Login Redirect, Auto Login

It is a login as user extension.
New system that will help you ot give users one link to access your web site.

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No need for username or password.

you can use it to login for both front and admin areas.

you can use it to log as any user you want to test their ACL rights.

I like this module, just send the link and the user can enter a protected area without access data
Ease of use
It is so user friendly and very easy to manage
Value for money
is absolutely fair
I used this to: to forward customers without login data to a protected area
change content change content
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change content

By mishel naguib
Change Content plugin will help you to make custom pages according to logged in user. Change Content plugin will dynamically replace any word inside your contents text with new one across all pages of your web site. You can replace any word with normal text or code (html , javascript and html). You can use php variables like joomla variables or session variables. You can insert your ads code w...
fast register/login fast register/login
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fast register/login

By mishel naguib
Site Access
his module will give your users the abaility to register and login in one step> user will add his email and press enter and all DONE!! A new user account will made for him with auto generated password. He will logged in to your site and get an email with his login details. You can integrate community builder with this module and add user automatic to CB. You can ask user to enter a password a...
Redirect after Login Redirect after Login
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Redirect after Login

By mishel naguib
Site Access
In our last update you can assign a redirect with ip or country. In our last update you can assign a redirect with ip or country. Complete package contains component and plugin that you can use to redirect your users after log in depending on their user group , username , IP from both admin and front area> You can set a separate redirect for first time login and another redirect for any other l...
Imagenlarge Imagenlarge
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By mishel naguib
Image enlarge plugin is a small joomla plugin which will add enlarge effect to your images anywhere at your joomla site. You can use it inside contents, articles, modules, contact page or any other joomla component. Caption will appear above large image. Usage is very simple Just put imagenlarge small image url|large image url|caption inside two brackets see it working at our demo site....
userassign for Jomsocial userassign for Jomsocial
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userassign for Jomsocial

By mishel naguib
JomSocial Extensions
With our extension You can assign users to joomla Acl groups or jomsocial groups automatically while their registeration according to their profile type. so when any user register and select a profile type and complete registration he will added to Acl group/groups or jomsocial groups. it is easy to use it. Just install it and go to our component assign profiles to groups and you are done...
 Remove article Id from sef url  Remove article Id from sef url
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Remove article Id from sef url

By mishel naguib
SEO & Metadata
do you want to remove articles id from joomla sef url? without hacking any joomla core files!! now you can do that with our plugin. just install plugin , enable it....
Next Previous Article Next Previous Article
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Next Previous Article

By mishel naguib
this plugin will add next and previous buttons inside joomla article editing page so you can move easily between joomla articles with no need to close current article and go back to articles to edit next one....
User Redirect After Login User Redirect After Login
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User Redirect After Login

By mishel naguib
Site Access
With this plugin you can assign automatic redirect url to each user depending on its username , id , ... so you can automatically redirect each user to his custom page. Our User Redirect after login plugin Redirects users automatically to customized url You can use following parameters in the url and they will be replaced by user data: {username} will be replaced by username. {email} will be re...

Auto Login Redirect

mishel naguib
Last updated:
Sep 30 2018
Date added:
May 17 2018
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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