allows you to manage your menus items with drag and drop. You can add, remove, rename and move your menu items with drag & drop instantly anywhere in the menu structure ! With Menu Manager CK you can see your whole menu structure and change the items params directly in one click. You can create your megamenus very quickly ! You can also edit them quickly in a popup window directly...
Loggie Loggie


By Michael Richey
Admin Reports
Are your server error logs hard or impossible to retrieve? Do you even know how to get them? Loggie can help! If your host is anything like mine, your log files are hard to get to. When they are available, they're slow to retrieve. In my case, it takes 5 minutes or more for a log to appear in the log file - and I must download it repeatedly looking for the errors I'm trying to find. Loggie i...
Auto Update for Joomla Auto Update for Joomla

Auto Update for Joomla

Access & Security
The world's FIRST extension for Joomla CMS to handle automatic core Joomla updates. That's right, just set it, forget it, and stay updated and secure. Put your Joomla update on auto pilot Runs with a simple cron task Emails you when a Joomla core update is completed Keeps your site secure Super easy to set up Save time updating your websites...
Jinspector Site Inspector for Joomla Jinspector Site Inspector for Joomla

Jinspector Site Inspector for Joomla

By Realvision Internet
Site management tools
Jinspector Site Inspector for Joomla gathers information about your Joomla! installation, and reports to you via email at a pre defined interval. Reports can be sent to specified user groups, or a custom email address, or addresses, daily, weekly, two weekly or four weekly. This is very useful as it's no longer necessary to login to your site to check if your Joomla! version, or your Joomla! ext...
Admin Menu Hider Admin Menu Hider
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Admin Menu Hider

By foobla
Admin Navigation
Simple Joomla! plugin allowing you to hide menu items in the back-end of a Joomla! site. This light-weight plugin helps you hide admin menu and admin bar items in Joomla! back-end simply by selecting the check-boxes corresponding to said menu items and click "Save". You’ll have a simplified menu for your clients, users. That will help you hide some important menu items that you don’t want the...
Frontend User Manager Frontend User Manager

Frontend User Manager

By Carlos M. Cámara
User Management
Do you need to allow User Listing (We are working on Management and it will be available soon) to your site managers in the frontend? Do you need to show Joomla! Profile Fields in your Users Table? Joomla! does not provide this feature by default. Front End User Manager allows user listing in the frontend of your component. These are the feature already included in the component: Show Joomla! Us...