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DataSafe Pro is professional database backup.

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It generates a snapshot of your full Joomla database, which allows you to quickly revert your content, whenever you want.

It's ideal for creating a quick backup before you start any changes to your website.

And to restore your Joomla database from a backup it's easy. Either select a DataSafe backup stored online, or upload a backup stored on your local computer using the DataSafe Pro interface.

A DataSafe Pro backup contains all your database information, so if your system goes down, you make a mistake in configuration, or you want to roll back your system to an earlier time, just select a backup and restore it using the DataSafe Pro interface. If you can't access your Joomla administrator panel, you can also restore your DataSafe backup using PHPMyAdmin (or similar) which is installed on every server. Just use a DataSafe Pro backup stored on your local computer, or if your administrator area is unavailable, use FTP to download a backup stored online.

Each DataSafe Pro backup is compressed using gzip; your database is automatically repaired and optimized during backup to maintain perfect performance, and every backup is instantly emailed to you so you have an offline copy. Each backup is also stored securely online, ready for you to restore whenever you like.

And if you'd like to automate the process to create a backup every hour, day or week - it's easy, with the purchase of an optional license that allows you to automate backups across all your Joomla systems for one single low price.

Try DataSafe Pro backup for yourself today, and get database backups you can depend on.

Ottimo componente

Posted on 12 April 2016
Funziona alla perfezione anche nella versione free
Ease of use
Facilissimo da usare e da configurare.
Non è stato necessario richiederne
La documentazione è completa ed online
I used this to: Il mio sito web

Very good

Posted on 04 April 2016
Muito com componente.
Muito obrigado por disponibilizá-lo generosamente uma versão.
Ease of use
Bem fácil
I used this to: Em meu site.
Ease of use
I used this to: Have only used it once and not used any features other than auto first backup. Have not restored from this. Have been happy with Akeeba but doing redundant backup towards major site changes. Yay! I say.

A lifesaver and peace of mind

Posted on 31 December 2014
Backup, restore, email backups and more
Ease of use
Just about as simple as can be. You make a backup of the database. Takes seconds. Easily restored.
I've used other extensions from Barnaby Dixon. His support has always been prompt and excellent.
The documentation is brief and covers it all. But the extension is SO SIMPLE it doesn't need any documentation.
I used this to: I have been using phpmyadmin to make global changes in my database. Before I make ANY change I run DataSafe PRO. A couple times my global changes were wrong, and I simply restored the database back to what it was in seconds, using this component. ...Rowby
great extension. It does is job as best as possible. Thanks
I run a highly populated forum style site with a very active member base, if I couldn't do hourly backups I would panic every time someone posted! I simply did not hesitate in buying this based solely on the existing reviews. I suffered a serious database failure after installing a badly coded plugin. Within 3 minutes I recovered everything!

I cannot say enough good things about this extension or the support I received from the developer!

About a year ago, I installed this extension on a website that collects registrations. I wanted something that would do automatic backups everyday so we wouldn't lose registration information if I ever needed to restore the site. Since then, I have installed it on several sites. It is very easy to install and setup.

Recently, I installed an upgrade and had a little problem getting it to function as it should. The problem ended up being with my server, not the extension. The support from the developer was WAY above and beyond. I would never have been able to find the issue but he was able to go right to it and modify code to work around the problem.

The backup function and peace of mind this extension provides is worth every penny! I will continue to install it on all my websites!

Not free anymore

Posted on 07 February 2013
I have installed a former Version 03.January 2013. This Version made a daily backup on my server automatically.

At this time it was my favourite, automatic, easy to configure and easy to use.

I have noticed that all former backups are shown in the list, but trying the download-link, the older backups are deleted, as set in the configuration.

Therefore I have been happy to read, that an update is available yet, but after updating I have noticed, that automating the backups is not free anymore.

As I try some extensions to have a comparison, I prefer free extensions.

When I have to pay I prefer to pay once without having running cost.

So all in all I think the program is still easy to use but for automated backups I will rather use an other extension. For site owners with fewer knowledge who do not need automatic backups I think the core version is a good thing but for simple automatic backups there I prefer other free extensions now.

Not free

Posted on 27 January 2013
If you want to do automatic backups you need to pay.

Not free as described.

Owner's reply: Hi there,
Thank you for your comments.
DataSafe PRO is completely 100% FREE to download and use - and includes free semi-automated backups. You literally just need to click a button, and a backup will be generated.
To fully automate the process, with scheduled backups on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, it's a small charge of just £2 per month to go fully automatic - and a single license can be used across all your Joomla systems.
I do apologise if this wasn't completely clear - we will review the component description immediately.
Barnaby Dixon
When i use this component for joomla1.5, for joomla article it works fine but for k2 (latest version) it adds rn or rnnr or rnnnnr etc.
Owner's reply: Hi Nabin,

Thank you for reporting this issue. It has been fixed as of the latest version (2.0.2).

Barnaby Dixon
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DataSafe PRO

Barnaby Dixon
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Feb 17 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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