This module displays text in a scrolling marquee. The content can be taken from titles of your Joomla articles, or K2 items, or from an external RSS feed.

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It is also possible to write additional plugins for it so you can load headlines from any data source you want.

Notify Activation Notify Activation

Notify Activation

By Simon Champion
User Management
This plugin creates a user note when an account is activated. This makes it easy for administrators to tell when the activation was done, and what method was used to activate it (ie did the user click a link in an activation email, or did an admin user activate them from the admin panel?) As of v2.2, the plugin can also send emails to either the user being activated or to the site admins, notifyi...
Integration for Question2Answer Integration for Question2Answer

Integration for Question2Answer

By Simon Champion
Question & Answers
Question2Answer is a popular open-source application for running a Question and Answer board on your website. This plugin provides integration between Question2Answer and Joomla!. Features: Single sign-on: Users logged into your Joomla! site will be automatically logged into your Question2Answer board under the same username. ACL support: Use Joomla!'s ACL access levels to control who gets acce...
Tag Filter for K2 Tag Filter for K2

Tag Filter for K2

By Simon Champion
K2 extensions
Tag Filter for K2 is a very simple module that provides a drop-down list of tags from your K2 items, allowing your user to quickly pick a tag that interests them without first having to know what tags exist. It gives your users a quick an convenient alternative to using the search field....
Interface to the Numbers API Interface to the Numbers API

Interface to the Numbers API

By Simon Champion
Education & Culture
A simple module that loads random trivia facts from the Numbers API ( and displays them on your Joomla! site. The module can be configured with various options, mapping to the options available on the API....
Wolfram Widgets Wolfram Widgets

Wolfram Widgets

By Simon Champion
Education & Culture
This is a simple module that displays a widget from Wolfram Alpha on your site. The module allows you to configure it with various options, allowing you to pick any of the widgets available from Wolfram Alpha, including a number of presets, or any others that have been created, or any that you might create for yourself....
Inlinetweet Inlinetweet


By Simon Champion
Social Media
This plugin allows you to mark snippets of text in your page content as tweetable. The content will be rendered as a link that opens a twitter post window containing the relevant text. Includes options to specify a URL, twitter username and hashtags as extras...
Restrict Usernames Restrict Usernames

Restrict Usernames

By Simon Champion
User Management
Add restrictions to the username field. By default, Joomla is quite permissive with its usernames, allowing virtually any character. However there are reasons why some sites may want to restrict usernames to specific formats or character sets. This plugin allows you to do this. The plugin allows you to specify groups of characters that are permitted in usernames, and also a minimum/maximum lengt...
Externaldisclaimer Externaldisclaimer


By Simon Champion
Site Links
Pops up a disclaimer message whenever your site visitors click on a link to an external URL. Features: Treat any number of domains as 'internal', so they don't get the popup. Override patterns allow you specify certain internal links as external (eg for redirect links)...


By Simon Champion
Access & Security
This plugin makes use of the "Have I Been Pwned" password checker API, with the aim of improving password security for your site's users by preventing them from using a password that is known to have been compromised. contains an archive of user credentials that have been made public after being hacked, and allows anyone to query the database to find out whether their credenti...
SC Random Article SC Random Article

SC Random Article

By Simon Champion
Articles Display
A very simple plugin that allows you to set up a URL for each of your categories that will redirect to the page for a random article from that category. eg, something like this: will select a random article from the mycat category, and redirect to it....
Random Strapline Random Strapline

Random Strapline

By Simon Champion
Simple module that picks a random line of text from the module config to display on the site....
Article Of The Day Article Of The Day

Article Of The Day

By Simon Champion
Timed Content
This is a module that will select a random article for display each day (or other time period as you prefer) It is useful for sites with a lot of content that they wish to keep fresh as it allows older articles to be surfaced and rotated without effort....

Headline Marquee

Simon Champion
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Apr 20 2018
Date added:
Nov 15 2016
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System