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RO Payments is a component for Joomla that allows you to easily integrate payments into your Joomla website.

RO Payments supports the following extensions:
- Artio Book it!
- Eshop
- Events Booking
- HikaShop
- J2Store
- jGive
- JoomDonation
- JoomShopping
- JTicketing
- K2Store
- Membership Pro
- MijoShop
- Quick2Cart
- RD-Subscriptions
- RSDirectory!
- RSEvents!Pro
- RSForm!Pro
- RSMembership!
- SocialAds
- VirtueMart

RO Payments connects with the following payment providers:
- Buckaroo
- ING iDEAL 2.0
- Mollie (new API)
- Ingenico
- Rabobank (including OmniKassa 2/OnlineKassa)
- Sisow
- Target Pay
- Stripe
- Ginger Payments

International payments are now easier than before using Stripe as your payment provider. RO Payments includes the Stripe Payment Elements.

Further you can make your own payment page to receive payments without the need of another extension. In addition there is a module that allows you to generate a payment link. This link can be send to someone to have them pay through your website.

Extensive support for RSForm! Pro through our own fields. You can even have a different payment provider per form.

RO Payments now includes an editor button to easily insert a payment link into your articles. This is combined with a new system plugin that will allow you to put a payment placeholder anywhere in your site and that will be turned into a payment link.

Recurring payments for Mollie is also supported in RO Payments

Status updates behind a login are now supported as well.

Supports multiple profiles, Mollie integration, extensive settings.
Ease of use
Easy to set-up with Mollie. Works almost out-of-the-box with Mollie.
Great support via e-mail and the forum. The programmer of the software responds quickly and is willing to keep improving software.
Extensive documentation available on the website and on the forum.
Value for money
Great. I can earn a honest buck because of this software being not to expensive.
I used this to: Making custom paid iDeal payment forms available for my customers.
Supports a wide range of extensions and simultanious use of multiple PSP's. Has a profile for each combination to fine-tune responses.
Ease of use
Set-up of the various profiles for extensions and PSP's is easy. The descriptions on bank transactions can be customised too.
Value for money
Very good value for money, considering the flexibility and wide support
I used this to: e-commerce (Hikashop) and membership registration own payment link), ticket sales (Event Booking)
Everything you need when it comes to the iDeal payment system.
Ease of use
Extremely simpel to use
More than fantastic!
Value for money
Price is unbeatable
I used this to: I use JDIdeal for all my clients their webshops and websites where payment comes in handy.
I use JDIdeal in a staff association for paying activities and the yearly fee.
Ease of use
Very easy to configure and more profiles possible
Very good, very fast response from the manufaturer
Value for money
Very cheap comparing with the functionality
I used this to: Our staff association for payment of the yearly fee and paying the activitities, holidays, workshops etc with RSEventsPro.
Very easy te implement and works fantastic.

Just what i need

Posted on 22 August 2016
Met Jd-ideal kun je o.a. Ideal en Mistercash betaalmethoden toevoegen aan Hikashop (Maar ook nog diverse joomla extensies)
Ease of use
Binnen 10 minuten eerste (test) betaling gedaan. Combinatie : Hikashop JD Ideal en Mollie
Pefect. Snel antwoord en goede uitleg. Forum aanwezig, goede documentatie
Documentatie is helder en simpel an uitleg en opbouw. Zeer begrijpelijk
Value for money
I used this to: Betaling in de shop voor Ideal en Mistercash. Maar ook omdat JD Ideal Hikashop triggert als een betaling succesvol was. Hierdoor krijg je ook je bevestigingsmail van een succesvolle betaling.
Werkt goed met bijvoorbeeld RSFormsPro en J2Store.
Ease of use
Betrekkelijk eenvoudig te configureren.
(zelfs ik kan het...)
Snel, behulpzaam, geduldig en dus ook in het Nederlands.
Ruimschoots aanwezig, overzichtelijk en gebruiksvriendelijk!!
Value for money
"geen cent te veel"
I used this to: RSFormsPro & J2Store
I used JDiDEAL on a RSFormPro form. I had to combine JDiDEAL and the Payment Package because of the need of more than one 'donation' field.
Ease of use
It is very easy to use.
The support is great. Roland even adjust the plugin to fit for this job. Thanks again Roland!
The documentation is clear and helpful.
Value for money
It is 'Value for money!'
I used this to: Ability to pay online trough RSForm!Pro forms.

Works like a charm

Posted on 09 May 2014
I use it on several websites and with several extensions. Already for some years and works on al sites flawlessly. Happy with the extension and the support. Great product. Easy to install and configure also.

Excellent support

Posted on 25 March 2014
I was working on implementing JDIDeal for Adsmanager 2.9. Very fast support from JDIDeal ensured it worked perfectly they found out the problems in my setup and made sure everything worked!

Perfecte extension

Posted on 17 March 2014
The extension does exactly what it needs to do, perfect.

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RO Payments

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Apr 20 2024
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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