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Many modules and plugins provided by the jDownloads team are included in and are automatically installed with the jDownloads component.

The Best Download Manager for Joomla!

jDownloads supports many languages. English and German languages are included with the component and many others are available on or

Two different versions are available for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 & 5.

Main Features

(Only a few examples)

  • What is a Download?: Obviously it includes the file that is to be downloaded but in jDownloads there are many more optional features to show the user or potential customer. You may have a text description, multiple images, an MP3 or an MP4 preview complete with player. You can show size, author, price, rating, popularity, etc., etc. All of it configurable.
  • Unlimited Category Tree: The downloads can be organized by customized categories and subcategories. A folder is created for every category, usually the folder has the same name as the category, so you have exactly the same structure on your server as in your download area. There is an option to use a different folder name if desired.
  • Access Rights for Categories: You can set the 'download' rights for categories and downloads for every Joomla user group. So it is possible, for example, that all guests can view the category (and the files) but only registered users can download the files. And say users with Publisher or similar rights can create new Downloads including uploading the main download file, together with preview text, images, audio clips (MP3) and video clips (MP4).
  • User Groups: jDownloads fully supports now the Joomla Access Permissions and Access Levels for Categories and Downloads. This allows a wide variety of controlling user groups in who is able to see what, control download access and of course uploading of new Downloads.
  • User Groups Settings: jDownloads has the ability to set different download capability limits for each Joomla! User Group. Also for User Groups that have 'create download' permissions then each user group may have their individual selection of 'questions' asked by the creation/edit Downloads form the upload form may be set. Furthermore jDownloads resolves the 'challenge' of users belonging to multiple groups with an 'importance' value.
  • Frontend Edit functionality: You can define in the configuration, that particular user groups can edit/update/delete their own downloads from the Frontend. Additionally you can select jDownloads user groups who can edit Downloads in specific categories from the Frontend. ... and many others.

See a more detailed feature list here:

But best of all visit our demo installations and see for yourself!

Der beste Download-Manager für Joomla!

Viele Module und Plugins, die vom jDownloads-Team zur Verfügung gestellt werden, sind in der jDownloads-Komponente enthalten und werden automatisch mit dieser installiert.

jDownloads unterstützt viele Sprachen. Englische und deutsche Sprachdateien sind in der Komponente bereits enthalten. Viele andere sind auf oder verfügbar.

Es stehen zwei unterschiedliche Versionen für Joomla 3 und Joomla 4 & 5 zur Verfügung.


(nur einige wenige Beispiele)
- Was ist ein Download?
Offensichtlich enthält es die Datei, die heruntergeladen werden soll, aber bei jDownloads gibt es noch viele weitere optionale Funktionen, die dem Benutzer oder potentiellen Kunden angezeigt werden können. Sie können eine Textbeschreibung, mehrere Bilder, eine MP3- oder eine MP4-Vorschau komplett mit Player anzeigen. Sie können Größe, Autor, Preis, Bewertung, Popularität, etc. anzeigen. All dies ist konfigurierbar.
- Unbegrenzte Anzahl Kategorie-Ebenen:
Die Downloads können nach benutzerdefinierten Kategorien und Unterkategorien organisiert werden. Für jede Kategorie wird ein Ordner erstellt, in der Regel hat der Ordner den gleichen Namen wie die Kategorie, so dass Sie auf Ihrem Server genau die gleiche Struktur haben wie in Ihrem Download-Bereich. Es besteht aber auch die Möglichkeit, auf Wunsch einen anderen Ordnernamen zu verwenden.
- Zugriffsrechte für Kategorien:
Sie können die 'Download'-Rechte für Kategorien und Downloads für jede Joomla-Benutzergruppe festlegen. So ist es z.B. möglich, dass alle Gäste die Kategorie (und die Dateien) sehen können, aber nur registrierte Benutzer die Dateien herunterladen können. Und sagen wir, Benutzer mit Autoren-oder ähnlichen Rechten können neue Downloads erstellen, einschließlich des Hochladens der Haupt-Download-Datei, zusammen mit Vorschautext, Bildern, Audio-Clips (MP3) und Video-Clips (MP4). Auch das Erstellungs- oder Bearbeitungsformular ist voll umfänglich konfigurierbar.
- Benutzergruppen:
jDownloads unterstützt jetzt vollständig die Joomla-Zugriffsberechtigungen und Zugriffsebenen für Kategorien und Downloads. Dies ermöglicht eine Vielzahl von Kontrollmöglichkeiten für Benutzergruppen, wer was sehen kann, den Download-Zugang und natürlich das Hochladen neuer Downloads zu kontrollieren.
- Einstellungen für Benutzergruppen:
jDownloads hat die Möglichkeit, für jede Joomla! Benutzergruppe unterschiedliche Download-Fähigkeitsgrenzen festzulegen. Auch für Benutzergruppen, die 'Download erstellen' Berechtigungen haben, kann jede Benutzergruppe ihre individuelle Auswahl an 'Fragen' haben, die durch das Erstellen/Bearbeiten von Downloads im Upload-Formular gestellt werden können. Außerdem löst jDownloads die 'Herausforderung' von Benutzern, die mehreren Gruppen mit einem 'Wichtigkeits'-Wert angehören.
- Frontend-Edit-Funktionalität:
Sie können in der Konfiguration festlegen, dass bestimmte Benutzergruppen ihre eigenen Downloads über das Frontend bearbeiten/aktualisieren/löschen können. Zusätzlich können Sie jDownloads-Benutzergruppen auswählen, die Downloads in bestimmten Kategorien über das Frontend bearbeiten können.
... und viele andere.

