Captcha, Login protection, Spam Protection, Contact forms

A simple CAPTCHA Plugin using the hCaptcha CAPTCHA service
to protect your Joomla website against SPAM.

The Plugin can be easily kept up-to-date because it uses Joomla! Update System.


  • Download the latest version of hCaptcha and install using Joomla's Extension installer
    • in the Joomla back-end: Extensions > Install
  • Create a free account at
  • Add your site to and get a Secret Key + Site Key
  • Add the Secret Key + Site Key to the hCaptcha plugin
    • in the Joomla back-end: Extensions > Plugins > Select: hCaptcha
    • add the Site Key + Secret Key
    • publish the hCaptcha Plugin
  • Configure your Joomla site to use hCaptcha as default:
    • in the Joomla back-end: System > Global Configuration > [Site] tab > Default Captcha > Select "Captcha - hCaptcha"
  • Test your forms on the front-end of your Joomla website to see if the hCaptcha has been configured properly and works correctly.


This plugin has been translated into the following languages:
- Dutch (nl-NL) by Peter Martin (@pe7er)
- French (fr-FR) by Yannick Berges (@micker)
- German (de-DE) by Tobias Zulauf (@zero-24)
- English (en-GB) by Peter Martin (@pe7er)
- Polish (pl-PL) by Mateusz Hajder (@mhajder)


22-Apr-2020 : v1.2.0
$ Added French fr-FR language File (@micker)
$ Added Germany de-DE language File (@zero-24)
+ Added PHP 7.0 minimum check (@zero-24)
+ Added privacy message about IP beeing send to (@zero-24)

21-Apr-2020 : v1.1.0
$ Added Dutch nl-NL language File (@pe7er)
$ Added Polish pl-PL language File (@mhajder)
+ Added Theme configuration: Light / Dark
+ Added Size configuration: Normal / Compact

20-Apr-2020 : v1.0.0
+ Added Update server URL

10-Apr-2020 : v1.0.0-RC1
$ Added English en-GB language File (@pe7er)
+ Added ACL check to Dashboard + Profiles view

Allows the use of hCaptcha (instead of Google ReCaptcha) direct within Joomla!
Ease of use
Downloading the plugin, installing and setting up is very easy to use and add also the hCaptcha Keys.
Haven't needed it, but I do know Peter & know he would provide great support if needed.
Documentation is good and runs though exact steps to get your keys from hCaptcha and use within Joomla
I used this to: using hCaptcha as spam protection, instead of Google ReCaptcha as I was worried about extra cookies, tracking and privacy issues
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d2 Content

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Last updated:
Apr 25 2020
Date added:
Apr 20 2020
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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