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jSecure Authentication is a security component which enables multi layered security protection to your Joomla website.

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Drawback: Joomla has one drawback, any web user can easily know the site is created in Joomla! by typing the URL to access the administration area (i.e. This makes hackers hack the site easily once they crack id and password for Joomla!. Information: jSecure Authentication module prevents access to administration (back end) login page without appropriate access key.

Easy to install, jSecure adds a higher level of security to your Joomla website.

Features :

1) Google Re-Captcha Security - jSecure Google recaptcha feature provides secure authentication to Joomla administrator system. jSecure Google reCAPTCHA feature protects your joomla administrator access from spam attacks. It does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease.

2) Secure Image Authentication - Secure Image Authentication function adds a second layer security of user authentication to your joomla administrator system. Secure image authentication matches the MD5 hash value of uploaded image with the stored image .

3) Spam IP Protection - This is a very useful online security feature. Spam IP Protection feature blocks the access of spammers to your joomla administrator system. Spam IP protection uses spam protection api to identify the spam IP and block them thereby protecting your website.

4) Country Block - Using Country Block feature website owners can block countries from where their website's joomla administrator section is attacked most.

5) Change Database Prefix - Changing the database table prefix is an easy way for an attacker to destroy your website. Our change db prefix functionality prevents hackers from damaging the database by changing its prefix.

6) WHOIS Lookup Tool - Using WHOIS Lookup tool website administrator can find out the domain’s name servers (DNS) information used for service

7) Email Scan - This feature allows website owners to blacklist spam email address in joomla administrator. During user registration on frontend these email ids are matched with the one saved in database. If it matches user is blocked from registering on frontend.

8) Multiple User keys - Using this feature a user can set multiple secret keys to different groups. Multiple secret keys can be set to different groups whom you wish to grant access to your joomla! backend without sharing your master passkey. Multiple User Keys feature is an important user authentication feature.

9) Form Based Authentication - Form based authentication is a first layer of user authentication security which allows a user to enter a secret key in a form instead of a url.

10) Auto Ban I.P Address - Auto Ban IP feature is used to block a specific IP address. This is an important website security protection feature which helps your website from spammers attack.

11) Component Security - Restrict access to other components installed on your site by setting passwords for them.

12) Access Graph feature - Detailed graph to show successful & unsuccessful login attempts on your site administration.

13) Master Password Protection - You can block access of jSecure component to other users. Setting to "Yes", allows you to create a password that will be required when any administrator tries to access the jSecure configuration settings in the Joomla administration area.

14) Master Login Control - Login control feature restrict multiple users from logging into the site using same username and password.

15) Admin Password Protection - Added password protection to add extra security layer over the administrator folder using htaccess and htpassword.

16) Assigning Black Listed IP’s and White Listed IP's - Bans an IP automatically after some specific attempts for a particular time period from accessing the admin area.

jSecure Authentication 3.0 has a range of improvements including:

Note : Only for joomla! version 3.x

  1. Change Database Prefix
  2. Country Block for website's frontend
  3. Whois Lookup
  4. New Dashboard

Note : Only for joomla! version 3.x

  1. Country Block feature
  2. Minor bug fixes

Note : Only for joomla! version 3.x

  1. Email Scan during user registration
  2. Minor bug fixes

Note : Only for joomla! version 2.5.x and 3.x

A. Google Re-Captcha
B. Secure Image Authentication
C. Spam IP Protection

Note : Only for joomla! version 2.5.x and 3.x

A.Multiple Userkeys
Assign multiple userkeys to different users whom you wish to grant access to your joomla! backend without sharing your master passkey.

B.Form Based Authentication
Changed the look & feel of form based authentication page.

Fixed the Resource not found (404) console error for the file jsecure.css in jSecure login form.

