This plugin enables overriding of the XML files which define the fields to be used on a JForm. (Note: All core components and many third-party components use JForm, but not all third-party extensions do.)

----- Application of overriding form fields -----
Any field attribute within the XML can be changed. This provides many opportunities:
  • add/change default values
  • disable a field
  • make a field required
  • make a field hidden
  • add a filter rule
  • change field types such as expanding a text field into a textarea
  • add CSS classes to the labels and input fields
  • etc.

Just like overriding the layout of a component's view, this plugin allows you to override the XML files used for Joomla's standard JForm.

does exactly what it says it will do
Ease of use
very easy to use - make sure to read the help located here (and linked to in the installed plugin page also):
none needed if you read here:
located here:
I used this to: a member-only site where I didn't want members to change their email address or other profile info, but did want to allow them to change their passwords

A must!

Posted on 03 July 2015
I tested it on very big xml files with lot of comments. A life saver!
Ease of use
Eas->. Add your field "custom" in xml and in form.php : form->getField('custom')->renderField(); ?> ...done
No need it's so easy!
Crystal clear
I used this to: Add custom text box and list fields to joomla content and other extensions which missed them.

Nice plugin!!

Posted on 14 July 2014
This plugin is awesome for being able to override component forms that uses JForm easily. I used it for reordering Joomla! User Registration form and it works like a charm.

It's as easy as installing and configuring the plugin and then creating the override in the a similar way you will do with a template overrides.

If you use it just remember it will not deal with the component use of the data, so you will not be able to add new data in the form if you do not reflect the change in the affected component ;)

Form XML Override

Randy Carey
Last updated:
Nov 19 2014
9 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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