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Admin Bruteforce Protection was designed to manage the access to Joomla administrator login page. Plugin creates the wall between your login page and the hackers.

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This is simple, but very effective tool to limit access for brute-force scanners and bots.

Main features:

  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • One click verification (easy for human, complicated for robots)
  • Perfects against different type of the bots and hacking tools
  • No need to use database (no MySQL usage)
  • Works perfect on very slow/busy shared servers
  • Very low server CPU usage
  • Absolutely free


Posted on 20 February 2017

{functionality}Extension works good, claimed functions executes.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Easy{/ease_of_use}\n{support}24/7{/support}\n{documentation}No need{/documentation}\n

{functionality}After I enabled this plugin I was locked out and couldn't acces administrator area because server couldn't verify request. {/functionality}\n{ease_of_use} .{/ease_of_use}\n{support}They answered and told me to give them FTP info, after I refused and told them to guide me on how to disable plugin, they stoped respondig{/support}\n{documentation}.{/documentation}\n

I used this to: .


Posted on 19 July 2016

{functionality}All as described.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Easy enough.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}{/support}\n{documentation}{/documentation}\n


Useful thing

Posted on 05 July 2016

{functionality}One click to make it work and absolutely free, I recommend{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Very simple to use{/ease_of_use}\n{support}+{/support}\n{documentation}+{/documentation}\n

I used this to: protection the site from bruteforce attacks.
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Admin Bruteforce Protection

SafetyBis Ltd.
Last updated:
Apr 17 2017
Date added:
Apr 11 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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