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CALC BUILDER allows you to create dynamic calculators. Automatic calculator creation from excel.

Define your own input user form (types, size, order,validations).
Build results through PHP code or uploading your excel.
Export result table to PDF.
Simple and easy configuration. Library of working examples included.
Options to link Calculated results with Hikashop checkout and Hikashop product prices.


  • Automatic calculator creation from excel.
  • Different form-result positions (top,bottom,left,right)
  • New result animations to choose
  • New option: init calculator on loaded page
  • New Code helper toolbar
  • Improvements on matrix data loaded.
  • Save last input for returning users
  • Text mask
  • New layout (bootstrap)
  • Size parameters for output popup window
  • CSV loading options for multivalues input fields
  • New print preferences
  • Send email to address entered at the form
  • Input form creation through HTML layout.
  • Output creation through HTML layout.
  • Add custom javascript code.
  • Dynamic sections.
  • PDF and excel customization.
  • Automatic email sending with form contents.
  • Custom HTML section as form heading.
  • Output configuration parameters: PDF, excel and/or email.
  • Combobox fill using SQL query.
  • Export/Import calculators.
  • Graphic statistics and list of inputs.
  • Export results to excel file.
  • Send results to email.
  • New type of field (linked lists).
  • New type of field (separator).
  • New type of field (multiple selector).
  • Multivalue options ordering.
  • Matrix rows/columns ordering.
  • CSS class module suffix
  • More robust anti-spam system
Does everything it claims. I use the Hikashop integration with custom field values used to calculate prices via a php coded formula.
Ease of use
This extension is not for the faint hearted. It does have a steep learning curve, but once understood it is not hard to use.
Support is outstanding. Found some bugs in the Hikashop integration but on two occasions they had new releases out within 24 hours resolve.
This is where the extension falls short. The documentation is very basic and not helpful to the first time user. Support makes up for it.
Value for money
Excellent. This is a critical element in a high value ecommerce project that could not have happened without it.
I used this to: Calculation of prices for manufactured plumbing products, integrated into Hikashop shopping cart via custom fields. Used the PHP calculation option as this is what I am comfortable with but other options are also available.

Not as advertised

Posted on 18 December 2020
Advertised as a replacement for coding for people who know Excel well, but certainly NOT that. Only does the very basics.
Ease of use
Not user friendly, with quite a learning curve. Design is clunky too. Needs work.
Not great. They sell you 3 months of unlimited support, but then ALL the limitations come out. Buyer beware!
Seriously lacking, and not very well written. The documentation and tutorials barely cover the basics, and are hard to follow.
Value for money
If it did what it advertises out of the box, it would be great. Sadly, it does not.
I used this to: A site I am currently building, but I seem to spend more time begging for the support I paid for than anything else.
Owner's reply: Hi,
we're really sorry you had a bad experience, but we'd like to give a more detailed background about your customer experience that you have forgotten to mention.

First we'd like to point out we were very surprised reading from the beginning your support history because you bought the component back in 2019, you sucessfully used the extension then, you asked for support, and we think we went far beyond the usual customer assistance, even entering your site several times, fixing your configuration, tweaking your styles (not belonging to our extension), and giving you some coding tips. We are sure you were pretty satisfied, and your feedback was very different from what you reflect on the review, some examples:

'Perfect. Worked 100% ' (26.04.2019 10:56)

' Thank you so much for helping me! I could have messed around with it and eventually figured it out, but this is MUCH easier.I will be able to copy this to create the other products I need too, so that will be quick and easy. '
(26.04.2019 11:00)

'Thanks SO much! You've been a lifesaver! ' (26.04.2019 11:14)

'FANTASTIC! You are a rockstar! You guys are going to get a 5 star review, for sure.' (26.04.2019 12:57)

'Thanks! I will see how it all works in the morning, but you've been a life saver.' (26.04.2019 13:23)

this is the whole support thread we're refering to:

Regarding design, sorry, but this is a very very strange comment. This extension doesn't have any kind of design, because the every part of the front end (input form, output section, documents, emails...) are built using the html editor by YOU, so you have a blank page where you put (and style) freely your own content. Trying to find out what could be causing your comment I confirmed we solved some styling questions regarding another different component, your shopping cart, even if this is clearly out of what this extension support usually covers.
Really expecting you're not blaming us for a design you have set for another component, or the one you built yourself using your editor! :)

In all those years, no one has needed to beg for support, as I personally ensure all the support questions are answered within 48 hours, I've checked you have no questions pending on our ticket system and you have more than 50 support answers from us solving all your doubts and finishing the configuration for you.

