Video Player Premium Video Player Premium
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Video Player Premium

By Marvel Extensions
Multimedia Players
100% Responsive Joomla Video Player Extension works in wide range of devices from big screen desktop to compact phones. User Guide and Support User Guide is ready and you can ask any question to use via support section Single Video Player You can show single video with single video player theme. Single Video Player - Skins Sİngle Video Player has 2 skins. Dark and light. Skins Customizable Yo...
No Boss Sliders No Boss Sliders
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No Boss Sliders

By No Boss Technology
Photos & Images
Meet the four slider type extensions that you can download at one time. No Boss Banners: Provide attractive banners with images, colors and texts on your site without the need for advanced design knowledge. Choose from carousel options with slider, parallax image or full page image. Register different background images for desktop and mobile Personalize each individual banner item individual...
Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

By Mortgage Calculator
Free mortgage calculator will act as a great addition to any real-estate agency website. It can easily fit into any theme and it is a great value-add for your website. The plugin is very lightweight because It is written in pure JavaScript without Jquery or any other libraries. Not Joomla version of this plugin is trusted by over 500 websites. Tested in all browsers. Beautiful popup and charts....
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Joomla Contacts Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Joomla Contacts
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Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Joomla Contacts

By myJoom
Joomla! Contacts is the default Joomla! component that can be used as a basic directory or as an extension of the Joomla! user profile where you can store all the info of a particular user. Using Geocode Factory's Contacts gateway you can geocode the contacts that have an address, list the contacts of a single category or include also it's sub categories. The Geocode Factory Joomla! Contacts Gate...
Footnotes Footnotes
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By Michael Russell
Content Construction
This plugin implements basic footnote and endnote functionality for Joomla! articles. It takes footnotes marked within the article text and converts them into HTML anchors. Simply place the following marker in the text where a footnote is desired: {footnote}Put your footnote text here.{/footnote} The plugin will automatically replace each reference with a sequentially numbered footnote marker (...
Husci Cookies Husci Cookies

Husci Cookies

By Houshmand Farid
Cookie Control
Cookie Consent Module Include Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Very easy to use instruction: Status =Published Show Title= Hide Position= assign any active position Tab=>Menu Assignment assign it to all menu Tab=>Setting Customize what you want Remember to fill the Cookie Name example: Tab=> More Options if you want google analytics active it and put the site code example: UA-xxxxx...
Elfsight PayPal Button Elfsight PayPal Button

Elfsight PayPal Button

By Elfsight
Payment systems
Introducion Elfsight PayPal Button provides a simple way to allow your customers to make payments via PayPal on your website. It enables you to create buttons for single payments that can include taxes and shipping price; subscriptions with recurring option; and donations with specified or open value. Localization and wide choice of currencies will help make transactions comfortable for you and y...
System - Bundler System - Bundler

System - Bundler

By Michael Richey
Testing my own sites, I found that one piece I was always shaking my head at was the number of CSS and Javascript files that were being sent to visitors. With just a few plugins, it was easy to have 40 or more JS and CSS files being sent. This plugin can reduce that number significantly!. By bundling files, you can reduce the number of HTTP requests by your visitors which reduces your server load...
VM Discount Percent Badge VM Discount Percent Badge
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VM Discount Percent Badge

By vag
VirtueMart extensions
With VirtueMart Discount Percent Badge you may show a Discount badge for the Percentage of the discount....
Flipbook Premium Flipbook Premium
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Flipbook Premium

By Marvel Extensions
Joomla Fllipbook Premium will help you to create flipping books from your PDF **files and **images **. Flipbook Premium is a smoothly opening, **3D Flipbook with several great features. When you need a Joomla Flipping book, this is one of the best flipbook extension.. 100% Responsive - Tested on Mobile Devices Joomla Flipbook Module works in wide range of devices from big screen desktop to comp...
Contact Us Premium Contact Us Premium
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Contact Us Premium

By Marvel Extensions
Contact Us Premium will help your site visitors to reach you instantly with a well-looking, easy to use, multi-functional contact extension! Do not miss any customer! Marketers knows that very well, 80% of customers search for the contact page / contact forms before they purchase! If you're getting visitors to your site but no sales, it can be because some of your potential customers are not a...
Instagram Feed Premium Instagram Feed Premium
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Instagram Feed Premium

By Marvel Extensions
Social Display
Show your Instagram account's images at any module position of your Joomla website and enrich the content of your website Easy Setup and Configuration Module setup and configuration can be done very easily via module parameters Number of Posts You can set the number of images / posts to show inside the module Number of posts per column Setup the number of posts per column Color settings Set up...
AA Apiless Responsive Google Map AA Apiless Responsive Google Map
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AA Apiless Responsive Google Map

By Ashik Mahmud
Maps & Locations
**AA Apiless Responsive Google Map ** helps to add a nice responsive google map on your website. You don't need to use any api for that. It is very simple and easy to use and it has a very strong backend section to setup everything you need. I hope you love it very much. If you love this extension, don't forget to give me a review here....
User Changer User Changer
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User Changer

By Roland Meier
Site Access
With the User Changer Component for Joomla! you can add, change or remove Acess Levels from your Users after a specified time. Features - add, change or remove automatically an Access Levels from your Users after a specified time with a cronjob - remove complete user accounts automatically after a specified time in days with a cronjob - Email notification as well as live output of the actions...
Dashboard Builder Pro Dashboard Builder Pro
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Dashboard Builder Pro

By Dashboard Builder
Data Reports
Dashboard Builder presents Joomla module with the ability to connect any MySQL database such as Virtuemart, K2, JoomShopping, HikaShop, EShopand or any other database even outside of Joomla and create fully responsive, D3.js based dynamic charts such as line, scatter, bar, pie, donuts, bubble, stack, area, heatmap, sankey diagrams and choropleth map....
System - HTTP/2 Push System - HTTP/2 Push

System - HTTP/2 Push

By Michael Richey
I wrote this extension over a year ago, but never released it because the server support wasn't there. Apache 2 and now NGINX both support HTTP/2 Push, so now it's time to put this technology to work for you. For those not familiar with the standard, HTTP/2 introduced a concept known as "Push", where the server can send more than one document on a request. If your page has a stylesheet and/or ja...
hotoMeta hotoMeta


By Hometoll - John Moelholt
SEO & Metadata
Content - hotoMeta hotoMeta Is a plugin to enable article custom fields to be used as meta content. You can use the benefits of the custom fields to define your own tags and assign them to articles, default values for meta tags and assigning different tags to different article categories. There is no limit fo what meta tags to define, you can even create your own types. Note: Currently the plug...
Mobile Menu CK Mobile Menu CK

Mobile Menu CK

Mobile Display
Create an amazing responsive mobile menu that looks like a mobile application and give your users a great mobile experience. It is compatible with many menus and can be styled directly whithin the interface. Device detection Select if you want to show the mobile menu depending on a resolution value, or if you want to activate the device detection to show it only on tablet or phone. Multi compat...