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Filters for Custom Fields, Categories and Tags to filter your articles. Get filters relevant to the page's content (e.g. a category page).
Combine it with the Joomla's Smart Search to filter the search results.
Lightweight and SEO friendly.
Try the Pro version for AJAX based requests and additional features.

Filter using Custom Fields, Categories and Tags

Fully customizable, blazing fast filters, from Custom Fields, Categories and Tags.
In the front-end, you are only getting filters relevant to the visited page's content.
Multiple display types: Links, Checkboxes, Drop-down lists, Radio Buttons, Buttons, Buttons Multi-Select
List Search feature, to search within a filter's values.
Can be integrated with Yootheme Pro.

Combine with the Joomla’s Smart Search

Refine further the Smart Search results, using filters relevant to the shown results.

Beautiful URLs and SEO features

  • Beautiful Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  • Page Title based on the selected filters.
  • Canonical Tags.
  • Less than 10kB of css and vanilla javascript combined.

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Works perfect in addition to Joomal 4 Smart Search if you want to limit search results with your created filters i.e. tags or custom fields
Ease of use
Component and modules are well explained and there's also a separate module to show the actual filter selections
Not needed, extensions works out of the box without any complications
A well done step by step documentation which explaines how to handle different filters and to combine them with smart search
I used this to: I use JFilters with a math site. Students can search within 1200 tasks, solutions and explanations and restrict the results i.e. by difficulty, task type or math category
it does one jobs and does that very well. The speed stays great.
Ease of use
Getting this up and running is a quick job without issues. Just read through the manual and it's an easy task
Support is very good and responsive. Nothing to complain about it just works.
With the documentation it's easy to setup alle the required settings and get your filter started.
I used this to: Filtering articles with custom fields in a site with many B&B's. The site is multi lingual and based on YOOtheme.
The component and the module are working as flawlessly as described!
Ease of use
Simple installation, tutorials on how to set up the cmoponent / modules.
Fast and reliable support - answered my question within the day!
There are simple step-by-step tutorials and examples on the developer's website.
I used this to: Filtering article based working positions by category, department and location.
Filter for fields, tags and content categories. SEF URL, automatic generation of meta-titles. Lots of settings.
Ease of use
If you have already created and configured tags and custom fields, then setting up the filter can take up to 1 hour. Maybe less.
Everything is so simple that I did not need to contact technical support.
Good documentation. It is easy to find what you need, there are screenshots, good formatting. Clear description.
I used this to: creating a filter on an information site (blog). Site on Joomla 4.1.
Owner's reply: Thank you for taking the time to review our product. It is really important for us!
It offers pretty much whatever i need for filtering my site's content.
Ease of use
The settings are pretty much straight forward and easy to comprehend.
I have not used the support. Though, i see that it there is support through tickets.
The docs are structured well, providing clear explanation for every setting and functionality. Also information can be found on the Blog.
I used this to: For a site about scientific essays where each essay has a plenty of custom fields, like the institution, citations, field, etc. JFilters allows to filter the essays using those custom fields. Also the fact that works together with the Smart Search is worthy.
Owner's reply: Thank you!
Your review gives us motivation to continue developing the product, giving our best!
Using filters on a website can be a a very handy search functionality. Especially in combination with the Smart Search.
Ease of use
The extension is easy to use. Setting up the extension is straight forward.
Support is great! Been testing this extension since the beta release. The developer is quick to respond when there are issues.
The extension has a good online documentation and all settings are covered.
I used this to: I have been using the extension for large content websites which needed filter capability due to the large number of articles.


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Oct 22 2021
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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