Custom Code in Modules

CW Whatever is whatever you want it to be. No really. This component and module do absolutely nothing in the best way possible.

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It is the best way to add your own custom scripts to Joomla, using Joomla's built-in MVC template override system. Simply override the default CW Whatever component or module output in your template, and add whatever html, javascript, or php script you want to add. The sky is the limit!

Use CW Whatever for:

  • Custom embedded Javascript
  • Custom layouts that WYSIWYG editors can't handle
  • Custom PHP scripts
  • Google Analytics
  • Whatever...


  • Standard Joomla MVC structure
  • No data to manage
  • Simple architecture for injecting your own custom scripts on any page
  • Whatever textarea parameter for you to use however you want in your PHP scripts
  • Best of all, it does nothing, so it stays out of your way
  • GPL License
CW So Meta CW So Meta

CW So Meta

By Cory Webb
SEO & Metadata
CW So Meta (short for "Social Meta") is a plugin for Joomla that automatically adds social meta tags to every page on your site. This is the simplest way to add social media meta tags to your Joomla website. It supports Twitter cards and open graph, making your pages more easily crawlable by popular social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Features: * Adds Twitter C...
CW Quick Blocks CW Quick Blocks
Paid download

CW Quick Blocks

By Cory Webb
Modules Panel
CW Quick Blocks is the easiest way to create a page of module positions, or simply to load a module position within another module. With the component, you no longer have to hide the component output in your template on pages where you just want to display modules. With the module, you can easily nest module positions within a module, creating tabs, sliders, accordions, or any other layout you can...
CW Quick Pages CW Quick Pages
Paid download

CW Quick Pages

By Cory Webb
Content Construction
CW Quick Pages is the quickest way to add a content page in Joomla!. Simply create a CW Quick Pages menu item; add your page content directly in the menu item, and Save. That's all there is to it! This component comes with 3 different page types: page, contact, and event. Each page type is defined and stored as Joomla menu items, so your page and menu data are finally stored in one place. No more...
CW Content Image CW Content Image
Paid download

CW Content Image

By Cory Webb
CW Content Image is a module that displays the image associated with the current page, whether the page is an article or category page, or if it is a tag page, separating the display of the page's content from the page's image. By separating the display of the page's content from the page's image, CW Content Image enables you to more easily customize the layout of your site....
CW Redirect CW Redirect
Paid download

CW Redirect

By Cory Webb
Short URL
CW Redirect enables you to create a simple redirect by creating a Joomla menu item. Redirect the user from to any link you choose. This component makes it easier than ever to redirect users from a URL on your site to any URL on the internet. Simply create a CW Redirect menu item, and CW Redirect turns that menu item into a 301 redirect to whatever URL you choose....
CW Top Secret CW Top Secret
Paid download

CW Top Secret

By Cory Webb
Site Access
CW Top Secret is a plugin for Joomla that prevents access to a site by unauthenticated users except for a designated set of components or menus. With CW Top Secret, you don't have to set detailed ACL rules for all of the pages on your site just to prevent unauthenticated users from accessing them. You simply install and configure CW Top Secret, and it does all the hard work for you. Redirect any...
CW Quick Map CW Quick Map
Paid download

CW Quick Map

By Cory Webb
Maps & Locations
CW Quick Map is the quickest and easiest way to add a map with map markers to your Joomla website. Simply add the module, add your map markers, set the center, zoom level, width and height, and then publish your module. Standard Joomla MVC structure Add multiple maps to the same page. Add multiple map markers and info windows to the same map. Set the center point on the map. Set the zoom level...
CW Quick Carousel CW Quick Carousel
Paid download

CW Quick Carousel

By Cory Webb
CW Quick Carousel is the quickest and easiest way to add an image carousel to your Joomla website. Simply add the module, add your carousel slides with an image, title, caption, and link for each slide, and publish the module. The carousel is based on the Bootstrap 2 carousel, but you can easily override the output to use your preferred carousel script or even a Bootstrap 3 or 4 layout....
CW Custom Extended CW Custom Extended
Paid download

CW Custom Extended

By Cory Webb
Modules Management
CW Custom Extended is the Joomla Custom HTML module you always wanted. It's like the core Custom HTML, only better. It offers you 3 extra images as well as a way to add as many module attributes as you want. It's like its own module construction kit!...
CW Field Display CW Field Display
Paid download

CW Field Display

By Cory Webb
Content Construction
CW Field Display is a simple module for displaying a Joomla custom field or fields from a specific context and item. With CW Field Display, you can either set a specific context and item ID in the module parameters, or allow it to use the current page's context and item ID. You can also set specific fields or field groups to be displayed or allow it to display all custom fields. This module gives...

CW Whatever

Cory Webb
Last updated:
Jun 29 2017
Date added:
Jan 22 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c m

Uses Joomla! Update System