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Hide the Fact Your Website is Powered by Joomla with JB Hide Component and plugin

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Joomla websites are susceptible to a wide range of attacks including SQL injections, brute-force attacks, and unauthorized logins. There are many joomla security plugins can improve the security of your website by addressing common security issues such as changing the administrator account from admin.

Current joomla security plugins don’t protect or hide joomla files. I have developed JB Hide Component and plugin because most hackers and bots know where to find important Joomla files and pages. A bot that is designed to target Joomla websites will therefore attack any website with Joomla files, and pass by those that do not.

Just as hacking software takes advantage of the fact that all Joomla websites are structured in the same way, JB Hide takes advantage of the fact that software can only target your website if it knows your website structure. It does this by removing all evidence that your website is powered by Joomla. This makes it very difficult for hackers to infiltrate your website.

Boost your security

JB Hide control access to PHP files. It protects your site from almost 90% of SQL-Injection and eXSS attacks caused by direct access to PHP files. This means you can install unsafe plugins without worry abhout security.

That makes impossible for hackers to find the path to php files and they can not identify the whether the joomla is used for website.

How does it work

The magic starts now… But before it please note everything is in its default location and we just control access to it. This guarantees maximum compatibility for our plugin.

Redirect to 404 page from users page index?options=com_users

Hide administrator link

· Try this:

· Not found!? OK. Redirected to custom 404 page

· Try

· NOT found try this

You get administrator page

In html output of the site you get

Change Joomla template directory, remove template Info from stylesheet, hash template folder name

Instead of template/template_name/template.css you get bare/jt315/css/template.css

Instead of template/template_name/template.js you get bare/jt315/css/template.js

Change components/ modules / plugins/ media directory folder and hash folders’s name for AJAX url and CSS files , etc

· Instead of media/jui /js/jquery.min.js

· Instead of intead of module/js/javascriptfilename.js you get /fakemodulename/ hashed – example :sw2ww /js/ javascriptfilename.js

· Instead of intead of component/js/javascriptfilename.js you get /fakecomponentname/ hashed – example :sw2ww /javascriptfilename.js

· Instead of intead of plugins/js/javascriptfilename.js you get /fakepluginsname/hashed – example :sw2ww/javascriptfilename.js

Getting fake fol


Posted on 31 July 2016
It does not work right, unconfigures the entire site. It changes the name of the folder. when any code search the folder, it does not find
Ease of use
terrible, css and some functions of the site does not work. several contact attempts to solve the problem but without success
I contacted the developer, he wanted to charge $ 100 USD. terrible support,
Explains nothing and confused. they send the incomplete installation file, to ask you a FTP account. elem that want to charge $ 100 support
Value for money
terrible, NO REFUNDS, headache, and I went with Paypal dispute and have not had success. try, unless the return of half the money. unsuccess
I used this to: the developer's website the application form and email did not work. several days later I signed up and bought. I downloaded, but came without the installation file, wanted an FTP access, but did thesis on localhost. after much insistence, they sent me the xml installation file

Would not risk it

Posted on 16 December 2014
Dynamically rewrites your htaccess file everytime Joomla starts/installs a module/plugin/components.
Not sure that this is a safe way of managing a site
Ease of use
Failed to work on 4 clean install Joomla sites, blocking css and all graphics and templates. Developer couldn't get it working on sandbox site, crashed the site with a 500 server error, virtually bricking the site. Removing the htaccess file and installing extension cured the problem, so at least it wasn't fatal.
Support attitude best described as "belligerent". Paraphrasing the responses = First reaction to support call was 'there's nothing wrong with the product' without having looked at the problem; then 'your server's crashed' Dohh yeah, your extension just trashed it; 'you are using the wrong version of php' although we had Joomla 3.latest running absolutely fine just before the seller installed the extension himself.
Value for money
No comment
I used this to: No I don't use it
Owner's reply: Currently
I am working on joomla component which won't rewrite htaccess
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JB Hide

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Dec 31 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System