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Contact Enhanced also works as a Business Directory, just use Employees as Contacts.

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Contacts Enhanced is a contact manager and form component packaged with lots of features:

  • GOOGLE MAPS and Directions;
  • UNLIMITED FORM FIELDS: Now you can have as many custom fields as you wish. You can request whichever information you need from the users that contact you; Available field types: Text, Multitext(textarea), SelectList, Checkbox, Radiobutton, Date, Date Range, Number, Number Range, MULTIPLE FILE UPLOADS (ATTACHMENTS), SQL*, Integration with newsletters ;
  • Bootstrap Compatible;
  • HTML Emails & Templates;
  • CAPTCHA (compatible with reCaptcha, SecurImage & any Captcha plugin), Free SecurImage Captcha plugin included;
  • Newsletter integrations: Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, AcyMailing
  • Google Docs Spreadsheet integration;
  • Embed the form into articles;
  • Responsive design;
  • HTML5 Compatible;
  • Records sent messages in the database
  • QR Code integration;
  • If the user is logged in this script will get the name and email recorded in database, preventing the user to mistype his email
  • It will get your users IP Address, Browser, Operating System and Screen resolution
  • It uses jQuery (Joomla's default Javascript Library) to validate the form and for other scripts;
  • You can set each form to redirect to a specific page when the message is successfully sent
  • and much much more.

Form Fields Available

  • Text Field
  • CheckBox
  • Date
  • Date range
  • Free text
  • Hidden input
  • Multi-text (textarea)
  • Multiple File Upload
  • Number
  • Number Range Password
  • Radio Button
  • Select List
  • SQL (get data from your database)
  • Multiple SQL;
  • Newsletter Integration:
    • Campaign Monitor;
    • AcyMailing;
    • MailChimp;
    • Constant Contact;
  • Advanced Custom Fields
    • Javascript (add js code to the page);
    • CSS (add css code to the page);
    • PHP (add php code to the page);
  • Pagination
  • Button

Plugins and Modules available

  • Content Plugin, which enables you to embed the form, map and contact details in an article;
  • Contact Enhanced Module, allows you to display the form, map and/or contact details in any module position
  • Feedback Plugin, Displays a site tab on your page and loads a modal window (lightbox style) with the form (optional);
  • Contact Locator / Store Finder Plugin, is integrated with Google Maps, so it that allows customers to locate your stores / contacts easily. Packed with Geo Location and Google Maps Direction your customers will never be lost again getting to your locations. The store finder will be able to list of nearby stores / contacts around your web visitors from nearest to the furthest distance away;
  • Search Module, displays the a search box and optionally you can display a select box for Category, Contact Position, Country, State and City. When the Country is selected it will load the respective States for the country selected and once the State is selected it will load the cities in that state.
  • Birthday Module, Displays upcoming birthdays of contacts;
  • Contact Creator Plugin, Creates a Contact automatically for each new user (optional);
  • Mailto2CE Plugin (Mailto Links to Contact Enhanced), changes all mailto links to a modal link to Contact Enhanced Form, protecting your emails from Spambots (optional);
  • Alpha Index Module, displays Alphabetic search links. It will filter contacts starting with the respective letter (optional).

Formulários Customizados Com algumas características interessantes

  • MULTIPLO Upload de arquivos (ficheiros)
  • Número ilimitado de novos campos no formulário
  • Compatível com o Bootstrap;
  • Tem integração com os Mapas do Google e direções;
  • Emails em HTML & Modelo (templates) de emails;
  • CAPTCHA (compatível com reCaptcha, SecurImage e qualquer outro plugin de Captcha)
  • Integração com programas de Newsletter: Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, AcyMailing
  • Integração com o Google Docs Spreadsheet;
  • Possibilidade de incluir formulário em artigos;
  • Design Responsivo;
  • Compatível com HTML5;
  • Grava emails enviados no banco de dados
  • e muito muito mais.

Contacts Enhanced é um gerenciador de contatos e formulário de contato com muitas possibilidades:

  • Campos de Formulário Customizados;
  • SecurImage Captcha plugin incluso gratuitamente;
  • Integração com Google Maps;
  • Usa o jQuery para validar o formulário e em outros scripts;

Tipos de Campos de Formulário

  • Texto
  • CheckBox (seleção multipla)
  • Data
  • Texto livre (HTML)
  • Hidden input
  • Caixa de texto (textarea)
  • Upload de arquivos
  • Número (select)
  • Radio (seleção)
  • Select List
  • SQL (executar uma query no banco de dados)
  • Integração com Newsletter:
    • Campaign Monitor;
    • AcyMailing;
    • MailChimp;
    • Constant Contact;
  • Campos Avançados
    • Javascript;
    • CSS;
    • PHP;
  • Paginação de formulário
  • Butão

