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The Custom Canonical plugin provides Joomla administrators with a simple way to create persistent, URL agnostic canonical tags.

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What is a persistent, URL agnostic canonical tag?

Persistent means that it does not vanish even if the page is not loaded correctly. The canonical tag is married to the item it is assigned to. Everywhere that item is the primary content the canonical tag is served.

URL agnostic means that it does not depend on the URL. Canonical tags value is when they are served on a URL you don't want to be indexed. URL dependent canonical tags just about useless.

A Canonical tag is an HTML rel="canonical" attribute value that identifies a URL as being canonical to the page it is served on.

If you have questions about Joomla canonical tags, here is more information on how to create Joomla canonical tags.

Currently Supported Item Types

The Custom Canonical plugin allows you to create canonical tags on the following Joomla item types. It is served in the document head.

  • Articles
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Menu Items

Core Features

Remove Default Canonical
Joomla often sets incorrect canonical URLs. You have the option of removing those.

Canonical Pagination
Custom Canonical automatically appends pagination query strings to the end of the custom canonical URL on paginated results.

Custom Canonical Tags
You have the power to set the canonical tag to whatever you desire. This includes a different page on your site or an external site.

Item Based Canonicals
All canonical tags are item based. This means that (unlike some canonical solutions) they are URL agnostic. i.e. it is a real solution.

Custom Canonical

Daniel Morell
Last updated:
Dec 27 2018
Date added:
Oct 18 2018
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System