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This plugin shows the estimated reading time of your Joomla articles to your readers. Since release 3.5.0 it also allows you to show a Reading Progress Bar so that your readers know how much they have already read.

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You may easily edit the style of the text and choose the categories where you do not want to show the estimated reading time.

Included translations:
- Arabic (ar-AA)
- Dutch (nl-NL)
- English (en-GB)
- French (fr-FR)
- German (de-DE)
- Spanish (es-ES)

Este plugin muestra el tiempo estimado de lectura debajo del título de los artículos. Desde la versión 3.5.0 también le permite mostrar una barra de progreso indicando a sus lectores cuánto de su artículo han leído.

Puede editar fácilmente el estilo del texto y elegir las categorías para cuyos artículos no quiere mostrar el tiempo estimado de lectura.

Traducciones incluidas:
- Alemán (de-DE)
- Árabe (ar-AA)
- Español (es-ES)
- Francés (fr-FR)
- Inglés (en-GB)
- Nederlandés (nl-NL)

Add some ads space

Posted on 24 February 2018

Very good. And I would like to have some icon like ads space for that specific items.

Ease of use

Let these ads space flyout when hover or %opacity maybe pretty for viewing.

Owner's reply: Thank you for your review!! I'm not sure if I understand your suggestion. Can you please contact me through https://extensions.hepta.es/custom-work and give me more details? I will be glad to add some new features in next release ;)


Posted on 03 March 2016

A great plugin for a blog or story site

Ease of use

Works like a charm. Just exclude some categories (if preferred) and there it goes.

I used this to: A story site. That's why I would like an addition to the plugin.
Right now it outputs "Reading time: x to x minutes" An output like: "Word count: xx | Reading time x to x minutes' would be superb.
Owner's reply: Hi Willem,
thank you for your kind words!!

I have just read your comment and as I'm pushing a new release I have included word count in the plugin. It will not be shown by default but you can easily create a template overrides to show it as detailed in the documentation: https://extensions.hepta.es/estimated-reading-time/documentation#overrides


Simplemente Genial

Posted on 30 September 2015

Es un plugin que lo instalas lo habilitas y da la información debajo del titulo de el tiempo de lectura de los post

Ease of use

Increíblemente sencillo, con habilitarlo empieza a trabajar perfectamente


Es tan sencillo que no hace falta soporte. Si se diera el caso, estoy seguro de que Carlos Camara os ayudara si mayor problema


Insisto en su sencillez

I used this to: Lo utilizo mis blogs y va de perlas

Simply works

Posted on 30 December 2013

The power of simplicity: it just does what's promised. Nice addition for a blog or news site. Would love to see it upgraded for 3.x :).

Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your great feedback!! I have just updated it for Joomla! 3.3 as some other users also requested it.

Frontend User Manager

Frontend User Manager

Free | User Management | Carlos M. Cámara
2 reviews
Do you need to allow User Listing (We are working on Management and it will be available soon) to your site managers in the frontend? Do you need to show Joomla! Profile Fields in your Users Table? Joomla! does not provide this feature by default. Front End User Manager allows user listing in the frontend of your component. These are the feature already included in the component: Show Joomla! User Profile Fields in the user manager view Advanced filtering (allowing filtering by Joomla! Profile Fields) Responsive view for the users table thanks to footable plugin Allow showing only specific User Groups in the listing (Useful when having different managers fro different user groups) In upcoming updates the component will also provide: Fine grain manager permissions to allow showing specific user groups to specific managers Block and remove users Add new users Send users a new password Filter users by new Joomla! Custom Fields!! And much more!! Stay tuned for the new releases!!

Estimated Reading Time

Carlos M. Cámara
Last updated:
Dec 07 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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