Plugins e módulos disponíveis

  • Content Plugin, Coloca um formulário em um artigo;
  • Contact Enhanced Module, Coloca um formulário numa posição de módulo;
  • Feedback Plugin, mostra uma aba no lado do site com link para uma janela modal (pop-up) com um formulário;
  • Localizador de contatos / Loja/filial, integração com Google maps, mostra todos os contatos no mapa;
  • Módulo de pesquisa;
  • Módulo de aniversário;
  • Plugin Criador de contatos, Cria um contato novo toda vez que um usuário é criado (optional);
  • **Plugin Mailto2CE ** (Mailto Links para Contact Enhanced), muda todos os links mailto para links que carregam o Contact Enhanced numa janela modal previnindo spammers;
  • Módulo Alpha Index, most links de pesquisa de A a Z (optional).

Contact Enhanced também pode funcionar com um diretório de empresa (lista telefônica), funcionários como Contactos.

First class functionality
Ease of use
Very easy to use
Absolutely brilliant support we have been using this extension for five years
Value for money
I used this to: Managing stockists for a large wholesale business across Canada
If you need a flexible, configurable contact form which ticks all the right boxes, you can't go wrong with Contact Enhanced
Ease of use
A component with a pleasant User Experience - well thought out.
Douglas and his team are always ready to help as necessary, great support
Fully and well-documented component.
Value for money
Great value, with the PRO offering plenty of additional value.
I used this to: Most of my websites to create a more functional contact form, with integration to other 3rd party services I use.
Does what they say it does, easy to setup and the import tool for either Joomla Contacts or a CSV file is really convenient.
Ease of use
Out of the box, really easy to use for both developers and end users.
Fantastic support, Douglas got back to me with an adaptation I needed for a Hospital site within minutes.
Easy to follow, could be a little more specific on Modules and Plugins for CE
Value for money
For $50 you get a program worth a lot more. Great Value!
I used this to: Phone Directories, contact directories on quite a few sites, both LITE and PRO versions depending on the site's need.

works out of the box

Posted on 02 April 2017
all that you need for contact and more
Ease of use
very easy
Value for money
great value
I used this to: both contacts and custom forms

Fantastic Extension

Posted on 01 March 2017
Allows me to easily add contacts with all their details and locations
Ease of use
Very easy and user friendly
If I could put 200% for support I would. Douglas went beyond my expectations!
Value for money
Great value for money, strongly recommended
I used this to: I use this plugin to display a network of distributors on a national level.

Superb Extension

Posted on 16 June 2016
100% function in both desktop and mobile platforms in J3.5.1 (after developer support per below).
Ease of use
SOOO much power in this... LOTS of customizable configurations. Takes a while to discover all you can do, but the well-written docs help.
200% The dev. was FAST to respond to email support. Ext. does not work in templates using Bootstrap 3, so the dev made it work for me.
On-line docs are detailed and well-written, covering nearly all features.
Value for money
Got my $74 US worth and then a whole lot more. Way more powerful than I needed, but needed the features only this ext. had.
I used this to: Used as a crude, e-store order sys that recvs orders via email in a multi-hub distribution "network." Each hub has it's own email for fulfillment and thus a contact entry in the ext. At this time the system uses just one modal contact form, but can be configed for separate forms.
Extended functionalities
Ease of use
An easy to use but powerfull application
Very efficient
Value for money
Top value !
I used this to: A very large project... already several hundreds of contact accounts, thousands expected. Working with IStoreLocator, Contact Enhanced is simply the must !

Great Extension

Posted on 09 February 2016
It does what it says and even more
Ease of use
Did not need the documentation.
Great support. Quick and accurat. Needed two times support and the problem was solved within the day.
Value for money
Attention. Do not buy the iDeal Locator first. It's within the Contact Enhanced extension. The CE extension is worth every penny of it.
I used this to: Joomla
I added this component in conjunction with Ideal's store locator. It does a great job managing a lot of data.
Ease of use
Very easy to install and intuitive in the integration with iStore Locator.
Excellent support - very prompt responses and solutions to any questions.
Good - combined with the email support the module is a very low risk investment.
Value for money
Excellent - I bought it for iStore Locator, but am now seeing opportunities for expanded use of the component.
I used this to: Client websites.

Amazing Product and Service!!

Posted on 17 November 2015
Presenting a contact how it should, and adding Google Maps to ensure you are going to the right place. The embed feature is great.
Ease of use
Drop in and go, few css customizations and it looks like anything you have.
Douglas went above and beyond to get his product displaying the way I wanted!! Excellent job and excellent product.
Value for money
Saved me from having to expand on the joomla contacts! great addition to my site and great price!
I used this to: I am mostly using this to embed contacts into articles for contacts per each state in the US and Canada.. This allows so much more information than the basic joomla contacts. This is a must have for those who need to get their customer in contact with them.
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Contact Enhanced Component

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