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With Estimated Reading Time plugin you can easily show the estimated time it takes to read a post on your Joomla site based upon min and max words-per-minute values on your site and show a progress bar for your readers.

Show estimated time on your Joomla site for your:

✅ Joomla Content Articles

More features of the plugin:
✅ Shows estimated reading time on articles listing
✅ Shows a reading progress bar in your articles
✅ Exclude non-desired categories
✅ Developer Friendly (with easy to read documentation)
✅ Easy customization with CSS
✅ Easy to override

You may easily edit the style of the text and choose the categories where you do not want to show the estimated reading time.

Included translations:
- Arabic (ar-AA)
- Dutch (nl-NL)
- English (en-GB)
- French (fr-FR)
- German (de-DE)
- Italian (it-IT)
- Spanish (es-ES)
- Slovenian (sl-SI)
- Turkish (tr-TR)

Este plugin muestra el tiempo estimado de lectura debajo del título de los artículos. Desde la versión 3.5.0 también le permite mostrar una barra de progreso indicando a sus lectores cuánto de su artículo han leído.
Con el plugin de Tiempo Estimado de Lectura (Estimated Reading Time) puede mostrar fácilmente el tiempo estimado que lleva leer el contenido de su sitio Joomla en base a un rango de valores mínimo y máximo de palabras/minuto y mostrar una barra de progreso a sus lectores.

Muestre el tiempo estimado en su sitio para:

✅ Artículos Joomla

Más características de este plugin:
✅ Muestra el tiempo de lectura estimado en el listado de artículos
✅ Muestra una barra de progreso de lectura en tus artículos
✅ Puede excluir mostrar el tiempo de lectura en las categorías que desee
✅ Es fácil de personalizar (con documentación sencilla a su disposición - en inglés)
✅ Fácil personalización con CSS
✅ Fácil de personalizar aun más con la técnica de overrides de Joomla

Puede editar fácilmente el estilo del texto y elegir las categorías para cuyos artículos no quiere mostrar el tiempo estimado de lectura.

Traducciones incluidas:
- Alemán (de-DE)
- Árabe (ar-AA)
- Español (es-ES)
- Esloveno (sl-SI)
- Francés (fr-FR)
- Inglés (en-GB)
- Italiano (it-IT)
- Nederlandés (nl-NL)
- Turco (tr-TR)

sicuramente molto facile nella gestione ma andrebbe aggiornato al 4.1.2
Ease of use
semplicissimo sotto tutti gli aspetti ma purtroppo non funziona su joomla 4.1.2
I used this to: lo usavo per joomla 3 ma nel passaggio al 4.1.2 ho dovuto farne a meno anche se mi piaceva molto
Owner's reply: Thank you very much for using Estimated Reading Time!!

I'm sorry it didn't work for your joomla 4 updated site. As stated in the description the plugin does not guarantee yet compatibility with J4, though in my tests everything works fine.

I'm working on testing it fully on J4 and provide an update, so please, stay tunned and feel free to add an issue at the github page of the plugin with more details of your errors so that I can take them into account ;)


Grazie mille Vicenzo!!
I have not read the other comments but this product does what it claims to do and does it well. Definitely a "must have" for me.
Ease of use
So simple. Install; enable; add a splash of colour. Magic. I would prefer "included categories" instead of excluded categories.
I used this to: Informing visitors who read my 'blog to give a rough estimate of how much time each article will take to read.
Perfect to show the reading time for a user. It is very useful for people who want an estimate for the time to spend on a webpage.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. Just download it from the server and install it. I am using the plugin with K2. I customized the presentation. Easy to do.
Perfect. I got a small problem. Carlos replied to me within hours. He was very helpful and knowledgeable.
Great. Easy to read, to understand. I wanted to override the presentation for my blog. It was well explained to do.
I used this to: I am using the extension to show the reading for my blog articles running under K2. It helps the readers to know who long it will take to read the full article. I guess that nowadays it is important.
works well, but I no need in kategory blog, I want it just in the article if a reader desides to come to article.
Ease of use
it is very ease to use, just enable and it works for its purpose
I used this to: to show estimated reading time of articles. Articles of a website, blog articles and so far
De readingtime indicator Works nice but you need a bit of PHP hacking for adjustments.

The Reading Indicator bar does not work well.
Ease of use
Yes, if you like the preset settings

The reading indicator bar shows on pages where the reading indicator is not active.
Don't know yet. The plugin should be a module really. That way it could come with more flexibility for including and excluding website pages
A little bit poor for basic users but efficient for intermediate Joomla users.
I used this to: I'll give it a try on a commercial and educational website but I am not sure if it last long. I am happy to pay for a better product
Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your honest review!! Please feel free to contact me directly at the extensions page or at Github with your suggestions and all the issues you find in the plugin.

I would love to keep improving this plugin and making it better and your ideas and experience with the plugin will definitely help me ;)

Add some ads space

Posted on 24 February 2018
Very good. And I would like to have some icon like ads space for that specific items.
Ease of use
Let these ads space flyout when hover or %opacity maybe pretty for viewing.
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review!! I'm not sure if I understand your suggestion. Can you please contact me through and give me more details? I will be glad to add some new features in next release ;)


Posted on 03 March 2016
A great plugin for a blog or story site
Ease of use
Works like a charm. Just exclude some categories (if preferred) and there it goes.
I used this to: A story site. That's why I would like an addition to the plugin.
Right now it outputs "Reading time: x to x minutes" An output like: "Word count: xx | Reading time x to x minutes' would be superb.
Owner's reply: Hi Willem,
thank you for your kind words!!

I have just read your comment and as I'm pushing a new release I have included word count in the plugin. It will not be shown by default but you can easily create a template overrides to show it as detailed in the documentation:


Simplemente Genial

Posted on 30 September 2015
Es un plugin que lo instalas lo habilitas y da la información debajo del titulo de el tiempo de lectura de los post
Ease of use
Increíblemente sencillo, con habilitarlo empieza a trabajar perfectamente
Es tan sencillo que no hace falta soporte. Si se diera el caso, estoy seguro de que Carlos Camara os ayudara si mayor problema
Insisto en su sencillez
I used this to: Lo utilizo mis blogs y va de perlas

Simply works

Posted on 30 December 2013
The power of simplicity: it just does what's promised. Nice addition for a blog or news site. Would love to see it upgraded for 3.x :).
Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your great feedback!! I have just updated it for Joomla! 3.3 as some other users also requested it.

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Estimated Reading Time

Carlos M. Cámara
Last updated:
Dec 08 2023
7 months ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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