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Emerald is an amazing, unique and oldest membership extension for Joomla. After 9 years of development and implementation of new ideas it become a beautiful extension that can satisfy anyone and be adjusted for any subscriptions scenario.

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It's unique feature is to restrict any section or action of any component without additional integration.

> For those abandoned from AEC and AkeebaSubscriptions we have one click migration for you.

Emerald will let you create most flexible subscription plans possible.

> Note! Below are only some of Emerald feature highlights.

  • Set periods like 1 month or 2 year. Also you may set exact start and end date. Or set something like "Till the end of this month".
  • Limit how many time this subscription can be purchased total or per user, or per user in given period of time. You can also limit how many times this subscription can be used with different calculation modes.
  • Set discount for first plan purchase.
  • Create zero (0.00) price subscription plans.
  • Group plans into groups.
  • Make plans invisible but still active.
  • Set success purchase landing page.
  • Grant (give for free one time) created plan to all users, or grant it only to those who register after day of plan creation.
  • Set email alerts text for successful, fail subscription creation or subsection cancel and expire.
  • Payments gateways PayPal, 2CO, WebMoney, RBK, Skrill, Authorize.net, Google checkout, Robokassa, and many others...

Cross Planning

  • Affect price of current the plan or beginning date depending on plans user had already purchased.
  • Upgrade/downgrade from one plan to another.
  • Require other plans to be purchased.
  • Grand (give for free) or deactivate other plans upon current plan success purchase.

Coupon discounts

  • Create percentage discount, fixed amount or fixed sum coupons.
  • Bind coupons to plans or user.
  • Limit coupons total time to be used total or by user.
  • Batch coupons generation.
  • Set coupon automatic expiration date or start to be available date.

Multi User Access (MUA)

This amazing enterprise feature that allows users to share purchased subscription with limited number of other users.

Other features

  • Analytics - Javascript/HTML/CSS based reporting system will show you a lot of useful data. Integrated Google e-Commerce Analytics.
  • Multilingual - Emerald all it's plugins, gateways, actions and restriction adapters have language files for translation. We took care that every string got there. Even email alerts for plans can be translated through Joomla language overrides system.
  • View article intro but protect full view for core Joomla articles restrictions.
  • After success purchase land user to the page he was trying to access.
  • Subscription history for members to check their subscription status.
  • Invoice generator for purchased subscriptions.
  • Create subscription manually.
  • Every plan may have its own set of payment gateways with different settings.

Extensive Dashboard

  • Quick icons to manage plans, subscriptions, coupons or see analytics.
  • 10 last sales with state, user, gateway and gateway ID.
  • Quick activation button for not activated subscriptions.
  • Last 30 day


It can NOT work if you use Alipay (支付宝)as the payment gateway. Alipay is the most popular payment gateway in China.

Ease of use

Not very easy to setting up.


I posted my questions on official forum, some solved, some never sloved.

Value for money

Useless if you want to handle the payments via Alipay gateway.

I used this to: Now I had disalbed the "payment handling " function, just use it to manually adding subscriptions.


Great functionality, can be used on many situations.

Ease of use

Need some time to understand its structure for first time but when you get into it it is easy to do anything.


Support is via forum which is good, not only developer of Emerald but other customers also help you


More detailed documentation would be good but, it is also enough to find out Emeralds features.

Value for money

It deserves every cent what you pay.

I used this to: Use it for controling different kinds of memberships on my and my clients sites.


The duration of subscriptions, restrictions, HikaShop actions and reminders managed EMERALD.

Ease of use

Easy to install and use


At my request the author added a feature on the action HikaShop few days.


Necessary to understand the benefits of the installation fronted

Value for money

Given the quality is justified.

I used this to: For me Hikashop Emerald is an excellent duo for managing products, downloads and subscriptions:
HikaShop: Products, Subscriptions and Downloads managed cart, orders, invoices and payments.
EMERALD: Times subscriptions, Restrictions, Actions and raises.
My users one interface.


It works.

Ease of use

Emerald out of the box is easy enough to use. It can be used to restrict anything on a site.


The best support ever


Documentation could be better.

Value for money

The cost for this component is fair. It is the backbone of my subscription website..

I used this to: I have used this product for 7 years. It's completely revamped for Joomla 3.0 and it still just works. The current site I'm using this needed some minor corrections, support to correct these was exemplary.


Tons of features and functionality like integration with the most popular extensions.

Ease of use

It's extremely flexible, easy to use, tons of features... too many to list


Importantly, they listened and helped me. I asked for a search feature, the next update it was available. I was having issues with compatibility and it was fixed within weeks.

Value for money

One of most important aspects of helping your customer is thinking about their "customers". MintJoomla intuitively fixed my issue while thinking of my customers in mind. This is true value.

I used this to: Am using it to help control access with e-commerce functionality.

Отзыв об Emerald

Posted on 26 December 2014

Благодаря этому расширению я смог сделать Онлайн-школу и заработать больше 1 000 000 рублей за первый год.

Ease of use

Расширение интуитивно понятно.


В поддержку приходилось обращаться, проблему решили быстро!

Value for money

100% соотношение цены и качества.

This extension rocks

Posted on 20 May 2014

6 stars for the extension

6 stars for the support

The support is very important if you are not fully satisfied with what comes out of the box.

I needed some customizations and I had some ideas about the product. The coder Sergey always listens to your ideas and quickly adds the necessary options to the component within days. The component is updated weekly with additional features.

I have a complicated paid subscription system and I have used 2 extensions before migrating to this one. This one is far beyond the others.

The coder Sergey developed a gateway, an importer, an action and a custom report for me within a few days. He is very talented. I am not only amazed by the product but also the coder who made it very simple yet very powerful.

It has many features that are not fully listed above. But the demo site is very flexible so you can test it very well. Emerald is using bootstrap framework. The component package is very very light compared to the other extension that I was using. You don't need to install every gateway or action which makes the component even lighter.

When you install the component, it says "very mature subscription component" That is true and says it all.

I would like to thank Sergey for making my dreams come true.

Emerald 9 is just the most helpful extension that i know. I can find everything i need. It's easy to handle. Support is just fast and new features are always upcoming. Thanks Sergey.

the best subscription component in JED directory, i can build complex websites with Emerlad + Cobalt ccck.

thanks again to Mintjoomla Team.

My experience in Joomla 3 years. My experience with the sites also 3 years. This is little experience. And I was afraid of the difficulties with the organization of the levels of access for clients website. But two years ago I bought a Mighty Membership, and then Emerald. Everything was very simple and convenient. And when I had questions, the developers have helped me without delay. We live thousands of miles apart, but they are now my good friends.

Emerald is a very good component. It solves all the problems that I'm having to work with the site. It perfectly covers the access to the joomla and any other components that are needed for my website. Purpose of my site - training. New ideas for the construction site come every day. And each of them decides Emerald easily.

Many thanks to the development team

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Last updated:
May 01 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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