Hier finden Sie eine detailliertere Übersicht über die vielen Funktionen:

Aber am Besten besuchen Sie unsere Demo Installationen und machen Sie sich selbst ein Bild!

It works very well

Posted on 14 October 2023
It is the best extension currently available for downloads, where users can interactively exchange files of all types,
Ease of use
It is the best extension currently available for downloads, where users can interactively exchange files of all types,
It is the best extension currently available for downloads, where users can interactively exchange files of all types,
It is the best extension currently available for downloads, where users can interactively exchange files of all types,
I used this to: It is the best extension currently available for downloads, where users can interactively exchange files of all types,
Incredibly comprehensive. It has way more functionality than I need. Handles licences very well
Ease of use
Not the easiest extension to use, but only because of its comprehensiveness and extraordinary flexibility
Absolutely fantastic!! I have raised multiple tickets, all of which have been answered quickly and helpfully.
Like most Joomla extensions, this is it's Achilles heel. However, the great support more than makes up for this.
I used this to: Allowing users to download PDFs with appropriately formatted article content (directly from the article)
Great functionality that includes categories, download items with lots of additional settings, custom fields, standard and editable layouts.
Ease of use
Easy enough for the beginner and great for additional customization.Template overrides also supported.
Great support from a dedicated and active support forum. The support appreciates honest feedback and is kind and helpful.
The documentation is extensive and clearly marked with easy-to-understand simple instructions and illustrations including screenshots.
I used this to: I work for a communications company and we use this for all our corporate websites, from small to massive. Just make sure to keep Joomla and jDownloads updated regularly.

Excellent Extension

Posted on 19 February 2022
A lot of options which may seem daunting at first but works out of the box after just a few initial settings
Ease of use
I am not a developer as such but found it fairly easy to get working after a few trial runs
Excellent documentation. A lot of it and the developers have made an extra effort to cover all aspects. Well done Arno
I used this to: RC Model Aero Club document/ handbooks/guides storage for members to access anytime


Posted on 20 November 2021
jDownloads has a large number of options to set, which makes it extremely functional. Anyone can easily adapt it to their needs.
Ease of use
Yes, it is simple to use. The multitude of configuration options may scare you at first, but later you only appreciate it.
I have no words here. A new functionality has just been added for me. Arno Betz's patience is top notch :)
I used this to: I use the component to download the invoicing program I wrote. Thanks to jDownloads, all categories are clear and legible on the website.
I have been using jDownloads for many years. I have not found another extension with the same functionality or reliability. Can’t be beat.
Ease of use
jDownloads is simple to set up- easy to get the extension functioning using the preset options and easy to customise to suit exact needs.
Simply amazing. I have had a few occasions where I have needed assistance. The jDownloads team have gone above and beyond to help!
I used this to: Simply put: For PDF downloads on my site. I upload PDFs to the relevant download section and jDownloads does the rest, including creating the thumbnails. Using modules to expand the core component rounds off one of the best extensions available!
jdownloads contains a wide range of features whatever requirements you may have
Ease of use
Really easy to configure in back-end. The documentation provides all information.
The support was outstanding. The replies from Collim was straight to the point.
I didn't really need documentation since the products is very easy to understand.
I used this to: jdownloads was used for a photo download website. USed with k2 it makes the perfect solution.
Multifunctional component. An excellent solution for those who need a download area for their sat.
Ease of use
Visual implementation, easy for beginners, with wide customization possibilities. Various options for accessing download items.
Excellent technical support. Competent and friendly. Help in solving complex issues.
Documentation with step-by-step instructions is available with multilingual translations.
I used this to: Website for the development of e-books. Create an e-book download area for customers with a wide variety of options. Acceptance by order using the UpLoads function and much more.
A wonderful component. You can do so much with JDownloads it is very useful.
Ease of use
JDownloads is very easy to use, for me. it was no problem to set everything up!
The support is really good. Thanks to the producers. The new version will be better.
The documention is really well written. I can find everything my need.
I used this to: I'm using it for free secure file downloads. Always worked well. No problem with joomla.
Excellent functionality, perfectly fulfills its intended purpose.
Ease of use
It's very intuitive and has a lot of customization options. The new version is even better.
Excelent! I recently had a small problem and the developers solved the issue in a few hours.
Extensive and complete and covers practically all aspects of the component.
I used this to: I have been using it to manage downloads and file repository with reserved access.


Arno Betz
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Oct 28 2023
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Aug 17 2007
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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