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yKhoon Content Protector Advanced Edition (previously known as Advanced Content Protector) is an extension that protect the content of your Joomla web site. The objective of this extension is to act as a shield against plagiarism. The extension will be able to restrict certain functionality like disable right click of the mouse, disable word selection/highlighting, control key combination (for example; ctrl + c and ctrl + v), and etc.

Although yKhoon Content Protector Basic Edition and the Advanced Edition offer similar functionality, the Advanced Edition provides more functionality and control than the Basic Edition. For example, the Print Protection functionality of the Advanced Edition will prevent the visitor to print the content of the web site. The visitor will get blank page instead of the content of the web site. The Advanced Edition also has a functionality to prevent the visitor to use the Browser Copy function to copy the content of the web site.


  1. Support Joomla 4.
  2. Support Joomla Update system.

Main Features:

  1. Block the saved web page from opening in localdisk and different domain.
  2. Disable mouse right click, word/text selection/highlighting and control key combination (e.g. ctrl + c, ctrl + v, etc).
  3. Give immunity to certain user.
  4. Protect the article of your choice.
  5. Super Administrator or Super Users is immune to all functionality of this extension.
  6. Joomla! Administration (back-end) is not affected by the functionality of this extension.
  7. Compatible with AJAX enable website.
  8. Two fail-safe system for ensuring maximum protection for your site.
  9. Determine which control key combination to be disabled.
  10. Support Joomla SEF URLs.
  11. Show pop-up error message when a restricted function is used.
  12. Change the pop-up error message to suit your web site.
  13. Able to use symbols such ' and in error message.
  14. Compatible with Community Builder.
  15. Support Integrated Product Update System for checking and download latest version of the product.
  16. No restriction for the Author when the Author browsing its article. (Advanced Edition only)
  17. No restriction inside the editor. (Advanced Edition only)
  18. Able to disable the copy paste and word selection functionality for an article on Author request. (Advanced Edition only)
  19. Able to disable the browser copy function. (Advanced Edition only)
  20. Able to give immunity to certain user group such as author or editor. (Advanced Edition only)
  21. Added Print Protection. (Credit to Joe from Thailand) (Advanced Edition only)
  22. Able to protect the article based on components and category ID. (Advanced Edition only)
  23. Able to disable browser drag functionality. (Advanced Edition only)
  24. Able to allow or forbid the content sharing on Social Network. (Advanced Edition only)
While I agree that the plugin can protect basically many things, it's defeated in about 2 seconds by firebug (just open firebug and remove some selected tags from the rendered code, to reenable right click or selection) and Firefox Tools -> Page information to save the images.

It _will_ provide protection against unsavvy users that would just right click, it _will not_ protect anything against someone really decided to copy your content

Besides having the source encrypted with javascript does have a major drawback for SEO, since the spiders from the search engines will not interpret the javascript code, and will thus limit themselves to the meta tags in the headers.

All in all not a bad extension to have if you want to protect some pages on a site from the most basic copying techniques, but otherwise protect the access to the content instead.
Owner's reply: Hi, thanks for your review. We would like to point out that the product does not encrypt the source with javascript. It does not have such functionality. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about the product.
I have used this extension on my support site that is intended for participant at welding workshops that I manage. This seems to be the best available extension when trying protecting from copying/stealing content. I have nothing to complain on, all works just as it says it should do.
I am establishing a consulting business so, I wanted to secure my content from copying.

I am on Joomla 3.2.2.

After testing some other plugins, which did not work as advertised, I found the Content Protector Advanced Edition.

The cost is very reasonable and the installation was quite easy (I am newbie).

After the installation, I noticed most pages were working just fine but, my home page and some other scattered content were not protected.

A quick email was sent and they responded within 90 minutes. After granting access, the issue was resolved in a few minutes.

It is working fine with all my content plus JomSocial, Kunena, Breezingforms, Babel-U and my other components so, I am very pleased.

I recommend this component to anyone wanting to secure their site.
I have bought this extension for protect to 360° my website content from copy&paste function, and it work greatly. For only 20$ you have a great product and a support team ready to help you, like in my case for some personalization necessary for my site!

Not really working

Posted on 29 May 2012
I just try 1 time, I block the javascript. You receive an alert. Fine, but after you reactivate the javascript, you can copy everything.

But spending 15$ for this kind of plugin is kinda weird.

Owner's reply: Hi, based on your review, we think that you did not fully install the product on your site (missing some files) which cause the issue you have face. Please contact our support to help you resolve this issue.

Must Buy!!!

Posted on 04 March 2011
If you have a heavily graphic influenced content in use on your site, this is a Must Have Extension. A historical site displaying original 18th and 19th Century web site is easily copyable by Internet Thieves. This little $15.00 USD plug-in is well worth the expense. The setup could not have been easier.

Where do I add a sixth star???

Its perfect !!!

Posted on 25 January 2011
I instal the plagin very easy , and YES ITS PERFECT !!!

This extension fulfill their purpose to protect your article from copycat.

Easy to install and Very very very good support and prompt response from this developer.

Keep it up bro

very good extension

Posted on 21 October 2010
Im using it a couple of months and it works just fine. Easy to install and setup and does exactly what the author says.

Great plagiarism deterrent

Posted on 08 September 2010
Does exactly what it says. I tried other free or cheaper alternatives, but they offer minimum functions compared to this flexible protecting extension. To mention my main interests, isolating protection to desired articles, disabling protection for authors while editing, disabling CTRL key combinations etc... everything works as stated.

Besides, good support and collaboration, my queries answered within 24 hours.

Worth every penny of the $15 I spent.
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Advanced Content Protector

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Oct 08 2023
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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