Coinbase Commerce Cryptocurrencies Payment for Hikashop Coinbase Commerce Cryptocurrencies Payment for Hikashop
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Coinbase Commerce Cryptocurrencies Payment for Hikashop

By Nordmograph
HikaShop extensions
This payment plugin for your Joomla Shop allows you to add a new payment method. It integrates the NEW Coinbase Commerce (launched in March 2018) making possible to easily receive Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash payments. When the customer selects this payment method, he is redirected to the Coinbase Commerce page where he can select his preferred cryptocurrency (within the ones you a...
Auto Login Redirect Auto Login Redirect
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Auto Login Redirect

By mishel naguib
Site Access
It is a login as user extension. New system that will help you ot give users one link to access your web site. No need for username or password. you can use it to login for both front and admin areas. you can use it to log as any user you want to test their ACL rights....
Wonderful Image Galleries Wonderful Image Galleries

Wonderful Image Galleries

By RMo
Wonderful Image Galleries is a gallery module with animated transitions. Unlike most galleries this module uses svg, which allows fancy animations that are widely supported by browsers....
jRequire jRequire


By Rovexo (formerly Elovaris Applications)
Coding & Scripts Integration
jRequire is meant for developers wanting to use AMD-style JavaScript development. We encourage developers to bundle this extension with their extensions in the hope that it serves as a standard way of integrating require.js in Joomla. What does it do? After installation, you can make a simple static class method call to have an AMD module loaded and a module function executed. We designed the ex...
Stripe Checkout for VirtueMart Stripe Checkout for VirtueMart
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Stripe Checkout for VirtueMart

By Abhishek Das
VirtueMart extensions
Stripe Checkout payment plugin for VirtueMart. It securely accepts your customer's sensitive payment details and directly passes them to Stripe's servers completely bypassing your server, greatly minimizing your PCI compliance burden. Stripe Checkout offers your customers a streamlined, one step, mobile-ready payment experience. Features: PCI DSS Level 1 certified Stripe Checkout for VirtueMart...
MailChimp User Field for VirtueMart MailChimp User Field for VirtueMart
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MailChimp User Field for VirtueMart

By Abhishek Das
VirtueMart extensions
GDPR compliant MailChimp newsletter subscription integration field for VirtueMart. Ask visitors subscribe to your MailChimp list during registration and checkout. They can also unsubscribe directly from the list just by unchecking the checkbox from their account maintenance page or while placing orders in future. Features: MailChimp Shopper Field plugin for VirtueMart 3. Fastest way to integrat...
Privacy Policy for VirtueMart Privacy Policy for VirtueMart
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Privacy Policy for VirtueMart

By Abhishek Das
VirtueMart extensions
Privacy Policy field plugin for VirtueMart. Quickest way to comply with GDPR Privacy Policy guidelines. Link policy article with the field, ask for privacy policy acceptance before user registration and order confirmation. Show policy acceptance status to users in their account maintenance page and in orders. Compatible to every checkout systems. Features: Privacy Policy Shopper Field plugin fo...
Siwecos Siwecos


By David Jardin
Access & Security
SIWECOS is a free security scanning service trying to help website owners making there site more secure. In order to do so, SIWECOS utilizes a total of 5 scanners checking several different areas of your site: HTTP-Header Scanner: ensuring that your server tells the browser to enable additional security features TLS Scanner: checks your HTTPS encryption for known issues, broken chains-of-trust,...
JoomMedia JoomMedia
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By JoomBoost
Multimedia Display
JoomMedia let you build a powerful media sharing platform inside your Joomla website easily, you can do everything you need to display and manage your media items like videos, photos, audios and documents all within your website in an organised and manageable layouts. Media items Features: Automatic or manual server-side media items processing Multiple media types support (Videos, Images, Audio...
Coinbase Commerce Cryptocurrencies for Virtuemart Coinbase Commerce Cryptocurrencies for Virtuemart
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Coinbase Commerce Cryptocurrencies for Virtuemart

By Nordmograph
VirtueMart extensions
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Payments for Virtuemart with Coinbase Commerce. This payment plugin for your Joomla Shop allows you to add a new payment method. It integrates the NEW Coinbase Commerce (launched in March 2018) making possible to easily receive Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash payments. When the customer selects this payment method, he is redirected to the...
Announce Board Announce Board

Announce Board

By Mostafa Shahiri
News Display
Announce Board is a free module that enables you to show your announcements in a pretty style. Sometimes, administrators need to send some messages to specific users or they want to inform users about some news or announcements privately. The Announce Board is made for such purposes. However you can show your messages in public for all visitors. In back-end of this module, we separate Style sectio...
JUX Offline Page JUX Offline Page
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JUX Offline Page

By JoomlaUX
Finding out a complete solution to set up and customize the offline page when you site goes offline with JUX Offline Page. This Joomla plugin allows users easily set up and customize a page to inform that your site is under-construction or under-maintenance. Following the minimal style, JUX Offline page create a sophisticated look for your site by nicely display the essential information only like...
Amhtml5audio Lite Amhtml5audio Lite
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Amhtml5audio Lite

By ArenaM
Multimedia Players
AMHTML5AUDIO This is an audio player module with a playlist. The player has two types of display. Fixed at the bottom of the browser window and always remains in the visible part when scrolling the page. And standard, it is displayed in the position where it was located. The playlist is hidden and is called when the player button is pressed. Has a full-screen view that is convenient when used on d...
Assignment Previews Assignment Previews

Assignment Previews

By Alejandro Löwy
Admin Performance
System - Assignment Previews extends your module management adding a new extra Tab named Assignment Previews. This Tab shows a nice and clear overview of the Front-End Pages you assigned in the standard "Menu Assignment" Tab. You can set three different additional preview widths for responsive previews. Each listed Item opens a desktop version and three custom responsive preview widths as modal li...
Webinaradministrator Webinaradministrator
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By Piensocial
Video conference
Webinar Administrator allow you to transform your joomla site into a professional webinar portal. Based on the OpenMeetings project, Webinar Administrator offers Integration between Joomla and OpenMeetings server. Features - OpenMeetings Server check - Create Rooms and assign categories - Enter Rooms from backend and front end - Create a menu listing your published Rooms - and more After installa...
Article Content Locker Article Content Locker
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Article Content Locker

By JoomlaKave
Articles Display
Lock Any Content and Increase Your User. Article Content locker is a content plugin. It's lock content Immediate or after sometime when user read the article. The Article content locker helps you to increase your site users. The login coming with modal when a user click the button. Latest Joomla 3.6 Supported ✪ CORE FEATURES: ####✔ Easy Concept Displays Login button or Registration Bu...
JK Vertical Menu JK Vertical Menu
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JK Vertical Menu

By JoomlaKave
Menu Systems
A Beautiful Joomla Menu Module by Joomlakave. It easily fits all templates and show on any device. This is SEO friendly because it uses legitimate HTML code that accurately defines the search engines of your content Menu. Latest Joomla 3.x.x Supported ✪ CORE FEATURES: ####✔ Custom Colors The module at your won color as you want. Just select from the backend. ####✔ Menu Level Vis...
Banzai! SS Particles Banzai! SS Particles
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Banzai! SS Particles

By Banzai Software Solutions
Add amazin particles to your website! Using this module you can create a great, attractive, elegant and custom layout for your site...