Administration, User Management, Profiles

Do you need to allow User Management to your site managers in the frontend? Do you need to show Joomla! Profile Fields in your User Table? Joomla! does not provide this feature by default. Front End User Manager allows user management in the frontend of your component.

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  • Show Joomla! User Profile Fields in the user manager view

  • Advanced filtering (allowing filtering by Joomla! Profile Fields)

  • Responsive view for the users table thanks to footable plugin

  • Allow showing only specific User Groups in the listing (Useful when having different managers fro different user groups)

¿Necesita gestionar sus usuarios desde el frontend de su sitio? ¿Necesita ver directamente los campos de perfil en su listado de usuarios? Joomla! no proporciona esta funcionalidad. Frontend User Manager le permite la gestión de sus usuarios desde la parte pública de su sitio.

  • Muestre los campos de perfil de usuario que necesite en la vista de gestión de ususarios

  • Utilice filtros avanzados (que le permiten filtrar por campos de perfil de usuario)

  • Vista responsive gracias al plugin Footable

  • Permite mostrar usuarios de grupos específicos en el listado (útil cuando tienes varios gestores que teinen que controlar diferentes grupos de usuario)

Estimated Reading Time

Estimated Reading Time

Free | Reading lists | Carlos M. Cámara
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This plugin shows the estimated reading time of your Joomla articles to your readers. Since release 3.5.0 it also allows you to show a Reading Progress Bar so that your readers know how much they have already read. You may easily edit the style of the text and choose the categories where you do not want to show the estimated reading time. Included translations: - Arabic (ar-AA) - Dutch (nl-NL) - English (en-GB) - French (fr-FR) - German (de-DE) - Spanish (es-ES)

Frontend User Manager

Carlos M. Cámara
Last updated:
Jan 10 2017
Date added:
Sep 02 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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