Contact forms, Maps & Locations

ContactMap is a FREE component/plugin for Joomla!.
It had a map in the native Joomla contact form, for providing your clients a REALLY FAST contact support.
You can also view all your contact on a map.

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ContactMap is available with the data of Joomla contact and Joomla SEF.

It have also StreetView function.

Excellent Free Component

Posted on 19 July 2013

Exactly what I needed.

Thank you for providing this component for free.

Trully great

Posted on 22 February 2013

This is what i was looking for.

Excellent extension. The only problem i find is about the markers because it is not so clear in the documentation how to set them in the map.

Generally it is very easy in both installation and usage!!

First of all thanks for this excellent extension. Now about title, i have a problem printing the marker at print_article layout. Any help welcomed.

I just wanted to say that its an EXCELLENT extension, like no other I found.

Having the map and the contact form on one place gives a whole idea a complete powerful look and use to the web page, especially for those web pages that offers curtain products or services which are related with the location.

All options offered in the component works like charm, GREAT JOB!

I always admire to the developers who are giving the opportunity for everyone to use great extensions for free.


Using Joomla 1.6 on a Mac 10.6.8 server, the version before Oct 2011 gave me trouble, but NOW the contact form is working nicely! ***** (5 stars) In searching the other Maps, I could not find a nice balance of information, map -AND- contact submission form. I've only been working with Joomla for a little while, although I have been working with websites for over 10 years... Installing the module was easy for me, I just went into Joomla Extension Manager > Upload Package File... Later I found the new Contact Map item under Components menu.

It seems ideal. Thanks for the tool. : )

Owner's reply: Thank you for your feedback.

Great component

Posted on 13 October 2011

Great component! Very easy to install and configure.

Thank a lot

Owner's reply: Thank.

This Component is very good, works nicely with the native Contact component and has a very decent template. One thing that concerns me though is that it inserts invisible links (namely "chateauneuf", "Fay aux loges" and "Canal d Orléans") via the contactmap.php file, rule 159, function getRef($id) (which cannot be changed by the template files). This is not good practice or fair to the users. They should at least have the decency to make these links publicly visible and give the user an option to turn them off.

Owner's reply: These link are deleted from the 4.5 version.

Well... I nearly didn't use this as I had such a bad experience using this guy's other Component for Google Maps, but I am glad that I gave it a chance.

If you want a simplistic Component which is very simple to use then this is the one to go for.

Works Perfectly and I'm over the moon with joy. Thank you to the developer for adding a "proper" button which allows you to remove the author link.

I will be donating to the future suxccess of this Component and thank you once again for such an innovative solution.

Easy and fast!!

But has no message of confirmation that e-mail is sent all right or error message with chapca is shown.

No recipient specified

Posted on 28 March 2011

No recipient specified

I'm having this error can you guide me how to add the recipient email..please I need it quickly,Because I love this component.It's really nice and easy to use

Thank you

Owner's reply: Hi,
There are the responce on the forum !!!

2 possibilities :
1) In your contact, you haven't writing the email address.
2) In your menu item, you haven't selected a contact.
GMapFP : Google Map

GMapFP : Google Map

Free | Maps & Locations | Fabrice4821
73 reviews
Thanks to GMapFP, you can use Google Maps very easily in your Joomla site. This component is natively compatible with Joomla and is available French and English. It's compatible with JoomFish, XMAP, JComments and Joomla search module. GMapFP is translated in many languages. With this version, GMapFP is a more complete component for Google map. All this versions are available with Joomla 3 on http and https. Choose among full types of views: complete (map + articles), articles only, catégories groupe of catégories map alone, map with simple listing contact form. The users can submit places or manage them. Functionalities of GMapFP: Create as many places as you wish and locate them on the map Rank your places by categories Possibility to create groups of categories Display all your places, a category or a selection of your choice (thanks to the plugin). Configure the map according to your needs Display the map navigation bar Display of satellite/mixed/map/earth Display of Traffic informations, ... Display of the scale Choose position of centering (or automatic calculation) of the map and of its zoom Display directly information-bubble on the map Add your own markers Geolocalisation of the establishments from their address Display more (if selected) information on the spot Name Photo Addresses Telephone, Fax, Email, Web site Detailed description Schedules and prices Find directions between two points Use of the style sheets (CSS) Choice of the map type to be display Automatic update of the map indications according to the language Compatible with PHP 5, 6 and 7. Possibility to use all parameters with the plugin … This component is a Google map, but is also an element for the presentation of tourist places, restaurants and others. Don't hesitate to subject your questions and needs via the forum to me.
c m p


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LivresFP is a super easy-to-use interactive flip book (Joomla) component. You will be able to easily present your documents in the form of a flip book on your Joomla site. Open your component, enter a title, insert your photos with a drag and drop function, and Poundspans does the rest. Ditto for PDF files: Drag and drop your file, and all the pages it contains will automatically be converted into an image and layout. Our interactive book component for Joomla, perfectly presents books as well as portfolios, photos or articles. See the demonstration of the attached component. This interactive Joomla book can be positioned wherever you want on your page and is responsive. You can even put PFP in an article through the use of its Joomla content plugin. This interactive book for Joomla works on all platforms, including iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones. For books with a large amount of pages and slow down the display of your web page, PFS has a "Lazy loading" feature. However, it is advisable not to use images that are too heavy. Features of BooksFP Pro: - Insert images by drag & drop function - Compatible with PDF files => Imagemagick must be present on the server. - Selecting the pages of the PDF file to import. - Responsive - HTML5 compatible - No use of flash - This interactive Joomla book works on iPhone, iPad, smartphone and all browsers. - LivresFP has a full-screen display function that makes reading easier while keeping your page smaller. - Zoom function minus, zoom plus and auto zoom. - Management of Joomla tags. - SEO function push: allows to have a friendly link pointing to each page of your book. - Option display from left to right or from right to left available for each book. - Insertion of comments possible for each page of the book. - Joomla content plugin and xtd-button plugin available to easily insert your Joomla interactive books into your articles. - Search plugin for Joomla allowing search in the comments of the book and pages. - Using "alt" tags for images - Reorganization of the page order possible at any time. - Background colors and font size configurable. - View thumbnails of pages to quickly move from one page to another. - Ability to go directly to a page by entering his number. - You do not have to have the same format for all your images, your interactive book will display them in full page. - "Lazy loading" feature available for books with many pages. - RSS feed available according to the displays. - Button for downloading the book. - 4 component views in addition to the plugin: Book, Featured books, Books of a category, Categories of books. - No copyright More about our Joomla interactive book extension: View the book containing its online documentation. One option is missing: do not hesitate to ask. We will meet your needs.


Free | Multimedia Players | Fabrice4821
0 reviews
A super easy and slick joomla Playlist module to present your images on your joomla site. Create a module, choose your display theme and greasy at an easily insert function, add your audio files by function drag/drop. By click on the audio file, you can view its name, album, bitrate, duration and associated comments. Our module dedicated to audio files playback, displays perfectly playlists, extracts of songs or even a simple piece of music.


Last updated:
Sep 06 2018
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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