An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on the Moxiecode / Ephox Tinymce editor.

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Includes advanced Image, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

  • Office-like functions and familiar buttons make formatting simple
  • Upload, rename, delete, cut/copy/paste images and insert them into your articles using an intuitive and familiar interface
  • Create Links to Categories, Articles, Weblinks and Contacts in your site using a unique and practical Link Browser
  • Easily tab between WYSIWYG, Code and Preview modes.
  • Create Tables, edit Styles, format text and more...
  • Integrated Spellchecking using your browser's Spellchecker
  • Fine-grained control over the editor layout and features with Editor Profiles assigned by area, component, usergroup and user.

Excelente editor

Posted on 05 November 2018

{functionality}Muy completo y adaptable a todos los autores y editores del sitio.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Fácil de usar e instalar. Sólo para setear cada usuario con roles diferentes necesita un poco más de atención, pero en general es muy fácil.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}{/support}\n{documentation}{/documentation}\n

I used this to: Lo uso desde siempre en Joomla.

{functionality}Works like a charm. Be sure to also get the wf_responsive_widgets ({/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Easy to use for customers and easy to setup for admins{/ease_of_use}\n{support}The best. Fast response and always helpfull{/support}\n{documentation}Easy to understand and a goof support forum{/documentation}\n

I used this to: ALL MY OWN AND CLIENT SITES. Get the payed version. You can use it on all your sites and it's perfect.

{functionality}the best advanced editor out here{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}easy to understand and to use{/ease_of_use}\n{support}very responsive{/support}\n{documentation}easy to understand{/documentation}\n

I used this to: Build social community website with quiz, videos, recipes and forum features

Good UI & Function

Posted on 23 May 2018

{functionality}Good major custom configuration, excellent user interface with fully function{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Easy to use{/ease_of_use}\n{support}Good{/support}\n{documentation}Good{/documentation}\n

I used this to: Major editor on my site.

So many updates?

Posted on 09 May 2018

{functionality}Works great and has done for many the years I've used it{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}If you use something like M$Word or the Open library word packages it's more or less the same{/ease_of_use}\n{support}Never used it or needed to - works out of the upload{/support}\n{documentation}ditto above - simple to use{/documentation}\n

I used this to: but I would like to know why more or less EVERY WEEK there is an update to it, I can't believe there are so many bugs that it needs constant fixing?

The option for rounded corner borders would be a great update.

Thanks team... continue the good work but less updates please?

{functionality}It makes editing a web page as easy as working in Word.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Install, make it the default, adjust configuration to NOT use the template, and enjoy.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}Any issue I have had I found a fix for in minutes.{/support}\n{documentation}Great documentation and examples.{/documentation}\n

I used this to: Every Joomla site I build since 2009.

{functionality}Fully loaded out of the box and more so if you work through the settings and options{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}There is a small learning curve if you are not familiar with WYSIWYG editors and the additional functionality can take some time to work out{/ease_of_use}\n{support}{/support}\n{documentation}{/documentation}\n

I used this to: I use JCE on every Joomla! website I have designed and published for probably close to the last 10 years. In total I estimate that will be 60+ websites.

Great editor and support

Posted on 20 October 2017

{functionality}Meets all of our IT staff and users needs. Very versatile.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Extremely easy to use.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}Ryan is wonderful. Responds in a matter of hours and goes way beyond other support services.{/support}\n{documentation}Good documentation and plenty of tutorials online.{/documentation}\n

I used this to: Government (County) website.

{functionality}I have still version 2.6.8 on my web because update does not work. I checked my other webs and update does not work too (about 8 webs).{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}It is easy.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}No support, only for subscribers. Forum is available only for paying user.{/support}\n{documentation}I do not need it.{/documentation}\n

I used this to: My personal websites.


Posted on 24 January 2017

{functionality}It is an excellent editor.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}I had to upgrade to the Pro version recently and I find uploading and adding images more difficult than it used to be.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}If you don't buy a subscription you can't post on the forum - big thumbs down on that one. Also sent email to developer and got no response.{/support}\n{documentation}I'll assume the documentation is still decent. It used to be and I haven't looked at it in a long time.{/documentation}\n

I used this to: I was getting errors trying to upload images after the most recent free version update and I had to purchase a Pro subscription just to be able to post my problem on the forum which I ended up not having to do because once I updated to the Pro version the error was gone.
JCE MediaBox JCE MediaBox

JCE MediaBox

By Widget Factory Limited
JCE extensions
JCE MediaBox is an optional companion plugin for the JCE Editor that adds 'Lightbox' style features to your site, with the ability to display images, videos, inline and iframe content in a customizable inline popup. JCE MediaBox includes 4 themes that emulate popular scripts such as Lightbox, ShadowBox and Squeezebox and can use custom themes too. JCE MediaBox is installed using the Joomla! Exte...


Widget Factory Limited
Last updated:
Oct 10 2018
Date added:
Mar 05 2006
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c p

Uses Joomla! Update System


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