Quick Joomla Website Accessibility Remediation with All in One Accessibility Pro extension!
The All in One Accessibility Pro extension was developed to improve the accessibility and usability of any size of Joomla website. It also supports 36 languages. It uses the accessibility interface which handles UI (User Interface) and design related adjustments.

All in One Accessibility extension enables people with disabilities to use your Joomla website efficiently and effectively. Remediate your website according to following standards - WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0, ADA, Section 508, Australian DDA, European EAA EN 301 549, UK Equality Act (EA), Israeli Standard 5568, and California Unruh standards. It improves your website’s accessibility to people with hearing or vision impairments, motor impaired, color blind, dyslexia, cognitive & learning impairments, seizure and epileptic, and ADHD problems.

Following are the USP of All in One Accessibility Pro extension:
- Screen Reader
- Supports multi language (40 languages).
- This extension is based on assistive technology.
- 2 Minutes installation.
- Reduces the risk of time-consuming accessibility lawsuits.
- SEO friendly and enhances security due to its lightweight.

Joomla All in One Accessibility Pro (53 Features):

- Read Page
- Reading Mask
- Read Mode
- Reading Guide

- Skip to Menu
- Skip to Footer
- Skip to Navigation
- Open Accessibility Toolbar

- Content Scaling
- Dyslexia Font
- Readable Fonts (Legible Fonts)
- Highlight Title
- Highlight Links
- Text Magnifier
- Adjust Font Sizing
- Adjust Line Height
- Adjust Letter Spacing
- Align Center
- Align Left
- Align Right

- Dark Contrast
- Monochrome (Desaturate)
- Light Contrast
- High Saturation
- High Contrast
- Smart Contrast
- Low Saturation
- Invert Colors
- Adjust Background Colors
- Adjust Text Colors
- Adjust Title Colors

- Mute Sounds
- Hide Images (Text Only)
- Stop Animation
- Highlight Hover
- Highlight Focus
- Big Black Cursor
- Big White Cursor

- Motor Impaired
- Visually Impaired
- Color Blind
- Dyslexia
- Cognitive & Learning
- Seizure & Epileptic

- Accessibility Statement
- Dynamic Application Color
- Choose Application Trigger Button Position
- Choose Application Position
- Hide Interface

  • Multi Language

Supports 40 languages
- English
- Spanish
- German
- Arabic
- Slovak
- Portuguese
- French
- Italian
- Polish
- Turkish
- Japanese
- Finnish
- Russian
- Hungarian
- Latin
- Greek
- Hebrew
- Bulgarian
- Catalan
- Chinese
- Czech
- Danish
- Dutch
- Hindi
- Indonesian
- Korean
- Lithuanian
- Malay
- Norwegian
- Romanian
- Slovenian
- Swedish
- Thai
- Ukrainian
- Vietnamese
- Bengali
- Sinhala
- Amharic
- Hmong
- Myanmar (Burmese)

Supporting organizations:

Skynet Technologies USA LLC

Probably the most valuable Joomla (3&4) extension on the market. Covers my most of requirements.
Ease of use
Really easy to install, few simple configurations and everything is working flawlessly!
Very responsive support. Quick reply and great support. They always listen about any feature requests and suggestions.
Value for money
Earlier I was using the free version. Then I buy the paid version. I am happy to share with you that switch to paid version is worth it.
I used this to: There are maybe 5+ website at present. Also planning to use with my new e-commerce project.
This extension offer multiple accessibility profiles features like colour blind, dyslexia, visually impaired, cognitive & learning.
Ease of use
It provides quick web accessibility implementation by hastle-free process.
Value for money
Absolutely - I have tried lots of extensions blogs and this is the best and at such a great price.
I used this to: A business website. We will also recommend it to our clients too.
Total 53 features are there including screen reader, content adjustments, colour and contrast adjustments, orientation adjustments, & many.
Ease of use
Instant website accessibility remediation solution with almost ADA accessibility features.
Excellent support. Every time I had some question they answered me and solved my problems.
Value for money
The product is excellent and the value is very good. Although I would like to offer it to more sites.
I used this to: From the healthcare website to telehealth system, we used this extension to overcome different barriers for people with disabilities.
Thought I would require several plugins to meet my client's specification but managed to meet all requirements with this single plugin.
Ease of use
Extremely easy to use and install with all the basic features that are needed for basic website accessibility improvements.
Excellent support, quick response time and prompt solution. Developer always responds in less than 24 hours.
Value for money
Best and very competitive price of a product with so many functionalities, and mainly including quick support!
I used this to: Glad to find! I use the great screen reader extension on my website.
Excellent functionality. The extension has been my favorite among several accessibility extension I've tried.
Ease of use
All in One Accessibility won't take more than 2 minutes time to enable ADA features on your website.
Value for money
I used both free and paid version. Never regretted the money I've spent on this product.
I used this to: On my clients website! I used this for my international clients website. I had a pleasant experience with this extension.
It is quick and simple to set up. The extension is well-designed.
Ease of use
Relatively easy to understand, install, navigate and makes your website compliant up to 40%.
I really appreciate your support. That's also true for the free vision.
Value for money
It is the only paid extension I use, but it is worth every penny. Highly recommended.
I used this to: The plugin is just what we needed to enhance some customers accessibility experience.
Very easy in use, work right out of the box and really helped my website to be accessible for all.
Ease of use
It is intuitive and very easy to use. I did not need the support, it is functioning the way how I liked.
Value for money
It is very worthwhile to purchase the plug-in. You definitely get value for your money.
I used this to: Highly recommended extension for those who has medium size website.
Lot of useful functions integrated in one tool makes your site smart, accessible, and interactive.
Ease of use
Easy to use, straightforward documentation. The easiest way to add and enhance website accessibility.
Value for money
Fair value for all features it offers. Meets different situations in that same solution.
I used this to: I have bought this extension for integrating in one of clients e-commerce store. It works well and offers good user experience to website visitors with disabilities.
Joomla website accessibility made easy with this extension. There are 50+ features available.
Ease of use
It is designed with ease of use in mind. Simple configuration. Got it up and running in about few minutes.
When I struggled, I immediately got an email back with the answer. They had quick responses!
Value for money
100% worth the price. It's a premium product, it covers my every need and I know I have great backup with the team support.
I used this to: I have used this extension for my website, it is smoothly integrated on our website. Thank you guys for a valuable extension.
Lots of features and all are useful. You don't need other third party accessibility extension if you are using this extension.
Ease of use
It's designed with ease of use in mind. Extremely easy to install, setup and done!
Value for money
Exceptional value the money. Lots of features for the price and get a great support.
I used this to: I'm using for our organisation's website, and it's helping to increase accessibility and usability of my website!
All in One Accessibility

All in One Accessibility

By Skynet Technologies USA LLC.
Quick Joomla Website Accessibility Remediation with All in One Accessibility! The All in One Accessibility extension was developed to improve the accessibility and usability of any size of Joomla website. It also supports 36 languages. All in One Accessibility extension enables people with disabilities to use your Joomla website efficiently and effectively. Remediate your website according to f...

All in One Accessibility Pro

Skynet Technologies USA LLC.
Last updated:
May 31 2023
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Dec 15 2022
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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