Directory, Forms, Tables & Lists

LIST MANAGER allows to build different lists for your site.

Manage database tables from the frontend
Responsive design (Bootstrap)
Define your own input user form (Types, size, order, validations,autofitler, default values).
Show a complete manager for you & your users at the front end.
Add/Edit/Delete records in a very simple way.
Search/Order and pagination utilities.
Export records to PDF, RTF and Excel format.
Parameter configuration to show 'read only' lists.
Adding own css provided.
Import/export CSV data &record management from backend.
User restricted access to own records.
Access control list to configure rights for joomla user groups.
Configure different views for same list.
Search and filter module.
Default order in Lists and Views by more than one field.
'Readmore' feature for text fields.
Key fields to avoid duplicate records.
Option to show detail on click.
Export (backup) /import full list    


Posted on 19 August 2023
Some time to wait to upload and instal (ca 20 min) but works as advertised. love working with it, dont see glitsches so far.
Ease of use
Aim not a Prof. But those guys can read your mind, Yes, clearly understandable!!
Value for money
Puhh, not much but still lots. In my opinion worth it, even if it hurts
I used this to: Online Database list and form management for company logistics use.

Great extension!!!

Posted on 02 December 2015
It's very fast and it has a lot of features.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. You almost don't need the user manual to create the lists.
The support is fantastic and very well organized. The answers are very concise and helpful.
The documentation they provide is enough and helps you to put a list online in 10 minutes.
Value for money
Great value for the money.
I used this to: Creating different lists.
Does exactly what it says. Super flexible.
Ease of use
Value for money
Searched for an extension like this for days. $28 US is totally worth it.
I used this to: My client is a contractor that will have 50-70 active jobs at any given time. I use the List Manager to keep track of the details of individual jobs. Perfect for what I needed.
It does exactly what we need.
Ease of use
I was using Fabrik before and I also tried Content Builder and Breezing Forms. This has been much easier to set up and use.
I found two problems and submitted those to the developer. The response was very quick and accurate. In both cases, it was my fault not his.
The documentation is adequate and most people shouldn't have a problem with it. I thought is was just a little sparse, but still very good.
Value for money
Excellent -- only 18 euros for a product that will run on a very busy government site.
I used this to: We use this to provide lists of pdf documents on our sites. These lists are the busiest pages of our sites so it was important to find something that worked well and was also easy to administer. I highly recommend this!
Operation is simple and effective, I asked the developer to develop some specific function, it was very responsive.

I highly recommend this component.

Thank you to the development team

This is the best extension I have dowloaded - easy install, powerful list manager with update capability. The developer(s) provided instant feedback, suggested custom changes to meet my needs and implemented a solution so that future updates will be easy to implement with my custom changes. Fantastic - they even coded some custom code for me for a small charge.
I have to tell you that this guy is awesome. He let me feel like I was his only customer. I think he has a computer next to him to provide support even when he is on bed.

I had an issue and I gave him credentials to log in to my Joomla 3.1.1 site. He found the problem (which it was not related to his component) and he made me suggestions and also he upgrade his component to avoid the issue in just few hours. It is amazing!

My problem was that the Magic Quotes php setting was on and to properly use Joomla 3.1 you must set it to 'off'. So my problem was not his extension.

Fixing this issue I am avoiding any future issues with any other component, thank to his advice.

The extension does what it is intended to do and a lot more of what is on the description. Super easy to use.

Recommended 1000%.
Read the great reviews, liked the demo. Went to download and saw the option to complete an offer. A no time was I asked to create an account within Moonsoft. Completed the offer and received the link to download immediately, however you need a username and password which I never created and was never offered one. So I have paid $ for an offer and still have no software and no response from Moonsoft. Not a good first impression
Owner's reply: Hello,
sorry but we replied to your email asking for instructions to download same day we received it. We explained you don't have to create an account with us, that it's automatically activated (and we also checked for your case it was properly done). That you could recover your password introducing your email at our site, and that you could contact us again in case you wanted us to reset your password from here and send you new data. Seems you aren't receiving our emails? Please check your spam folder, or let us know other email to contact you. We look forward you can download and review this comment, because it's about a downloading issue, and not about the extension itself.
Moonsoft Team
Very nicely designed, flexible, easy to use, good "quick guide" documentation. I encountered a glitch, apparently attributable to Community Builder. Moonsoft quickly provided patch to fix the problem.
I installed List Manager on our site to provide a phone directory of people in our organization. It works very well for this purpose.

The component is well documented and the installation went smoothly. It's very cool that the Moonsoft provides an MSTester component that you can download and install to test compatibility with their code before purchasing any components.

We had one little CSS problem out of the box related to our template but it was very easy to resolve and the support team is very responsive and helpful.

There are not a lot of bells and whistles here but sometimes simple is good.

Moonsoft's website is clean and good looking. It shows that these guys have a flare for elegance.
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List Manager

Moonsoft Team
Last updated:
May 10 2024
2 weeks ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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