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jStore is a free Joomla shopping cart software for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x packed with all required feature you will need to build a successful online store.
It's Free, as in "Freedom". And you can access all advance features. We do not charge you for using jStore or being successful.

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Note: You do NOT pay to use all payment systems nor shipping gateways, or even access our professional support.

jStore cool features:

★ Mobile ready - jStore uses Bootstrap 3 as an underlying CSS framework. It looks amazingly beautiful in all screen sizes.

★ Sell anything; downloadable files, movies, music files, pdf's or physical goods that requires shipment
★ Unlimited Products, Categories, Types, Attributes/Options
★ Powerful & flexible catalog management
★ Product and customer’s reviews / ratings
★ Product preview (youtube,vimeo,external file, etc..)
★ Related or bundle products management
★ Minimum order amount per customer
★ Product Attributes with Stock Control Management
★ Advance search with product filtering
★ Create Unlimited Custom Fields ( translated text, translated textarea, pick-list, checkbox, date & time and many others)
★ Ability to restrict who can view buy, see the prices and view the products
★ Ability to set start and end availability of the product
★ Ability to edit the display layouts per product, per category, per type or use general preferences
★ Multiple product/ category file upload
★ SMS Notification for ALL store email
★ Customize ALL email templates
★ Multi-language store email notifications
★ Coupons, Rebate Offer and Gift Card
★ Reward System
★ Guest Checkout
★ Shoppers group management
★ Gifting - allow you to send your order as gift to another person
★ Geolocation - you can search product base on items location, display map in each product
★ Multi-lingual & multi-currency support with automated conversion base on the current exchange rate
★ Shipping per product/weight/price, Pick-up and Free Shipping
★ Flexible Tax system base on zones or product types
★ Detailed Reporting with beautiful graphical statistics (Revenue, Sales, Customers, Products)
★ Advance template system which allows you to edit store look and feel in just few clicks with CSS knowledge
★ Powerful “Direct Edit” functionality to easily edit the views without the need of PHP Knowledge
★ Direct Translation where you can edit directly in the view (no files needed)
★ Easy to customize (custom codes are not overwritten upon update)
★ Integrated with JomSocial to view order listing in user's profile
★ Hassle free import and export via CSV or from VirtueMart
★ Amazon S3 Support with folders hierarchy
★ Google Base integration
★ Integration with JW player for smooth media experience
★ Automatic Updates
★ Tiered pricing base on quantity or price


★ 50+ Payment gateways added for Free and counting! (Paypal, Stripe, Skrill, Authorize.net, Pagseguro, Bitcoin, Points, etc..)
★ Free Shipping gateway (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post, Brazilian Correios)
★ Integration with JW player, Google Base, Amazon S3 Support with folders hierarchy
★ Social eCommerce with JomSocial and EasySocial
★ Hassle free import and export via CSV or from Virtuemart

Mobile Apps

★ Vendor App to manage admin store via mobile phones (iOS and Android)
★ Catalog App allows your customers to browse and purchase your store products in their mobile (iOS and Android)

Complete FEATURES LIST: https://joobi.co/jstore/features.html

Complicated, much overhead

Posted on 25 August 2018

Your first need to install a kind of app store to download this. It has a lot of features

Ease of use

Complex, lot of overhead, own design, cant properly uninstall with joomla installer


Funciona normal. El problema: la versión 5.7.31 tiene un error en PayPal y no se puede actualizar SIN pagar la suscripción.

Ease of use

Depende de jApps. Es relativamente fácil su uso. Un poco difícil para la traducción.


Es "gratuita" la extensión pero la actualización, el soporte y demás son de costo, y un costo muy alto.


You have to install an app store, free the first month, but you have to paid for the update after the 1st month..

Ease of use

I don't know

Owner's reply: Hi Christophe,

We apologize that you feel jStore is not a free extension. We believe in the free software and everyone should be able to start their online business without spending a single penny—this is our goal for jStore and it will stay like that.

What you claim is not TRUE. jStore is 100% free Full Featured and all shipping and plugin are included for free. There is NO paid version of jStore in the Joobi shop.

The 30 days Trial is offered to all Joobi paid extensions only and the trial does not expire at all—it will continue to work forever so you can continue to test and even run your store on it, make a lot of money and run a successful store without us charging any fee. That is the beauty of open-source! You do not have to pay to run a successful store.

The 30 days trial period of the Paid Joobi apps like jMarket, jAuction, jVouchers, etc gives you the access to FULL FEATURES ... can be use without any restrictions of features forever! It will continue to work event he demo has expired! The membership is only for access to update and support.

If you have been asked to pay to use jStore, please get back to us and send us a copy of your claim—in return we will give you a FREE 6 months plan to use the FULL suite of Joobi apps over 14+ extensions.

