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RO Single Sign On allows your Joomla site to act as a service provider and use the login from a trusted identity provider. You can even turn your Joomla site into your own identity provider and become the single place where you manage your users.

Instead of using an external party like Google or Facebook to handle your authentication you can use your Joomla site as an Identity Provider. Hook up any client, like any other Joomla site or another application that makes use of SAML to connect to your Joomla website. Using RO Single Sign On as Identity Provider makes connecting an identity provider very easy.

Using RO Single Sign On you can use your Joomla website as a Service Provider by allowing your users to login with an external identity provider, for example ADFS within your network or Google/Facebook as outside providers.

Supported protocols:

- Automatic login front-end
- Automatic login back-end
- Sync usergroups on login
- Assign usergroups based on values received from the Identity Provider
- Prevent Joomla login
- Exclude URLs from redirect to Identity Provider
- Generate certificates

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RO Single Sign On

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May 31 2023
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Apr 28 2021
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System