A. Auto Ban I.P Address
Auto Ban IP Feature. Blacklist vulnerable IP addresses automatically.

B. Manage IP's
With this feature you can simply add/remove Blacklisted IP's from "View Log".

A. Secure Components
Now with jSecure you can password protect installed components in admin area.

B. Access Graph
Graphical representation of correct v/s wrong access for different segments of time.

3.0 (19-Dec-2012):
Added Security Features:
A. Master Password:
You can block access to the jSecure component from other administrator. Setting to "Yes", allows you to create a password that will be required when any administrator tries to access the jSecure configuration settings in the Joomla administration area.
If you do not enter a master password, the default password will be "jSecure". Provides options to include particular sections of the component in master password.
B. Master Login Control:
Login control to restrict multiple users from logging into the site using same username and password.
C. Admin Password Protection:
Added password protection to add extra security layer over the administrator folder using htaccess and htpassword.
D. Directory Listing:
Directory listing to show list of all files and folders with their permissions on the site.

Added Tools:
A. Black Listed/ White Listed IP's:
Now range of IPs can be black listed or white listed by using format '192...'. Warning !!! Use of '...*' is not permitted. !!!
B. Meta Tag Controller:
Meta tag controller to override metadata of Joomla.
C. Purge Sessions:
Using this option will cleanup session of all logged-in users and they let logged-out.
* Improved backend presentation
* Improved support on our forum

Change Logs:

Change Log for (J2.5, J3.0)
Included option to manage the permission settings for the user groups.

Change Log for (J3.0):

very efficient to avoid hacker
Ease of use
your admin url is protected in 1mn using the module and basic configuration
my website is pretty complicated so i faced some issue, the support react in less than 10mn, and after several exchange they fixed all issue
Value for money
excellent not so expensive to have peace on your admin page from kiddy hacker
I used this to: my website
It's much better than version 3.1, which is what we were using.
Ease of use
Nice interface.
I'm a self-taught "webmaster", so I failed to remove the old version entirely. Omkar fixed that in a very timely fashion and now we're good.
Nice screenshots, but I would like to see a manual or at least some more detail. I like as much information as I can process.
Value for money
Worth every penny.
I used this to: The church's website, created by my predecessor. We were hacked once before, but this will be a big help to plug that leak.
Protects perfectly to my Joomla Website.
Ease of use
Yes. Easy to setup, no more getting confuse.
Quick Response.
Well explained.
Value for money
Yes, of course!
I used this to: Preventing unwanted login attempts.
I was hacked every 1-2 months before, which means reinstall all my 10 joomla sites (all within the same provider). I was bore and angry with it.

Now, every ting is fine, and more I receive an email for each attempt, so I can tell you this is mandatory to protect your joomla sites with a component like that one.

Can be improved, but support is reactive. Good !

Good security component.

Posted on 18 December 2013
Nice security feature for joomla, worked with me first try, I would only remind users to add the ? in www/

I missed it, but quickly realised after reading the support forum.
Using jSecure Authentication in Joomla 2.5 and 1.5 since version 1.0.9 (March 2010).

Advantages: You can hide the path to the administrative area of ​​the site, log on the entrance and to block access by IP address.

Disadvantages: Sometimes when you upgrade the expansion there are problems with access to the administrative area.

Good value for money, easy to configure. Closes one of the biggest problems in the site's security - access to the administrative area.

I use to hide the administrative area of all sites that are creating.

Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.

Excellent Plugin!

Posted on 03 May 2012
This is a must have plugin! I've been using this plugin for more than two years now and my site is well secured!! Thanks guys.
Personally, I like this extensions. But back before it lauched the component. Back when it just a plugin. It is easy to configure. Just add the secret key and it works just fine. But the component really need some extra effort to make it works. But overall. I give thumbs for the developers.
I've been using this component/plugin for many years. And it all come back to me as a perfectly nice and reliable Joomla extensions that I couldn't resist. Helping me out to cover up and secure my backdoor area from unwanted cheater and very unpleasant people.

Very recommended extensions that you must have on your Joomla site!

Excellent Job

Posted on 11 January 2012
Jsecure is the best work I have ever met, ease of installation, access, all the features you can control very easily, of course with a high level of security that you have never met. -bramgrill
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GPLv2 or later
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