If there is a mistake from our end and you pay for the extension (there is no place to buy jStore in our store—it's free), we will issue a complete refund for what you pay and in return we will give you the access to ALL Joobi Apps for FREE.

We are looking forward to hear back from you.

Best Regards,
Joobi Team

best for use

Posted on 23 July 2016

Everything for free. I recommend developer to offer donation. I will give, I am happy.

Ease of use



resposnive even this product is free


good and easy to understand

I used this to: Single boutique. very good extension for store. I started with this extension before moving to jmarket when we decide to use marketplace model.


Perfect cart with exemplary support

Ease of use

very easy and understandable.


Support is something. Cheryl is the best support woman on live chatting. She setup my site and fix my plugin which cause javascript conflict


the articles available answered my questions although i did not use it very much because the livechat was online.

I used this to: I build a multi language health store that uses paypal and stripe to pay. I selected jstore because it is free and was amazed by the support when i first visited the site.
i cannot believe i was able to talk to somebody very friendly even i don't give them money, now i am givin

Dangerous Plugin! Beware!

Posted on 21 February 2015

The extension works really well, when it actually does work! Which is rarely!

Ease of use

If it wasnt for a very poor help system...most of the links just direct back to the home page of the dev. Without doccos, very hard to use!


Tried to get them on live chat and the email I sent didnt get a response. I suspect the dev's dedicate themselves to the paid apps only.


As mentioned above, very poor documentation for jStore, seems to be plenty for the paid Apps only. Help links withing the site dont work.

I used this to: I was trying to set up a very simple 3 item cart. Spent several hours getting things to work, tweaking CSS etc. Was working Well. Then for no apparent reason, the plugin went AWOL as I added my last product & bricked the entire site. Spent hours trying to fix, but no luck at all.


The app is workind, well written, nice features. But if you choose not to use it, and want to uninstall it, you will have a headache.

Ease of use

Easy to use, after you understand the system. Almost impossible to uninstall.


Installation and uninstall features are mandatory for any app from this decade. No support requested, tried their documentation, not working


Easy to understand, but incomplete and outdated!

I used this to: I tried to build an online shop.
Owner's reply: Hello Andrei,

We apologized for the trouble we have caused you.

You can actually uninstall jStore through Joomla extension manager however the Joobi folder in your site files where not deleted, that is why it was showing an error message in your Joomla admin. This was a confirmed bug and we have fixed this already in the January release.

We have also added more functionality in the uninstallation so users has more options.

Regarding with the documentation, we have actually moved to a new documentation page last month so we have quiet an updated and complete documentation for jStore in this aspect. However, we did not remove the old documentation yet, so you’d probably browsed the old guides.

Anyhow, thank you for trying out jStore and we are looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future. If you have questions, we are always available on live chat, ticket system and forum during our working hours.



Ele tem tudo o que você precisa para ter uma loja.
Se você quiser funcionalidade, você pode contratar outros recursos (em complementos).

Ease of use

É ótimo, só dá um pouco de trabalho porque não é possível fazer override.


Suporte muito rápido e atencioso, mesmo sendo grátis o suporte te ajuda na maior boa vontade.


Só usei para descobrir como desativa o Bootstrap do theme do componente, mas notei que lá tem tudo o que precisa saber.

I used this to: Estou usando para criar minha startup que oferece conteúdo de concurso público.
Até agora está se saindo muito bem, espero compartilhar com vocês assim que eu conseguir o número do CNPJ da empresa.
Infelizmente no brasil é lei, uma loja precisa do CNPJ a vista.


Got all the functions I need. I setup my store without spending money, only spend to get my hosting.

Ease of use

It's funny how i find jstore. Actually i was setting up using another cart which is popular and has similar name. Then i encountered a currency problem which i googled it and found jstore thinking i am using the same product.

While i am talking to a live chat person, I realized I am using another cart. But then Liam helped me and setup my store using jStore. I decided to move to jStore because of the support.


I haven't use the documentation since the product is easy to setup.

I used this to: Christmas bazzar in my local community


It has all the feature i need and the payment system i want for my country

Ease of use

I was able to learn easily. Everything is straight forward.


I started jStore few weeks ago and support responded 2 minutes later during weekend when I ran into small problem. Not bad for free cart.


I haven't look into it since i do not need much due to its simplicity but the tutorials are pretty complete.