Not sure if the comment 'buyer beware!', is very realistic either, because after this first recently purchased again this same extension!.

This time you used the support to ask for an excel function that is not available, not a very common one in fact, you asked for a webservice call to an external api from the excel spreadsheet. The list of available functions that are automatically handled is published at the main extension page (and in addition to the default math operations, there are more than 300 excel functions available, so, even if the webservice call is not listed there, we don't think this can be considered to do only the 'very basis'). We even suggested a couple of workarounds for it, in case you had any knowledge of javascript or php, so you could build it by yourself.

Not being your case, as you kept copying and pasting without much sense code you found googling around, we tried to explain you that coding for free this new custom function is a work not included in the support (as it's clearly stated on the terms and conditions you accepted twice). We gave you the option to develop the new function required for a small quote, we gave you the option of a full refund if for any reason you missed (twice) the list of functions supported, but you rejected every option, your only answer was that custom coding should be part of the support and that was the only solution, free coding, or... receiving this review (together with many disrespectful insults that we won't reproduce here).

We tried to help in all the ways we could think of but anyone can surely understand we chose to handle this (we honestly think,very unfair) review.

In addition, as we usually browse questions about our extensions at other sites, we recently found according to your comments posted on other extensions forums some time after this review, you're successfully using our extension also this time, you start saying there that is 'working perfectly'. We are extremely happy about that, and given you're stating everywhere that you're having a great experience with our software either before and after this review, I really hope you may reconsider this extension rating, in order to reflect your real experience with the component and with our support service. We'll keep working hard in order to improve our software and services!
You can probably calculate anything ... once you understand the basics, it is easy to use and works very very well.
Ease of use
Read the docs and ask for help and then after some tests it becomes easier (I do not know anything about programming!)
Best one could wish for. Very quick answers and always to the point, also for issues not regarding strictly their CalcBuilder. Really good!
Excellent documentation and also video's, but I still needed some help from support and that was not a problem at all.
Value for money
Best one can get!
I used this to: Making a website that sells items per m2 and with various options per meter and some other variants.

Great Extension

Posted on 29 May 2017
Works as advertised and very flexible
Ease of use
It is easy and intuitive
Good, with lots of video instructions
Value for money
Great value
I used this to: Building various calculators


Posted on 16 September 2016
This extension works very well and does everything it says it does
Ease of use
Learning curve could be a little easier, but once you figure it out it works well.
Moonsoft has the best support EVER! They respond promptly and get issues resolved in a jiffy no matter how complicated it gets/
Documentation could be a bit better.
Value for money
I used this to: providing a pricing calculator for each product pricing tab on our company website.
This really works for me!
Ease of use
With a little programing skills you can use it perfectly!
Value for money
It's worthy!
You can do everything (or almost) with Calc Builder. It's incredible all the possibility it offers.
Ease of use
I am not a developper and nevertheless i could configure it. In my case, i asked a specific form and i needed to have a basic configuration.
This is the best part. The support is over reactive. They answer in some minutes. I can't believe how easy it was. Their dev are really good
Their website are full of answers and inside the extension there are many tips and example to easily use it.
Value for money
I needed extension and custom dev and the price is really unbeatable. I did many quotations and they are the best.
I used this to: I use this to make a complex online sales quote with many conditions (square metter...) and the extension did exactly what i needed. Thanks to Moonsoft for their great works. Keep going.

Fantastic product

Posted on 04 February 2015
This is a must extension for custom calculation.
Ease of use
Very easy to use but support is always there to help if get stumbled!
Excellent support from real professionals!
Well documented
Value for money
Very reasonable price for this valuable product!
I used this to: Complex order management system.

Excellent Service

Posted on 08 October 2014
Had a custom built calculator created by Moonsoft for a client - I had stumbled around for about 3 weeks, ending up paying 'those who know!" Works perfectly as required now and a minor request to fix the link to Virtuemart was done without query. Thank you Moonsoft!

Amazing app

Posted on 08 August 2014
This app is very powerfull. I must commend support. They helped me immediately any time I had a problem. I can only recommend.
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Calc Builder

Moonsoft Team
Last updated:
Apr 30 2024
1 month ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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