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ContentNotifier is the successor of jContentStatus (1.5 plugin) (thanx Josh Prakash for the idea !)
Plugin to display New and Updated gif files from anywhere in a content or automaticly at the beginning of the article.
The plugin enables the webmaster to display nice looking light weight gif files to notify the users where the contents has been updated or newly created. Just put the given syntax wherever required in the content.
Syntax to display NEW : {jnew}
Syntax to display UPDATED : {jupdated}

(replace - with _ in syntax below, except for the date):
- Stop the display of NEW or UPDATED according to number of days in the plugin parameters or display it permanently.
- Automatic display of NEW or UPDATED at the start of the article is possible; can be switched off in an article using {jno-auto-contentnotifier}
- The automatic display can be limited in days using plugin parameters.
- Version 1.1 Override of Max days for Auto Display in an article possible using:

  • After NEW or UPDATED a text can be displayed using new tags: {jxnew}text=|text to be displayed, tekst weer te geven|{/jxnew} {jxupdated}text=|text to be displayed, tekst weer te geven|{/jxupdated}
  • The plugin parameters can be overwritten using: {jxnew}days=|999| text=|text to be displayed for 999 days|{/jxnew} {jxupdated}days=|999| text=|text to be displayed for 999 days|{/jxupdated} {jxnew}start-date=|16-03-2022 01:00:00| stop-date=|16-03-2025 18:00:00| text=|text to be displayed between 16-3-2022 01:00:00 and 16-3-2025 18:00:00|{/jxnew} No display of the notifier using: no-notifier {jxnew}no-notifier start-date=|16-03-2022 01:00:00| stop-date=|16-03-2025 18:00:00| text=|text to be displayed between 16-3-2022 01:00:00 and 16-3-2025 18:00:00|{/jxnew}

2019-05-20- V3.1.5 classes .pch-contentnotifier-new and .pch-contentnotifier-updated added for more flexible layout.

.pch-contentnotifier-new, .pch-contentnotifier-updated {
width: 50px !important;

Most important (recent) version history*):
2023-09-29 - V5.1.4: Some language strings corrected
2023-09-22 - V5.1.3: Some changes after JEDChecker 2.4.3
2023-08-01 - V5.1.0: Language files adapted to Joomla Standard.Some redundant files removed. Check the plugin settings!
2023-04-03 - V5.0.0: Joomla 4+ only: code refactoring including namespacing; language files now in plugin directory.

2023-09-29 - V4.3.2: Some language strings corrected
2023-08-01 - V4.3.0 : Language files adapted to Joomla Standard. Some redundant files removed. Installer changed. Check the plugin settings!

*)Complete history in CHANGELOG.txt in the installation package.

Suggestions are always welcome from our reviewers!

bad position!

Posted on 22 February 2011
This plugin can show a NEW indicator image above or below the article title, but, I think it should be displayed just in the same line as the article title, this is the word "before" or "after" means!
Owner's reply: You are right; I changed it to above and below in version 1.2.1.

Nice plugin

Posted on 23 August 2010
The plugin is good but it could be nice if added to the title on list view page.
Owner's reply: Thanx!
I have tried to add it to the title, but the titles are 'escaped', so instead of showing the GIF-image you see the name of the GIF-image.
May be someone has an idea how to solve that without a templete override??


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Peter v.d. Hulst
Last updated:
May 29 2024
3 weeks ago
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System