I used this to: For my community website


Free | Newsletter | Joobi
319 reviews
jNews does NOT inserts backlinks that will impact SEO. jNews introduces you to the next generation of email marketing. A powerful newsletter component for Joomla, jNews gives you quality outputs with the newest professional and cool features making sure that your communications yields the best results that you really wanted. From the makers of your best-loved email marketing app, Acajoom, jNews is still designed with ease of use and robustness in mind but with more powerful features to make your experience worthwhile. jNews comes with the newest powerful features: • Send mailings to one or several lists • Enhanced jNews Module with Ajax effects and with cool display effects (Mootools Slide, Mootools Modal) • Includes 5 default newsletter templates to make your newsletter look sharp and professional • Newsletter templates management • Emails queue management and resend to overcome hosting limitation • Automatic subscription of users to one or more list upon registration • Enhanced Statistics to see how many who receives and reads your mails • Track subscriber's IP • Easily import your users from other Joomla newsletter system through CSV • Automatically synchronize with your Joomla users • Insert and Sort contents (articles from Joomla) according to date, section, or category • Unlimited lists • Unlimited subscribers • Unlimited newsletters • Social Tags (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) jNews also integrate with many popular Joomla extensions: • JomSocial to automatically add newly registered JomSocial users to jNews subscribers • FlexiContent to add articles in your newsletter • Community Builder, list of newsletter on registration form • VirtueMart automatic subscription to list at registration • Includes K2 content into your newsletter • jMarket to insert Joobi Tags (Latest Products, Top Vendors and many more... ) • jCalPro enable to insert events • And many more tags, like including product of VirtueMart in your newsletter. It also includes classical newsletter functionality: • Handle registered or unregistered subscribers • Attachment capability • Email address validation and confirmation when registering (Double Opt-in) • Sending test email to admin before whole list • Embedded images option • Ability to Ban emails • Automated unsubscribing link • Preview newsletter before sending either on the screen or send a test email • HTML or TEXT-only mailings • Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened newsletters, HTML or text only)
c m p


Paid download | Shopping Cart | Joobi
34 reviews
jMarket is a complete multi-vendor shopping cart for Joomla that has been carefully developed to support your online business and allow you to connect with your business community. ★ Responsive/Mobile Ready - jMarket is built using Bootstrap 3 Shopping Cart Features ★ Unlimited Products, Categories, Types, Attributes/Options ★ Sell anything: electronic / shippable products, events, services, downloads, movies, mp3 music, auctions, vouchers ★ Guest checkout ★ Flexible Order and Checkout Management ★ Product and Vendor reviews / ratings ★ Shoppers group management ★ B2B or peer to peer eCommerce ★ Reward System, Coupon, rebate & gift card management ★ Powerful “Direct Edit” functionality to easily edit the views without the need of PHP Knowledge ★ Create Unlimited Custom Fields for product and vendor page ★ Detailed Reporting with beautiful graphical statistics ★ Automatic selection of currency, language and tax rate base on customer location. ★ Multi-currency support with automated conversion base on the current exchange rate ★ Multi-lingual admin and storefront, all store emails, fields, views, everything! ★ Easy to customize ( custom codes are not overwritten upon update ) ★ SEO Optimized, SSL & RSS support ★ Tiered pricing base on quantity or price (store admin or vendor can setup) Multi-vendor Features ★ 6 Ways to make money - Commission Base, Subscription Base, Subscription with restriction, Commission Base on Subscription, Promotions, Charge vendor base on vendor types ★ One storefront for all /Separated Vendor Areas for Each Vendor ★ Unlimited vendors, products, categories, attributes and many more... ★ Store manager/ Site Administrator has full control of the Store ★ Ability for Vendors to create discount coupons, gift certificates and rebate offers. ★ Ability for vendors to bundle and copy products ★ Vendors can be restricted to only create items in certain categories within the store ★ Vendors can import products, images via CSV format ★ Commission and affiliate system automated or manual ★ One-page Checkout - Responsive (1, 2, 3 or 4 columns layout) ★ Vendor can setup their own TAX, Payment System, Shipping, Unique individual store theme ★ Vendor setup their own Terms ★ Ability to sell anything: electronic / shippable products, events, services, downloads, movies, mp3 music, auctions, vouchers ★ All vendor features are configurable ★ Advance Statistics and reporting for each vendors INTEGRATIONS ★ Shipping modes (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post, Brazilian Correios) ★ 50+ Payment gateways added for Free and counting! (Paypal, Stripe, Skrill, Authorize.net, Pagseguro, Bitcoin, Points, etc..) ★ Hassle free import and export via CSV or from Virtuemart ★ Integration with JW player, Google Base, Amazon S3 Support with folders hierarchy ★ Integration with other Joobi Applications: jAuction, jSubscription, jDloads, jContacts, jDefender and jVouchers. ★ Social eCommerce with JomSocial and EasySocial ★ EU VAT Changes - Taxamo Integration and Vatapi to calculate EU tax rates Mobile Apps ★ Vendor App to manage vendor store via mobile phones (iOS and Android) ★ Catalog App allows your customers to browse and purchase your store products in their mobile (iOS and Android) P.S - jMarket doesn't need jStore to work. Complete FEATURES LIST: https://joobi.co/jmarket/multi-vendor.html
c m p


Last updated:
Sep 30 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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